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Updated June 24, 2013 - 11:20 PM EDT
Snowden Sought Job to Gather Evidence on NSA
US Warns Moscow to Stop Snowden Russia Exit
  Snowden Did Not Board Havana Flight, May Leave Moscow Tuesday
  Snowden Seeks Asylum in Ecuador Amid Diplomatic Storm
  NSA Director: Edward Snowden Has Caused Irreversible Damage to US
  Massive Surveillance Has 'Noble' Intent: NSA Chief
  Congress 'Furious' at Russia for Letting Snowden Escape Their Grasp
Foreign Backers OK Sending Arms to Syria Rebels
  Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Arming Syrian Rebels
  16 Lebanese Soldiers Killed, Dozens Wounded in Clashes With Sunnis
  Rebel Suicide Bombers Kill Eight in Damascus
  Israeli Official: Syria Regime Change Needed to Harm Iran
Monday Holiday Attacks Leave 47 Dead in Iraq
  Sunday in Iraq: Car Bombs, Attacks Leave 43 Dead
Israeli Planes Pound Gaza After Rocket Attack
China's State Media Slams US Over Cyber-Attacks
Pakistan Militants Kill 10 Foreign Tourists
Taliban Denies Claims Qatar Talks Will Be Canceled
Erdogan: Riot Police Were 'Patient' Before Crushing Protests
What We Have Learned From Afghanistan  Ron Paul
Obama and the Failure of the Syria Debate  by Jacob Heilbrunn
The NSA's Intelligence-Industrial Complex Is Ripe for Abuse  by Valerie Plame Wilson & Joe Wilson
How Leaks Advance Liberty and Resist Tyranny  by Jerry Brito
Roll Back the Surveillance State  by Laura Murphy & Michelle Richardson
Surveillance History Belies 'Trust Us'  USA Today

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US to Provide Training for Yemen Police Force
Hatred Between Sunnis, Shi'ites Abounds in Mideast
Ex-Qaeda Allies Ready to Fight for Morsi in Luxor
Offering Snowden Aid, WikiLeaks Back in the Game
German Mosque Groups Raising Funds for Hezbollah
'I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This': A Soldier's Last Words
Bombs Hit Syrian Capital Damascus, Aleppo
Syrian Civil War Eroding Hezbollah's Forces
Assad Lifts Syrian Wages After Conflict Hikes Prices
'Half of Syria Is Destroying Itself and the Other Half Is Watching Arab Idol'
Syrian Civilian Treated in Israel Dies of Wounds
Parents of US Journalist Missing in Syria on Their Way to Beirut
Erdogan: Turkey, Brazil Hit by Same Conspiracy
PKK Militants Kidnap 2 Engineers in SE Turkey
Thousands in Pro-Erdogan Demo in Vienna
Islamic Jihad Chief Dies After Clash With Hamas Police
Abbas Accepts Palestinian Prime Minister's Resignation
Israel Blocks East Jerusalem Children's Festival, Citing Link to Palestinian Authority
Palestinians Euphoric Over 'Arab Idol' Victory, Abbas Taps Winner as Goodwill Ambassador
Israel Seizes Bedouin Man's Toilet in West Bank After Deeming It Illegal
Likud Activists Want to Stop Netanyahu From Running Again
Iraq: 43 Killed, Including Saddam Executioner
Bombers Hit 4 Iraqi Towns in the North
Death Sentence Issued Against Three of VP Hashimi's Guards
Ba'ath Party: Man Who Executed Saddam Hussein Killed in Iraq
Iraq Oil Exports Dip on Weather, Sabotage
Middle East
Bahrain Court Confirms Policewoman's Accquittal
Obama Wants Mideast Envoy as Ambassador to Lebanon
Candidate Shot at Albania Election Polling Place
UK Spending Review: Defense Jobs Cut as Osborne Reaches Deal
Moldova Urges International Help to Resolve Border Row
The Heroic Whistleblower
China Said to Have Made Call to Let Leaker Depart
US Warns Countries Against Snowden Travel
US 'Disappointed' That Hong Kong Let Edward Snowden Leave
Hong Kong Government Risks Anger of US by Giving Snowden Clean Exit
US Extradition Request Did 'Not Fully Comply With Hong Kong Law'
NSA Chief: Snowden Didn't Act Nobly
US Revokes Edward Snowden's Passport
David Gregory Spars With Glenn Greenwald
Sen. Feinstein: Running Proves Snowden Isn't a Whistleblower
Rep. Rogers: Use 'Every Legal Avenue' to Bring Snowden to Justice
NSA Director Says He Has 'No Opinion' of WikiLeaks, 'I Really Don't Track Them'
Afghanistan Seeks Explanation for Taliban Office
Qatar Police Remove Flagpole at Center of Afghan, Taliban Row
Kerry: India Can Play Key Role in Afghanistan's Future
North Korea Urges US to Take 'Real Actions'
Pakistan Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack on Tourists
Four Egyptian Shi'ites Killed in Attack by Sunni Muslims
Egyptian General Warns Against Violence as Anniversary Nears
Islamist Governor of Egypt's Luxor Quits After Uproar
Egypt's Army Says It's Ready to Save Nation
Egypt Court: Brotherhood Planned Morsi Jailbreak
15 Killed in Grenade Attack in Kenya
Boko Haram Regroups, Invades Borno Towns
Congo Delays End to Rwandan Refugee Status
North African al-Qaeda Says European Hostages Are Alive
Mozambique's Renamo Ex-Rebels Blamed for Deadly Attacks
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