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Updated July 14, 2013 - 11:13 PM EDT
Greenwald Slams Reuters on Snowden Comments
  Russia Says No Asylum Request Yet From Fugitive Snowden
  Snowden Affair Chills US-Latin American Ties
  Morales Says US Hacked Bolivian Leaders' Emails
Rival Rebel Factions Fight in Syria's Largest City
  Iraq Foreign Minister Says Can't Stop Iran Arms Flights to Syria
Saturday Iraq Attacks: 46 Killed, 106 Wounded
  Final Report Card on US Efforts to Rebuild Iraq Show Massive Waste
Obama’s Many Middle East Miseries Multiply
3 Killed in US Drone Strike in NW Pakistan
7 UN Peacekeepers Killed in Sudan Attack
Countries Seek to Bring Home Guantanamo Detainees
Rally at Oklahoma Capitol Opposes US Intervention in Syria
In Syria, US Arms Go to Pro-Assad Militias and Jihadists  by John Glaser
Neocons and Democracy: Egypt as a Case Study  by Jim Lobe
The NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional  by Randy E. Barnett
Falling Off a Cliff in Egypt  by Paul R. Pillar
How We Got Warrior Cops  by Lucy Steigerwald
K.S.M.'s Vacuum Cleaner  by Amy Davidson

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Oklahoma Coalition Forms to Declare 'Syria: Not Our War'
Israeli Fighter Jets and Saudi Missiles
Senate Begins to Move on Cybersecurity
UK Soldier and Veteran Suicides 'Outstrip Afghan Deaths'
UNIFIL Blasts Israel After Troops Cross Blue Line
Syria Reportedly Denies Israel Involved in Arms Depot Strike
Syrian Rebels Fear 'Side War' as Infighting Spirals
Red Cross Calls for 'Humanitarian Pause' in Syria's Homs
Syria's Famed Crusader Fort Hit in Air Raid
Army's Role in Fall of Mohamed Morsi Stirs Fears Among Egyptian Protesters
Egyptian Parliamentarians Demand Morsi's Return
Egypt Investigating Complaints Against Ousted Morsi
5 'Terrorists' Killed in Egypt's Sinai
Egypt Opens Rafah Border Crossing for Four Hours
Israeli Army: 5-Year-Old Palestinian Endangered Public
Gaza Palestinians Still Stranded Abroad by Egypt's Restrictions
Palestinians Say Destruction of Olive Groves Is an Israeli 'Terror Campaign'
How Israel's War on Gaza Breeds Anger, Grief and Courage
Nablus Mayor: If Talks Fail, Palestinians Will Take to Streets
Israeli Ex-General Tells of New 'Prisoner X' in 1970s
Mosque, Funeral, Soccer Field Attacks: 46 Killed, 106 Wounded
Government in Northern Iraq City Orders Coffee Shops Closed After Attack That Killed 39
Tear Gas Fired at Istanbul Protesters
Turkey Redefines Armed Forces' Duties
32 Police Officers, Lawmaker Hurt in Belfast Riots
Russia Says Kills Bodyguard of Islamist Insurgent Leader
Americans Still Dying
Clearfield (UT) Soldier Dies in Noncombat Incident in Qatar
Teacher Remembers Alabama Soldier as Charismatic, a Tremendous Leader
Spying on Everyone
Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Computer Flaws
Defense Acquisition Univ. Blocks Access to WAPO to Prevent Exposure to Snowden's Leaks
Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA
Attack on Bus Kills One, Injures Two Passengers in Kalat
Osama Occasionally Complained of Pain in Kidneys, but Never Visited a Doctor: Report
Philippine Army-Rebel Clash Leaves 7 Dead
US Troops Adjust to Afghan National Security Forces Lead in Combat Ops
Myanmar Signs Treaty With Wa Ethnic Group
Opposition Storms to Power in Bhutan
North Korea May Show Off New Longer-Range Missiles at July Parade
Thousands Flee DR Congo Flee After Uganda's ADF Raid
Nigerian Extremist: Burn Schools, Kill Teachers
Mugabe Plotted Jacob Zuma Assassination, Document Claims
US Military
Congress Fuming Over US Purchase of Russian Helicopters for Afghanistan
Purple Heart Quest for Fort Hood Victims Adds to Terrorism Dispute
Army Apologizes for Buzzing Helicopters Above City in Washington State
Conn. Submarine Base Is Changing Its Mindset on Sexual Assault
Melting Alaskan Glacier Yields New Remains of Decades-Old Crash
Weekend Reviews
Hardhats for Peace, College Kids for War
Sparta: Iraq War Haunts Marine With PTSD Horrors
Only 1 Percent of 'Terrorists' Caught by the FBI Are Real
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The Meaninglessness of Elections

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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