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Updated October 14, 2013 - 11:12 PM EDT
Malala Tells Obama Drones 'Fueling Terrorism'
Key Syrian Rebel Bloc Rejects Geneva Talks
  Iraqi Kurdistan President 'Ready' to Strike Syria Rebels
  More Syria Rebels Leave US-Backed Command
  Syrian Rebels Kidnap Seven Red Cross Workers in North
NSA Hides Domestic Collection by Not Counting It
  NY Times Says UK Tried to Get It to Hand Over Snowden Documents
  $2 Billion NSA Spy Center Is Going Up in Flames
  Privacy Fears as Surveillance Grows in Cities
Kerry Leaves Afghanistan Without Troop Deal
  Another Afghan Insider Attack Kills at Least One US Soldier
How the WHO Covered Up Iraq Nuclear Nightmare
  Southern Shi'ite Cities Targeted in Iraq Attacks That Kill 61, Wound 171
  Al-Qaeda Surges Back in Iraq, Reviving Old Fears
Iran Seeks Direct US Talks on Sidelines of Geneva
Israel Bans Shipments of Gaza Building Materials
The Ferocity and Failure of America's Sanctions Apparatus  by Andrew Cockburn
Double Danger of NSA's 'Collect It All' Policy on Surveillance  by Rachel Levinson-Waldman
How Obama-Controlled Media Avoids Scrutiny  by Kevin Gosztola
The Desert of Israeli Democracy  by Max Blumenthal
Like Assad, Churchill Liked to Stockpile Poison Gas  by Patrick Cockburn
Suspending Egypt's Military Aid: Too Little, Too Late  by Dalibor Rohac

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Guantanamo Prison Camp Still at Work on Its Image
Sept. 2013: US Covert Actions in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia
To Ousted Boss, Arms Watchdog Was Seen as an Obstacle in Iraq
Former CIA Analyst: Edward Snowden Is 'At Peace With His Decisions'
US Intelligence Assets in Mexico Reportedly Tied to Murdered DEA Agent
Spying on Everyone
UK Spies Monitoring Privileged Emails Between Lawyers and Clients
Effort Underway to Declassify Doc That Is Legal Foundation for NSA Phone Program
Brazil Announces Secure Email to Counter US Spying
Mass Surveillance Putting Right to Challenge State at Risk, Say UK Lawyers
Documents: State Department Cable System Lacks Basic Security
US Fears Back-Door Routes Into the Net Because It's Building Them Too
The War at Home
TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest for Making Jokes About Security
Crew Members: Captain Phillips Is One Big Lie
Police Remove Protesters From White House Fence: Video
DC Crowd Pushes Through Barriers to WWII Memorial
Marine Found Dead by Gunshot at Quantico
Israel to Make Helmets for US F-35 Fighter
Mullah Omar Warns Against US-Afghan Pact
US Military Cracks Down on Troop Masturbation in Afghanistan
US, India Eye Joint Efforts Against Extremist Funding
India Seizes Armed Ship Owned by American 'Anti-Piracy' Security Firm
Former US Army Officer Found Dead in Provincial Egyptian Jail
More Questions Than Answers on US Man Who Died in Egyptian Jail
Deposed President's Family Say Morsi Won't Negotiate
Army Conscripts Wounded in Sinai Attack
MIG-21 Crash in Southern Egypt Kills 1 Villager
Gunmen Kill Libya Air Force Officer in Benghazi
Islamist Leader Says Libya PM Has Failed
Migrants Say They Were Fired on Leaving Libya
France to Send More Troops Into Africa
FARC Guerrillas Bomb Railway of Top Colombia Coal Miner
Impunity Feared in Colombia Military Justice Law
Iranian Jews Urge Obama to Seize on Rouhani Overtures
Iran Nuclear Talks: Does One Side Hold the Trump Card?
Iran Refuses to Ship Out Uranium Stockpiles but Hopes Rise of Breakthrough
Iran Central Banker Says He's Undoing Ahmadinejad Policy
Kerry: Window of Diplomacy With Iran Is 'Cracking Open,' but US Still Mindful of Israel
In Rare Ceasefire, Hundreds Evacuate Rebel-Held Syrian Town
Group: Syrian Regime Shelling Kills 11 in South
2 Car Bombs Hit Near Syrian State TV in Damascus
Islamist Militants Destroy Sufi Shrine in Eastern Syria: Activists
In Syria, Motorists Press On, Yielding for War
Syrian Exodus Reaches Europe's Doorstep
Over 1,500 Evacuated From Besieged Damascus Suburb: Red Crescent
West Bank Village Inhabited for 3,000 Years Faces Eviction
EU Report: Palestinians 'Lost' €1.95 Billion of Aid Money
Ex-Army Official: 'Netanyahu Is Not Bluffing on Intention to Strike Iran'
Netanyahu Warns France, UK Against Lifting Iran Sanctions
Netanyahu's Party Blamed for Iranian Porn Twitter Follow
Israel Lobby Group Counters Palestinian Dispossession With – Jewish Creationism
Southern Shi'ite Cities Targeted in Iraq Attacks That Kill 61, Wound 171
Sistani Issues Fatwa Against Sectarian Violence in Iraq
In Iraq, Honor Crimes Spread to Cities
Yemen Separatists Reject Dialogue and Hold on to Secession
Four Men Arrested in Anti-Terrorism Raids Across London
Hundreds Arrested in Moscow Race Riot
Spain Holds Disputed Mass Beatification of War 'Martyrs'
Venezuelan Navy Escorts Seized US-Charted Oil Survey Ship Into Port; Crew Remains in Custody
Mayor of Big Venezuelan City Arrested in Corruption Probe
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