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Updated August 4, 2014 - 10:46 PM EDT
NSA Supplies Gaza Targeting Data to Israel
  US, UN Outraged as Israel Attacks Another Gaza UN School
  Wiretapped: Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks
  Gallup Poll Shows Young Americans Support Palestine
Israel, Palestinians Agree on New 72-Hour Truce
  Israel Bombs 'Exempt' Refugee Camp During 7-Hour Ceasefire
  Palestinians Arrive in Cairo for Gaza Talks, But Will Israel Show Up?
  Hannibal Protocol: Did Israel Kill 'Captured' Soldier?
  Gaza Crisis Reveals Regional Splits Over the Brotherhood
ISIS Routs Kurds, Take Key Towns, Dam in Iraq
  Iraq Horror: Hundreds Killed as Yazidi Homeland in Jeopardy
  Iran's Elite Guards Fighting in Iraq to Push Back Islamic State
  13 Lebanese Soldiers Killed as Battle Rages With Syria Rebels
Obama Sent Young 'Aid Workers' to Cuba to Gin Up Rebellion
Foreigners Flee Libya: 22 Killed in Battle for Tripoli Airport
Late to the Party, Obama Seeks Bigger US Africa Role
Abdullah Spurns Vote Audit, Releases More Fraud Evidence
Israel, Genocide, and the 'Logic' of Zionism  by Justin Raimondo
Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?  by Ron Paul
The Experts' Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike Is a War Crime  by Jonathan Cook
What Has Israel Achieved in 26 Bloody Days?  by Patrick Cockburn
Is Obama Really Adrift in the World?  by John Feffer
Actions and Intentions in Gaza  by David Bromwich

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US Set to Woo India With Classified Info, Intel Swap
Top UK General: Afghanistan Has Left Us With a 'Warrior Generation' of Soldiers
Senate Republicans to Issue Minority Report on CIA 'Torture' Techniques
House Intelligence Chief Rogers Doesn't Think CIA Spied on Senate
IDF Puts Together Team to Deflect War-Crime Allegations
Israeli Foreign Affairs Chief: Gaza War to Be Probed Only After War
Livni Calls for PA Control Over Gaza, Disarmament
Palestinians Present Egypt With Draft of Gaza Truce Demands
IDF, Shin Bet Kill Nephew of Senior Hamas Figure Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh
In Famously Argumentative Israel, Near Total Support for Gaza Offensive
Israeli Official: Hamas Assurances on Ceasefire Are 'Worthless'
Questions of Weapons and Warnings in Past Barrage on a Gaza Shelter
Soldier's Death Determined by DNA Samples From Tunnel
How the Israeli Chief Rabbinate Determines Death of a Soldier Whose Remains Are Not Found
Global Gaza Reaction
UN Chief Calls Israeli Strike on UN School in Gaza 'A Moral Outrage and a Criminal Act'
Outrage After Another Israeli Strike on a United Nations School in Gaza
UK Foreign Secretary Condemns 'Intolerable Suffering' in Gaza
British FM: Anti-Semitism Likely to Rise Due to Gaza Op
Egypt Increases Electricity to Gaza After Israeli Attack Cut Off Power Lines
Turkey's Erdogan Lashes Out at Israel at Election Rally
Iraq Horror: Hundreds Killed as Yazidi Homeland in Jeopardy
Royal Jordanian Airline Suspends Flights to Iraq on Security Concerns
UK Schoolgirl Who Ran Off to Syria With Twin to Marry Jihadis Posts Mocking Tweet
Roadside Bomb Kills Three Women, Wounds Seven in Somali Capital
Somalia Executes Three Suspected Militants by Firing Squad
North Africa
Egypt Awards Suez Hub Project to Consortium That Includes Army: Sources
Militants Attack Tunisian Army Base, Kill One Soldier
Thousands of Filipinos Refuse to Leave Libya Jobs
Protesting Israel's Assault
Thousands Stage Peaceful Pro-Palestinian Rally in Paris
Thousands From Across Country Protest in Support of Palestinians Near White House
Pro-Palestinian Protest in Los Angeles Draws Thousands, Causes Wilshire Shut-Down
14 Arrested During Antiwar Protest in Tel Aviv
New Yorkers Protest Against Gaza Massacre
Vermonters Protest Against Attack on Gaza
Hundreds Join Rally Outside Ohio Statehouse for Palestine
Pro-Palestinian Demonstration Seeks End to Chile's Ties With Israel
Malaysians Protest Against Killings in Gaza
Scotland: 700 Join March for Gaza Through Kirkcaldy
Sheffield (UK) Protests Against the Gaza Genocide
Manchester Gaza Protest Israel Palestine: Hundreds Protest on King Street During Manchester (UK) Gaza Demonstration
Demonstration Over Gaza Conflict Takes Place in Hanley (UK)
Jordanians Protest Against Israeli Offensive in Gaza
Thousands Rally in Dublin (Ireland) Supporting Palestinian People Amid Israeli Gaza Attacks
Protest Rally in Agartala (India) on Gaza Attacks
Silent Protest in Malta to Reflect Deadly Gaza Bombings Held
Venezuelans Rally in Support of Palestine
In Pictures: US March Against Israel's War
Ukrainian Army Steps Up Attacks on Rebel-Held Donetsk
Separatist Cadre Hopes for a Reprise in Ukraine
Ukrainians Scour Rebel-Held City for Vanished Relatives
Low-Cost Russia Airline to Suspend Services Due to EU Sanctions
Xinjiang Violence: China Says 'Gang' Killed 37 Last Week
China Releases Investigative Journalist After Almost Year in Jail
7 Insane Problems Outlined in the New Afghan Reconstruction Report
Imran Khan Threatens to Shutdown Pakistan if He's Put Under House Arrest
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