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Updated April 29, 2013 - 11:15 PM EDT
Military Action Against Syria Could Backfire
  Six Killed in Failed Assassination Attempt Against Syrian PM
  Syria's Neighbors Fear US War Would Mean Spillover Violence
  UK's Military Chief Warns Intervention in Syria Risks All-Out War
  Syrian Missiles Hit Jordan: No Casualties
Iraqi Army Losing Hold on North as Troops Desert
  5 Car Bombs Rock Shi'ite Areas in Iraq, Killing 36
  Iraq Suspends 10 TV Stations for 'Sectarianism'
Recruiter Who 'Led Tsarnaev on Path to Jihad'
  Report: 'Misha' Denies Any Link to Boston Bomb Plot
  Boston Bomb Suspects' Parents Retreat to Village, Cancel US Trip
  Boston Suspects' Uncle Was Married to CIA Officer's Daughter
Libya Faces Growing Islamist Threat
  Libyan Foreign Ministry Surrounded by Men With Anti-Aircraft Guns
CIA's 'Bags of Cash' Fueled Afghan Corruption
Former Mossad Chief Defends Efforts to Block Iran War
Spending on 'Homeland Security' Exceeds Cost of New Deal
Army Says No to More Tanks, but Congress Insists
Eight More Killed as Pakistan's Election Remains Target
I Could Justify Fighting in Afghanistan – Until the Boston Bombing  by Thomas Gibbons-Neff
Propaganda and Censorship: The Hollywood Industrial Complex  by Sean A. McElwee
Chomsky on Obama's Attack on Civil Liberties  by Mike Stivers
Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston  by Ron Paul
277 Million Boston Bombings  by Robert Scheer
CISPA Is Dead. Now Let's Do a Cybersecurity Bill Right  by Julian Sanchez

More Viewpoints

Russian Forces Kill Two Suspected Dagestan Rebels
Mother of Bomb Suspects Found Deeper Spirituality
Lawmaker: FBI Checking Training Angle in Bombing
Tsarnaev's Contacts on Russian Trip Draw Scrutiny
Canada Fury at Sri Lanka Choice for Commonwealth Talks
New Look at a CIA Officer's Death
Pirate Party Sails Into Iceland Parliament
Syria Denies Use of Chemical Weapons: 'US in Hysteria' Over Rebel Losses
Sen. McCaskill Refuses to Rule Out Deploying US Troops to Syria
Lawmakers Call for Stronger US Action in Syria
Israel Says It's Not Asking US to Intervene in Syria
13-Year-Old Killed by Syrian Fire at Lebanon Border
Syrian Rebels Attack Military Airports Across Country, Opposition Says
Christian Refugees in Syria Forced Back to Iraq by War
Israel Strikes Gaza Targets in Response to Rocket
Olmert Accuses PM of Exaggerating on Iran Nukes
Livni Bashes Proposed Referendum on Peace Deal
Abbas Threatens to Appeal Israeli Building to ICC
Olmert: Two-State Solution Is Crucial to Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State
Palestinian Detainee Escapes, Unnoticed by Border Guard Officers
NGO Ranks Israel Low on Marriage Freedom
French Court: Jerusalem Rail Does Not Violate International Law
Seven Iraqis Killed as Gov't Cuts Off Satellite Television Stations
4 Iraqi Soldiers Killed at Sunni Checkpoint
Army Arrests Clan Elder in Mosul
United Arab Emirates
US Rights Report 'Was Unbalanced', Says UAE Minister
US and Mexico, Amid Drug War, Spurn an Informant
Mexican Journalists, Rights Groups March Against Attacks in Which Scores Have Been Slain
The War at Home
Ricin Case Resembles a Mississippi Tall Tale
Dozens of Air Shows Cancel Without Military Jets
Female Soldier Who Fled US to Avoid Iraq War Faces Trial
Muslim Group Says Spray-Painting of Oklahoma Mosque May Be Boston Backlash
Taliban Kill Three Police in Afghan 'Spring Offensive'
A Day Dedicated to Marking an Afghan Victory, Lamenting the Outcome
Air Force Advisers Remember Deadly Insider Attack of 2011
For Afghan Policewomen, Danger Often Comes From Colleagues
Loss of US Air Power a Worry in Afghanistan
Departing French Envoy Has Frank Words on Afghanistan
Pre-Poll Bloodshed Kills Eleven
Imran Asks Taliban to Stop Killing People
North Korea
North Korea Expected to Indict American
In North Korea, the State-Run News Agency Is the Weapon of Choice
Egypt Rejects Mubarak Release Request
Report: Police in 2 Egypt Provinces Protesting
Dozens of French Forces Leave Northern Malian Town of Timbuktu for Gao
Sudanese Protesters Stone Government Convoy After Rebel Attack
2 Military Police Officers Are Shot as Italy's Government Is Sworn In
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