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Updated April 9, 2013 - 10:34 PM EDT
Iraqi al-Qaeda and Syria Rebel Group Merge
  Tunisia Now Exporting 'Jihadis' to Syria
  Syria Chemical Arms Probe Stalls as UN Seeks Nationwide Mandate
  Suicide Car Bomb Kills 15 in Damascus
  US Army Vet Who Joined Syrian Rebels Could Face US Execution
Kerry: US Won't Hesitate to Attack Iran
  US Policy in Iran: ‘Calculated and Gradual Coercion’
North Korea Closes Border Industrial Region
  US to Adopt Risky Retaliation Plan for North Korea
  Despite Threats, Risks Temper Korea War Tensions
  Rep. Peter King Cheers Obama's Hawkish Stance on North Korea
Drone Targets Reflect Local Animosities
  Pakistan Military: 30 Soldiers, 100 Militants Killed in Tirah Valley
  Declaring Victory in Afghanistan, Facts Notwithstanding
Kerry Insists Israel-Palestinian Peace 'Possible'
  Free Ticket to ‘Apartheid’: Israel's Palestinian-Only Buses
  We Don't Intend to Build Nukes, Israel Told US in 1975
WikiLeaks Publishes 1.7m US Diplomatic Records
  WikiLeaks Library of US Diplomacy
Serbia Rejects Kosovo Deal
Saddam Archives Taken by US Military and Never Returned
Obama Talks Peace to Iran, But Dishes Out Violence  by Jamasb Madani
America's Death Squads & Torture Teams Still Operating in Iraq  by William Boardman
How Much Longer Will the Iran 'Game' Continue?  by César Chelala
When War Hawks Become Human Rights Officials  by Chris Hedges
Hollywood's Dangerous Afghan Illusion  by Robert Parry
Hunger Strike at Guantánamo  New York Times

More Viewpoints

War Games

by Bruce Cumings
US Now Naming Force-Fed Guantanamo Prisoners

UN Whistleblower Asks US to Withhold UN Payments

Bin Laden 'Aide' Trial May Be Delayed by US Budget Row
Hagel Pushes Change in Conviction Reversals
'Kissinger Cables' Offer Window Into Indian Politics of the 1970s
WikiLeaks: Vatican Called Pinochet Massacre Reports as 'Communist Propaganda'
US, Allies Plan Large-Scale Gulf Naval Exercise
Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Prototype in Persian Gulf
Canadian FM: if Israel Strikes, Iran Will Only Have Itself to Blame

Iran Travel Ban on Saudi Diplomat for Deadly Car Crash

Wider Use of Car Bombs Angers Both Sides in Syria
Iraq Forces Iranian Plane Bound for Syria to Land
Major Bombings Since Syrian Uprising Began in 2011
Ankara's Kurdish Peace Talks Reverberate Among Syrian Kurds
NGO: Closing Gaza Crossings Strengthens Hamas
Netanyahu: Israel Will Not 'Abandon Our Fate' to US Strategic Interests
Hamas 'Force Men to Cut Long Hair'
In Auschwitz, Israeli Army Chief Vows to Prevent a 'Second Holocaust'
US Envoy Says Must Fight Mistrust for Middle East Peace
Eight Iraqis Killed in Random Attacks
Kerry: We Want to Bring Shiites, Kurds, Sunnis Closer Together
Iraq Executes Seven Convicted of Terror Offences
Bombings in Baghdad, Other Iraqi Cities Kill 4
Kurds Warn Maliki Is Pushing Iraq Toward Civil War
Presidency of Kurdistan Region Decides to Hold Elections on the Set Date
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Denies Its No. 2 in Yemen Was Killed
Lebanese Army Bombs Israeli Cluster Bombs
UAE Activist Jailed for Courtroom Tweet
South Korea Denies Reports of Upcoming North Korea Nuke Test
Japan Increasingly Nervous About North Korea Nukes
North Korea Suspends Last Project With South, Putin Cites Chernobyl
North Korea Diplomatic Channel Loses Its Luster
Bomb Hits Afghan Bus, Kills Nine
2 French Hostages Free in Afghanistan
Pakistan Supreme Court Considers Musharraf Treason Case
Musharraf Will Not Personally Appear in Court
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Rejects Blasphemy Law

Myanmar Rohingya Refugees Held in Indonesia

Turkish Gaza Flotilla Victims to Go to Court Despite Israeli Apology
Turkey 'Coup' Trial Delayed Amid Angry Protests
Toll Rises in Cairo Clashes at Coptic Cathedral
Egypt's Copts Skeptical Over Attempts to Cool Tensions With Muslims
Egypt Suspends Tourist Flights With Iran Until June Amid Outcry by Radical Sunni Muslims
France in Big Offensive Against Mali Islamists
South Africa Army 'Not Scared' of DR Congo Conflict
Official: Sudan Leader Not Traveling to Kenya
French Intelligence Agency Forces Wikipedia Volunteer to Delete Article
Miami-Cuba Seaborne Shipping Stops After Big Start
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