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Updated June 1, 2013 - 11:09 PM EDT
Violence Soars in Iraq: Over 1,000 Killed in May
Turkish Protests Rage, 1,000 Hurt, 1,000 Arrested
White House: Priority in Syria Is to Oust Assad
  NATO Cmdr.: No-Fly Zone Over Syria Would Constitute 'Act of War'
  Israeli PM Threatens to Destroy Syria's Missiles if Russia Delivers Them
  Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose US Military Action in Syria
  Syrian Rebels Get Boost as New Fighters Arrive in Qusayr
  Rebel Syrian National Coalition Admits Liberal Bloc
  State Dept Withholds Syria Rebel Aid, Citing 'Disarray'
  Russia in Deal to Sell More Than 10 MiG-29 Fighters to Syria
New Pakistan Govt Furious at US Drone Strikes
  Taliban Faces Uprising in Afghan Villages: 35 Killed
US Hopes for Afghan Situation That 'Resembles Victory'
  Red Cross Suspends Afghan Operations
N. Africa Blowback Fuels More Interventions, More Blowback
FBI Changes Its Story (Again) on the Todashev Shooting
Perpetual War – and Obama's Perpetual Con Game  by Glen Ford
Can We Really Do Better in Syria Than Iraq, Afghanistan, & Libya?  by Steve Chapman
President Obama Uses a Sledgehammer Against Dissent  by Amy Goodman
America's Misguided Pivot to Asia  by William Pfaff
Close Guantánamo, Free the Afghans  by Andy Worthington
Moscow Remembers Charlie Wilson's War  by M.K. Bhadrakumar

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Kerry Defends Drone Strikes
US: Britain Must Investigate Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan
Berlin Not Aware of US Drone Strikes From German Bases in Africa
Iran Cuts Hamas Funding Over Syria
Intel Dilemma in Boston, London, Paris Attacks
Russian S-300 Missiles Unlikely to Reach Syria for Months
Syrian Troops Attack Convoy in Key Town, Kill 7
Balance of Power in Syria Shifting Assad's Way
Assad Forces Advance; West, Russia Exchange Barbs Ahead of Talks
Syria President Bashar Al-Assad Says Golan Will Be New War Front
McCain: Syrian Rebels Need Heavy Weapons
Family of Mom Dead in Syria Had Prior FBI Contact
US Woman Killed in Syria Identified by Relatives Via Online Images
1948 Mass Palestinian Grave Found in Tel Aviv
Netanyahu Calls in the Army to Bust Strike by Foreign Ministry Officials
Israeli Amusement Park Rejects Segregation Claims
Jerusalem's Dormition Church Suffers Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack
'Mossad Head Threatened to Quit Over Prisoner X'
Netanyahu to Spend Another $350 Million So Every Israeli Has Gas Mask
US Targets Iran's Petrochemical Industry
Kerry Says US Will Not Accept Nukes in Iran's Hands
Rebuffing Report, Tehran Says US, Not Iran, Sponsors Terror
Iran Blasts US Court's Sentencing of Iranian-Texan to 25 Years Over Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy
Iran Presidential Debate on Economy Dissolves Into Chaos
Eleven Killed as May Comes to a Close in Iraq
Forces Surrounding Sit-In Square in Ramadi Withdrew
Banned in Baghdad: The Cars That Are Insurgents' Weapon of Choice
Yemen Confronts Rising Pressure to Divide
Ex-President Blames Yemen Leaders for Power Outage
Middle East
Turkish Police Use Tear Gas to Break Up Istanbul Park Protest
Lebanese Parliament Extends Its Term 17 Months
Algeria Siege Widow Wants Answers About Husband's Death
Drummer Lee Rigby's Family Says His Death Must Not Be Used to Justify Retaliatory Attacks
Britain Should Have 'Red Card' Allowing Them to Veto EU Laws, Says William Hague
Russia Calls Boston Bombings Preventable
UN Panel Criticizes Russia for Prosecuting Rights Groups
Bodies of More Than 200 Stalinist Purge Victims Discovered
Bodies of More Than 200 Stalinist Purge Victims Discovered
Northern Ireland Town Fakes Prosperity for G8 Summit
Concern Grows After Group Disappears in Mexico City
The War at Home
Iranian Who Plotted to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador in US Gets 25 Years
FBI Searches for Suspected 'Ricin Letter' to CIA
Judge Rules Google Must Comply With FBI's Warrantless Requests for User Data
Daniel Ellsberg: WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning Deserves to Be Seen as a Hero
Washington Post: Justice Dept Has Allowed US to Say Holder Supports Press Freedom
FL School District Scanned Pupils' Irises Without Permission
Walter Reed Hospital Workers Receive Furlough Notices
School Database Loses Backers as Parents Balk Over Privacy
3 Naval Academy Football Players Face Sexual Assault Probe
TSA Says It Has Finished Removing All Graphic X-Ray Machines
Cross-Border Shelling by Pakistan Kill 1, Injure 2 in Afghanistan
Taliban Deny Attacking Red Cross in Afghanistan
US Military to Probe Attack on Afghan Air Base
The Drawdown Diet: Marines Steamed by Loss of Hot Meal at Afghanistan Base
Radical Monks, Prejudice Fuel Myanmar Violence
Kyrgyzstan Declares State of Emergency Over Protests
Pakistan May Be Next in Line for an IMF Bailout
UN Dismayed That Laos and China Returned 9 North Korean Defectors, All Reportedly Orphans
Khmer Rouge Leader Nuon Chea Expresses 'Remorse'
France Says South Libya Islamists Likely Behind Embassy Attack
ICC Rejects Libya Bid to Try Saif Al-Islam
Libya Becomes 'The New Mali' as Islamists Shift in Sahara
Benghazi Security Forces' Impossible Task
Sudanese Rebels Say Shoot Down Army Helicopter in Oil Area
Sudan Clashes Over Gum Arabic in Darfur
More Than 23k Refugees Flee South Sudan Conflict
Nigerian Islamist Militants Return From Mali With Weapons, Skills
Deaths of Protesters Herald Guinea's Election
Central African Republic: Arrest Warrant for Ex-Prez
Zimbabwe Court Orders Mugabe to Hold Elections by End of July
Al-Qaeda Magazine Warns of More 'Lone-Wolf' Attacks
Al-Qaeda Publishes Guide for Aspiring Jihadists
Weekend Reviews
'Bandits in Uniform': the Dark Side of GIs in Liberated France
American WWII GIs Were Dangerous Sex-Crazed Rapists Who the French Feared as Much as the Germans, Explosive Book Claims
A Review of Alex Gibney's We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
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John McCain: War Hero or Something Less?

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Obama’s New Restricted War on Terror Is Unlikely to Be Lasting

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Memorial Day, Remembering the Apostates

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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