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Updated January 18, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
32 of 132 Foreign Hostages Dead or Missing
  Algerian Militants Demand US Free 2 Terrorists for Americans
  Algeria Launches Second Rescue Effort
  Hollande: Algeria Hostage Blowback Shows Mali Invasion Justified
Many US Officials Doubt Mali Militants Are Threat
  France Adds Troops to Mali War Amid Fear of More Rebel Offensives
Syrian Rebels: 106 Killed in New Homs Massacre
  US Fronts Jordan, Turkey to Handle Syrian Chemical Ams Emergency
US Envoy: Taliban Peace Process Stalled
  Kandahar Local Police Commander Killed in Insider Attack
  Afghans, Stuck Between a Rock and Perpetual Abuse
US Escalates Its Battle Against Mexican Cartels
  New US Special Ops HQ to Help Mexican Forces Fight Drug Gangs
Pakistan Gives in to Protesters, Agrees Early Vote
Iraq: Shi'ites Targeted as 47 Killed and 145 Wounded
Sen. Paul Visits Abbas, Threatens Sanctions on Palestinians
AU Troops Kill Five Children in Southern Somalia
FBI: We Won't Tell You How, When, or Why We Track You
Seeing the Reality of the Vietnam War, 50 Years Late  by Jonathan Schell & Tom Engelhardt
Rubin & Cohen: No Soldiers Need Apply  by Philip Giraldi
Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?  by Vicki Divoll
Al-Qaeda in the Heart of Africa  by Patrick Buchanan
Stay Out of Mali  by Dan Simpson
An Invalid Reason to Rescue Mali  by Paul Pillar

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Another Group to Hit Chuck Hagel From Right
Judge Throws Out Taliban Case Against Margate Imam
Army Seeks to Bar Mental Health Defense by Afghan Massacre Defendant Bales
Movement of Missiles by North Korea Worries US
Corrupt-I-Stan: Kazakh Massacre Fuels Rising Mistrust
Limits of Algerian Cooperation Seen in Rescue Effort
At Algerian Oil and Gas Fields, New Fears and Precautions
Algeria Hostage Crisis: Britons Die in Bungled Rescue
Jihad 'Prince,' a Kidnapper, Is Tied to Raid
UK 'Would Have Preferred' Notice Before Algeria Rescue Bid
9 Questions About Mali You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
Mali Towns Marked by Fighting, Airstrikes
On the Ground in Mali, France Sends Reinforcements to Confront Islamist Forces
EU Approves Military Training Mission to Mali; No Combat Role Envisioned for Troops
FBI Director in Libya to Follow Up on Investigation Into US Ambassador's Death in Benghazi
Misrata Imam Murdered
Saif Al-Islam in Libyan Court for First Time
US Says Morsi Backtrack on Anti-Semitic Remarks Lacking
Somali Militants Say They Killed French Hostage
US Recognizes Somalia, Citing Success of a Campaign Against Militants
South Sudan Army 'Withdrawing' From Border
UN: More Than 100 Recently Killed in Darfur Tribal Conflict
Central African Republic Names New PM in Line With Peace Deal
First US-Supported Drug Raid in Honduras Since Resumption of Radar Info Sharing Leaves 1 Dead
Venezuelan Military to Play Central Power Broker in Uncertain Transition
Conflict Hits Damascus Daily Life
Syrian Refugees Vote for Camp Leaders in Turkey
Syrian Border Villagers Risk Lives for Food, Fuel From Iraqi Kurdistan
Syria Accuses Turkey at UN of Receiving Stolen Factory Goods
Dozens of Israelis to Give Their Votes to Palestinians
Israel Hints at Apology to Turkey Over Gaza Flotilla
Haaretz Poll: Israel's Right-Wing Bloc Drops to 63 Seats, Center-Left Rises to 57
Netanyahu Shouldn't Try to Tangle With Obama, Olmert Says
Lapid, Livni, Bennett Call for National Unity Coalition
Yachimovich: As Long as Netanyahu Rules, Diplomatic Stalemate Will Persist
Arab Apathy Raises Concerns About Israeli Democracy
IAEA, Iran Talks End Without Deal
Iran-Turkey Relations Heading Into a Tough Year
Iran Navy Plans Fresh Mediterranean Mission: Media
Shi'ites Targeted in Violence That Leaves 47 Killed and 145 Wounded
Lukoil Pares Iraq Oil-Output Target; Others Talk on Similar Cuts
US Paid to Maintain Inoperable Afghan Police Vehicles, Audit Finds
NATO Planners Look to Enduring Force in Afghanistan
China Objects After Shell Is Fired From Myanmar
Pakistan Urges India to Cool Rhetoric Over Kashmir
Britain to Drift Out of European Union Without Reforms: PM
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