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Updated April 19, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Boston Police Source: Suspect in Custody
  3 Arrested in New Bedford in Connection to Bombing Suspect
  'I Don't Understand Them,' Chechen Suspect Said of Americans
  Boston Bombers Radicalized on US Soil?
  A Look at Brothers Suspected in the Boston Bombing
  Russia's Chechnya, Caucasus: A Breeding Ground for Terror
Hagel, Dempsey Warn Against US Action in Syria
  Israel Threatens Military Intervention in Syria
  Report: Rift in Hezbollah Over Involvement in Syrian War
  France, Britain Claim Secret 'Proof' of Syrian Chemical Weapons Use
Clapper: Iran Sanctions Intended to Foster Unrest
  Netanyahu: Only Direct Military Threat Can Stop Iran
US Selling $10M in Arms to Israel and Arab Allies
  Despite November War, Israel Says Gaza Ties Improved in 2012
  Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew
More Baghdad Bloodshed: 42 Killed, 62 Wounded
House Passes CISPA Online Spying Law
North Korea: End Sanctions and We'll Talk
After Airstrike, Afghan Points to CIA and Secret Militias
Obama Refuses Senate Witness on Drone War Legality
Musharraf Arrested, Moved to Police 'Guest House'
How to End the War in Syria  by Rajan Menon
US Torture 'Indisputable', CNN's Humiliation, and Iran Sanctions  by Glenn Greenwald
Even Bipartisan Conventional Wisdom Report Says It Was Torture  by Marcy Wheeler
The Elusive 'Good War'
 by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Boston Marathon Bombings: Breaking the Pattern  by Erik Love
How Will Kim Climb Back to Safety?  by Eric Margolis

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House Roll Call Vote on CISPA
Leaked Video Shows Putin Berating Cabinet Ministers
China Angered by Japan's Increased Jet Scrambles
4 UK Men Jailed for Discussing Acts of Terrorism
Pope Francis 'Will Open Files on Hitler's Pope': Friend
Attorney: Miss. Man Denies Mailing Suspected Ricin
Affidavits: Suspect in Ricin Case 'Delusional'
The War at Home
Man Assaults Muslim Woman Following Reports of 'Dark-Skinned' Boston Bombing Suspect
Teen: I Am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber
After Petition, Atomic Bomb Re-Enactment Dropped From Ohio Air Show
Red Cross: Security Deteriorating in Afghanistan
Mazar-I-Sharif's Economic Success Extends to Its Sex Trade
'Grandmother of Afghanistan' Nancy Hatch Dupree Says It May Be Time to Move On
Pakistan Won't Have Musharraf to Kick Around Anymore
Can Pakistan Drive the Taliban Out of Its Tribal Belt?
Pakistani Army Appeals for Aid for Quake-Hit Balochistan
South Korean Police Say Spy Service Tried to Influence Election
South Koreans Hoping to Return to Kaesong Factories
A Road Paved With Granite and Hope Comes to Eastern Corner of Myanmar Isolated by Insurgency
Amnesty: Indonesia 'Failing to Uphold' Aceh Peace Terms
Mauritania to Send 1,800 Troops to Mali: France
AQIM Warns France, Allies of Revenge for Mali
Guinea Elections: Clashes as Police Break Up Protest
Zimbabwe President: No Interference in New Polls
Protest Marches Against Fernandez Highlight Strains in Argentina
Argentina's President Criticizes Court Ruling That Negates Part of Her Media Monopoly Law
Israeli Officials Stress Readiness for Lone Strike on Iran
Benjamin Netanyahu: 'Only Military Threat Can Stop Iran'
Missiles Fired Into Israel From Gaza; No Casualties Recorded
Israeli Defense Officials Reach Out to Palestinian Authority
5 Indicted for Planning Temple Mount Shooting Attack
Israeli Copyright Protectors, Challengers Duke It Out Online
Israel's AG Issues New Directive on Rights of Palestinians Living Outside Jerusalem, Inside Separation Fence
United Nations Says Syria Conflict a Humanitarian Catastrophe
Video: Syrian Troops Torture Rebel Cooperators
UN Aid Chief Calls for Cross-Border Syria Aid
Diplomats Says Iran, UN Agency Agree to Meet in Mid-May for New Try on Nuke Probe Restart
Iran's President Holds Rare Massive Rally to Praise Government Staff
More Baghdad Bloodshed: 42 Killed, 62 Wounded
Baghdad Coffee Shop Bombing Kills 27
Iraq's Kurds to Hold Local Elections in September
Al-Sweady Inquiry: Iraq Teenager Was Hanged, Says Uncle
37 Pakistani Pilgrims Stranded at Iraq Airport
Middle East
Kuwait Vows 'Firm Response' as Police Fire Tear Gas and Stun Grenades to Disperse Protest
UAE Security Authorities Arrest Terrorist Cell Linked to al-Qaeda
Mother Appeals to Dubai Judge for Son's Release
Even in Desert Retreat, Monks Feel Egypt's Turmoil
South American Leaders Likely to Back Venezuela's Maduro in Emergency Meeting
Guatemala Judge Suspends Trial of Former Military Ruler
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