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Updated March 30, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
North Korea in 'State of War' With South Korea
  US 'Hard Line' on North Korea Could Lead to Attacks on South
  Russian FM Warns US, North Korea Against 'Spiral'
NATO Air Strike Kills Two Afghan Children
  New US Commander in Afghanistan: 'We're Here to Win'
Syria Rebels Seize Key Town Near Jordan Border
  Iraq Promises to Search More Syria-Bound Planes for Weapons
Expert: Israel Not in Position to Attack Iran
Poland's CIA Case Stalls, Sparking Fears of Cover-Up
FBI 'Routinely' Tracks People's Cellphones Without Warrants
Drone Industry Fears Privacy Could Derail Them
After Bibi's Apology, Reflect on the Idiocy of Attacking the Gaza Flotilla  by Uri Avnery
US Pull-Back Won't Result in Chaos and Tyranny  by Daniel Larison
Prison-Wide Hunger Strike Still Rages at Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
Lawmakers Abdicate Foreign Policy Duties  by George F. Will
War Scare in Korea – a Manufactured Crisis  by Eric Margolis
Obama's Nuke Double Standards  by Nat Parry

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Okinawa Marine Base to Move No Earlier Than 2019
Sicily Revokes Permission for US Military Satellite Station
40 Years On, Laotians Tell of US War Legacy
Big Depositors in Cyprus to Lose Far More Than Feared
Horsing-Around TSA Agent at JFK Accidentally Pepper-Sprays Five Other Screeners
US Soldier Missing From World War II Identified
Iran Says Qatar 'Intensifying Bloodshed' in Syria With New Rebel Embassy
An Unlikely Warrior in the Battle for Syria
Syria's Cultural Heritage Under Attack During Bloody Civil War
'Hamas PM: Obama Trip Confirms Bias Toward Israel'
Palestinians Gear Up for Land Day
Marmara Victims: Don't Drop Legal Proceedings
Gold Exports From Turkey to Iran Resume
Middle East
Iraq Bloodshed: 33 Killed, 165 Wounded
Bulgaria Won't Push for Hezbollah Blacklisting
North Africa
Tunisians Call for Women's Affairs Minister to Resign
Libyans Held for 'Sex Attack' on Britons in Benghazi
White House Condemns Rape, Assault of Women at Egypt Protests
Central African Republic
78 Bodies Found in Central African Capital
Ex-Central African Republic Leader Seeks Exile in Benin
Central African Republic Coup Leader Says Will Review Resource Deals
Court Confirms Voting Irregularities in Kenya
North Korea
Despite North Korea's Battle Cries, No One Wants or Expects Another Korean War
Full War Declaration Statement From North Korea
Air Force Says Korean B-2 Mission Cost $2.1 Million
Strong American Role Still Exists at Afghan-Controlled Prison
Nebraska Kebab-Maker Now Top US Adviser in Afghanistan
Teaching Afghans the Paperwork of War
Pakistan: 12 Killed in Suicide Attack on Troop Convoy
Taliban Spreading Terror in Karachi as New Gang in Town
240,000 Pakistani Children Miss Anti-Polio Drive
Shoe Thrown at Pervez Musharraf as He Gets Bail Extension
Twelve Rebels Killed in India Fighting
A Monk Sets Self Ablaze in Tibet
Led by Buddhist Monks, Crowd Attacks Muslim Warehouse in Sri Lanka
Kyrgyz MPs Jailed for Plotting Coup
Russia's President Putin Attends Maneuvers Aimed to Showcase Russia's Military Might
US Urges Northern Ireland to 'Consolidate Peace Gains'
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United States Plays Into the Hands of Despotic Dictators

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Gitmo Hunger Strike: Bigger Than You Think

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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