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Updated April 11, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Pentagon: N. Korea 'Likely' Has Warhead Capability
  Hagel: North Korea Nears 'Dangerous Line'
  South Korea Raises Alert Level, But Few Panicking
Syria's Nusra Rebels Pledge Loyalty to al-Qaeda
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militants Start to Acknowledge Role in Syria
  Move to Widen Support for Syria Rebels Gains Speed
  Iraq Inspects 3rd Iranian Plane to Syria This Week
US Troops Attack Afghan Bus, Kill Civilian
  US Used Drones to Kill Hundreds of Low-Level Fighters
  Despite Huge Offensive, Taliban Holds Pakistan Valley
  Pentagon Afghanistan Cost Overrun of $10 Billion Delays War Request
Egypt Army Tortured, Killed People During Revolution
  US Sends Egypt More Tear Gas to Use on Peaceful Protesters
Palestinians: Kerry Promises Not Enough to Start Talks
  Israel to Defund Religious School Whose Students Burned Mosque
America’s ‘Wretched Record’ of Military Proxies
Finally, Proof the US Has Lied About the Drone War  by Micah Zenko
The President's Privileged Right to Kill  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Media Coverage of Baghdad's 'Fall' Sparked More Years of War  by Greg Mitchell
Iran Nuke Talks: The Real Stakes  by Scott McConnell
Big Talker in Little Asia  by Guy Somerset
It's Not Too Soon to Tell  by James Joyner

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Map of Which Countries Execute the Most Prisoners
WikiLeaks: US Blamed Israel for Peace Delay in 1975
Bin Laden Raid Member To Testify in Manning Court-Martial
Denouncing Serbian Tilt, US Boycotts UN Meeting
Save the Children Highlights War-Zone Child Sex Crimes
Under the Radar, Cuba and US Often Work Together
US and South Korea Brace for Missile Launching by North Korea
Russia Seen as Powerless to Influence North Korea
No Panic in North Korea Despite Talk of Missile Test
Calm in Guam as Islanders Doubt North Korean Missile Aim
Yokohama Mistakenly Tweets North Korean Missile Launch
Karzai Promises Obama to Keep Dangerous Detainees in Prison
Death of Khiraullah Janan, Related to Karzai Adviser, Adds to Tensions With Afghan Military
4 Afghan Police Killed in Nimruz Blast
Afghanistan Peace Deal With Taliban Needed, Say British MPs
Pakistan Army Tries to Win Over Local Population in War-Torn Tribal Region
Pakistan Police Officer Guarding Polio Workers Killed
7 Militants Killed as Security Post Ambushed
Pakistan Successfully Test-Fires HATF-IV Ballistic Missile
TTP Ringleader Arrested in Karachi
Rebuilding a Former Taliban Haven
Indonesians Calling Military to Account
Egypt's Morsi Withdraws Complaints Against Media
Egypt Denies Hardliners Halted Iran Tourism
Qatar Pledges Additional $3 Billion Aid to Egypt
Nigeria Police Bodies Found in Niger Delta After Ambush
Nigerian Journalists Held After Accusing Jonathan of Skulduggery
Skeletons Discovered in Home of Deposed Central African Republic President
Ivory Coast Leader Gets Decree Power Over Economy
Mali's Gift of Camel to France's Hollande to Be Replaced After Being Eaten
Russian MPs Back Harsher Anti-Blasphemy Law
Putin on Finland's Criminal Blacklist by 'Mistake'
Scottish Independence: Lords' Committee Calls for Debate Clarity
Russia to Lend Serbia $500 Million, Pledges Support on Kosovo
British Villagers Digging Flowerbeds Unearth Inert World War II Aircraft Bomb
Nusra Front Members in Syria Have Never Masked al-Qaeda Ties
Syria Air Strikes 'Target Civilians': Human Rights Watch
Israel Charges Arab Who Fought With Syria's Rebels
Second Camp for Syrian Refugees Opens in Jordan
Turkey Building Refugee Camps for Syrian Christians, Kurds
Hamas Wants Bigger Regional Role
Guatemala Becomes Latest Country to Recognize Palestine
Hagel Set to Visit Israel in Two Weeks
Israel's Gas Bonanza Ushers Golden Era for Refiners
US Offers to Help Iran After Deadly Quake
Iran Gets First Ever Kurdish Presidential Hopeful
Iraq Attacks Leave Seven Killed
Iraq, Jordan Ink $18 Billion Oil Deal
Yemen President Removes Key Officer in Army Shakeup
Ousted Yemen President Saleh's Son Named UAE Envoy
'Killed' al-Qaeda Leader Delivers Audio Message From Beyond the Grave
Bomb Defused in Southern Beirut
We Can't Designate Hezbollah a Terror Group, Cypriot Minister Says
Middle East
Iraqi Kurdistan's Premier Played Key Role in Turkey-PKK Talks, Official Says
Kuwaitis Rally Against Arrests, Call for Reform
'The Fatwa Show': Moroccan Journalist Tells Clerics to Just Have Some Fun
Mexico: Drug-Related Killings Dropped 14 Percent in First 4 Months of New Administration
Mexico Jail Sentence for Journalist Killer Draws Fire
Cuba Gives Reporters Rare Prison Tour, Seeking to Counter Criticisms of Conditions
Tugboat Sinks, Spilling Fuel in Guantanamo Bay
Puerto Rico
US Seeks to Fund New Plebiscite to Determine Future of Puerto Rico's Political Status
In Other News
US, Canada, Jordan Boycott UN Meeting on Global Criminal Justice That Excluded War Victims
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