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Updated November 28, 2013 - 11:15 PM EST
US Drone Kills 2 Women, Child in Afghan Home
  US Seeks to 'Bypass' Karzai on Afghan Troop Deal
  Aid Workers Increasingly Targeted in Unsafe Afghanistan
US: Iran's Arak Construction Doesn't Violate Deal
  Obama, Senate Spar Over New Iran Sanctions Threats
  Kerry to Visit Netanyahu for Talks on Iran, Peace Process
Pakistani Party Turns Up Heat on Drone Strikes
  Pakistan's PTI Outs CIA Station Chief in Official Murder Charge
US Backs Japan in Islands Dispute With China
  China Monitored US B52 Flight Through Disputed Air Defense Zone
  China Will Take Action on Air Space Violations Based on 'Threat Level'
NSA Watched Online Sexual Activity of Radicals
  Obama's Justice Dept Asks Court to Keep Key Spy Opinion Secret
Iraq: 75 Killed as Dumped Bodies Are Found Across Baghdad
Both Sides of Syrian War Agree There's No Military Solution
CIA Paid Millions to Turn Gitmo Inmates Into Double Agents
The National-Security State's Dangerous Taunt Against China  by Jacob Hornberger
The Plot Thickens: Gaza Is Flooded With Sewage and Conspiracies  by Ramzy Baroud
Israel-Palestine: Enough Negotiations Already!  by Adil Shamoo
Operation Sex Deviate 2.0  by Julian Sanchez
Don't Clone Guantanamo  Los Angeles Times
Be Thankful for the People Struggling to Limit NSA Spying  by Robert Scheer

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How US Military Spending Stacks Up in the World
Panama Reverses: North Korean Crew Not Freed
Rep. Sherman Favors More Civilian Airline Crashes in Iran
Barney's to Place NYPD Under Surveillance Amid Racial Profiling Claims
How Obama's Iran Deal Screwed Up Homeland's Third Season
Spying on Everyone
New Snowden Docs Show US Spied During G20 in Toronto
US Nears Decision to Split Leadership of NSA, Cyber Command: Sources
EU Says Won't Suspend Data Sharing Accords With US
The Secret Story of How the NSA Began
Australia PM Abbott Aims to End Indonesia Spying Row
James Bamford Interview: Beyond Eavesdropping What You Should Know About the NSA
Wall Street Journal Columnist Repeatedly Gets His Facts Wrong About NSA Surveillance
'War on Terror'
How Mohammed Warsame Became an Accidental 'Terrorist'
The Long Island Jihadist
ACLU Sues CIA for Release of Torture Reports
Should Government Release Its Secret Study on CIA Interrogation?
US Court Refuses to Dismiss Plot Case Against bin Laden's Son-In-Law
Judge Denies Information to Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber
The War at Home
McClatchy Will No Longer Publish White House Handout Photos
Nearly 40 News Outlets Accuse Obama Administration of Limiting Access
House to TSA: Hand Over Your Loose Change
Blackwater Founder Fires Back at Critics in New Book
With Operation Buster-Jangle, DC Scientists Set Out to Listen for the Sounds of A-Bombs
US Military
US Government Caught Pirating Military Software, Settles for $50 Million
Classified Information Fight Involving Marine Gets Ugly
Army Scores a Super-Stealthy Drone That Looks Like a Bird
US Navy Suspends Business With Second Maritime Services Firm
CIA Chief Accused of Murder Over Hangu Drone Attack
Pakistan's Prime Minister Announces New Army Chief as Spymaster Retires
Pakistan PM Appoints New Commanders
Attack on French Aid Group in Afghanistan Kills 6
Afghans Are Living Longer? Yes, but Not Thanks to NATO
US Reassures Japan Over Dispute With China
China Says Air Zone Not to Affect Routine Flights
Joe Biden to Visit China and Japan Over Disputed Air Zone
Thailand Protests: Coup Not Imminent, Says Minister
Thai Protesters Force Evacuation of Top Crime Agency
Thai Protesters Move on More Ministries; Central Bank Cuts Rates
Kudankulam: Six Killed in Blast Near India Nuclear Plant
Sri Lanka Set to Begin Survey of Civil War Dead
Is Shinzo Abe's 'New Nationalism' a Throwback to Japanese Imperialism?
Ruling Party Officially Wins Honduran Presidency
Leftist Castro to Call Mass Street Protests Over Honduras Vote 'Theft'
63 Bodies Found in 22 Mass Graves in Jalisco, Mexico
Latin America's 'Forgotten' Palestinians
US Says Working With Cuba to Solve Banking Issue
Dominican Republic Breaks Off Haiti Talks Over Immigration Ruling
Reversible Iran Deal Puts More Pressure on Final Talks
Iran Deal Won't Kick in Until Nuclear Inspections, Pushing Start Into 2014
Iran Hard-Liners Call Nuclear Deal 'Poisoned Chalice'
Iran Deal: 10 Facts You May Have Overlooked
Iran Nuclear Deal Foes Rein in Criticism
Iran's Rouhani Says Economic Problems Go Beyond Sanctions
Iran Seizes Two Saudi Fishing Vessels in Gulf
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in Music Video
Jewish Groups Back Away From All-Out Fight Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Turkey, Iran Call for Syria Ceasefire Before Peace Talks
Syrian Opposition Politicians to Attend Geneva Peace Conference
Syria Says It Won't Give Up Power in Peace Talks
Inside Syria: Al-Qaeda Was Here
Syria Polio Cases Spread to Damascus and Aleppo: WHO
Watchdog Says Syria Most Dangerous Country for Journalists
5 Broken Cameras Wins Palestine's First Emmy
Palestinian NGO: Israel Turning Blind Eye to Settler Violence
Palestinian Militants Killed in Israeli West Bank Raid
Israel's Peres Rejects Arafat Poisoning Theory
Israel: EU Funds Will Not Reach Occupied Land
Israel to Compensate Settlers Financially Harmed by EU Funding Ban
Iraq: 75 Killed, 98 Wounded as Dumped Bodies Are Found Across Baghdad
Execution-Style Killings in Iraq Raise Fears of Return to Sectarian Violence
Stanchart Begins Iraq Banking as Petrodollars Boost Economy
South Yemen Leader Pulls Out of Reconciliation Talks
Islamist Women and Girls Receive Heavy Prison Sentences for Egypt Protests
Police Violently Break Up Peaceful Protest
Egyptian Secular Activists Arrested Under New Protest Law
Narrow Majority of Egyptians Oppose Military's Morsi Ouster, Poll Finds
Libyan Army Fights Islamists in Benghazi, Three Soldiers Killed
UN Blacklists Alleged Benghazi Attack Culprit
Libya Struggles to Pay Salaries, More Clashes Erupt
Mali Parliamentary Vote Inconclusive, Heads for Second Round
Mali Coup Leader Arrested on Kidnapping Charges
Angola Denies Banning Islam After Outcry
Nigeria Sharia Police Smash 240,000 Bottles of Beer
Tony Blair Plotted Military Intervention in Zimbabwe, Claims Thabo Mbeki
Moscow Police Detain 15 Islamists With Suicide Belts
Ukraine in Turmoil After Leaders Reject Major EU Deal
Spanish PM: Independent Scotland Would Be Out of the EU
Berlusconi Expelled From Italian Parliament Over Tax Fraud
Russia's Battle to Hold Back EU's Expansion Brings New Pressures on Tiny Moldova
Two Months After Election Win in Germany, Angela Merkel Forms Coalition
Loyalists Urged to Cancel Protest as Bomb Attacks Sweep Northern Ireland
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