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Updated August 24, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Set to Expand ISIS Air War into Syria
  Report: US Giving ISIS Targeting Intel to Assad
  ISIS Gains in Syria Put Pressure on West to Deliver Robust Response
  ISIS Press Officer Abu Mosa Reported Killed by Syrian Army
Report: Iran Soldiers Help Kurds Battle ISIS
  Suicide Bombers Strike Kirkuk; 103 Killed, 189 Hurt Across Iraq
Israeli Airstrike Destroys Residential Tower Block
  Gaza Deaths Prompt Scrutiny of US Arms Sales to Israel
  IDF Retracts Claim That Mortar Bomb Was Fired From UN School
Russian Aid Trucks Begin to Leave Ukraine
  Russia Reminds UN That Ukraine Agreed to Let Russia Deliver Aid
Darren Wilson Was on a Force Disbanded by Authorities
Don't Let James Foley's Death Lead to More Folly in Iraq  by Lucy Steigerwald
Son of Death  by Uri Avnery
US Media Rules of Reporting on Israeli 'Operations' in Gaza  by Peter Casey
Anti-War Is Pro-American  by Mike Marion
Empire's Murderous Fruits  by Nebojsa Malic
Eric Holder's Police Shooting Record? Dismal  by James Bovard

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When the US Goes to War, TV Networks Call Warheads
Gulf States Fear 'Monster' They Created: Hezbollah Minister
US to 'Take Action' in Syria if Americans Threatened
Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA's X-Ray Body Scanners
Suicide Bombers Strike Kirkuk; 103 Killed, 189 Wounded Across Iraq
Response to Attack Reflects Iraq's Sectarian Divide
Suicide Bomber Hits Iraqi Interior Ministry
ISIS Sells Stolen Crude Oil Raising Over £1 Million Per Day
ISIS's Bootleg Petro-State May Prove Unsustainable
Iraq Family's Flight Reveals Depth of Sunni Grief
UN Calls for Immediate Action to Avert Massacre in Besieged Iraqi Town
Iraqi Kurdistan
Tit-For-Tat Arab-Kurd Kidnappings in Kirkuk
Negotiators: Kurdish Demands Supersede Ministerial Posts
Bomb Explodes in Iraqi Kurdish Capital Arbil
Intelligence Gaps Could Limit US Action in Syria
Syrian Tribesmen Kill 18 ISIS Fighters
24 Jihadists Killed in Syria Air Base Battle
Syria Sees Islamist Threat Bringing Detente With West, but Not Soon
Voice May Provide Key Clues About James Foley's Killer
Missing Italians in Syria Probably Not in ISIS Hands: Ministry
Holocaust Survivors Slam Israel for 'Gaza Massacre,' Call for Boycott
Hamas Pledges to Back Palestinian Bid to Join ICC
New Video Shows Israeli Bombing of Gaza Apartment Tower
Egypt Calls for Open-Ended Gaza Ceasefire
Hamas Executes Four More 'Collaborators' in Jabaliya
Gaza Survey: 87.6% in Favor of Long Term Truce
At Least Five Rockets Fired From Syria at Northern Golan Heights
Rocket Fired From Lebanon Hits Northern Israel: Army
Lebanon's Army Asks for Aid Against ISIS
Jihadis Release Video of Captured Lebanese Troops
3 Yemen Soldiers Killed in Convoy Attack
Yemen Government Offers to Resign Within a Month to End Houthi Protests
Middle East
Iran Opens New Uranium-Conversion Plant to Meet IAEA Demands
Shi'ites Protest Bahrain's 'Naturalization' of Foreigners
Renegade Libyan Forces Say Their Planes Attack Tripoli Again
Forces From Libyan City of Misrata Say They Seized Tripoli Airport
Libya Withdraws as Host of 2017 African Cup
Over a Hundred Migrants Missing After Boat Sinks Off Libyan Coast
Americans Still Dying
Family Remembers Wisconsin Native Killed in Close-Quarters Combat at Kabul Airport
Family Buries Remains of Veteran Killed in 1952 Alaska Crash
Militarizing the Police
Obama Orders Review of Police Use of Military Equipment
Maryland Colleges' Campus Police Also Getting Military Surplus Gear
In Washington, Second Thoughts on Arming Police
Ferguson: Officer Relieved of Duty After Video of Racist Remarks Surfaces
On Staten Island, Thousands Protest Police Tactics
Global ISIS Threat?
Homeland Security Warns of ISIS Retaliation in US by Sympathizers
Canada's Intelligence Head Says Returning Islamist Militants Pose Threat
2 French Girls Apprehended as Would-Be Islamic State Recruits
Malaysia Arrests Suspected Islamic State Militant Recruits Amid Fears of Rising Extremist Support
Suspected 'Irish' Jihadists Travelling on Fake Passports
UK Home Secretary Pledges New Measures to Tackle British Jihadis
Ukraine Rebels Struggle to Reach Aid as Russian Convoy Returns Home
Shelling in Ukraine's Donetsk Tears Family Apart
Germany's Vice-Chancellor Backs 'Federalization' in Ukraine
Separatists Plan Victory Parade on Ukraine's Independence Day
Kiev Says Ukraine Needs 5 Billion Cubic Meters of Russian Gas for Winter
Germany Has Spied on Turkey Since 1976: Focus Magazine
Sweden: 3 Protesters Injured by Mounted Police
Silence Over UK Muslim Brotherhood Inquiry Raises Questions
Taliban Offensive in Southern Afghan District 'Worst Fighting' in Years
In Afghan Election, Signs of Systemic Fraud Cast Doubt on Many Votes
New Afghan President to Take Office September 2: Karzai
Afghanistan Seeks Details From US Over Pakistanis' Release
Four Killed as India and Pakistan Exchange Fire on Border
Pakistan Suggests Urgent Army-Level Meeting to India After Ceasefire Violation
Five Killed in Karachi Violence
Five Militants Killed in Clash in Pakistan
Balochistan Assembly Passes Resolution Against Islamabad Sit-Ins
Pakistan: Imran Suggests Nawaz to Step Down for a Month
China Urges US to Stop Close-In Surveillance
China Says 8 Convicted Terrorists Executed in Restive Western Region of Xinjiang
35 Nigeria Police 'Missing' After Boko Haram Raid
Mali Releases Ex-Judge of Extremist Tribunal
Police Kill Two Women in Tense Region of Tunisia
New Alert on Somalia Pirate Threat to Gulf Ships
Philippines Recalls Peacekeepers From Liberia Over Ebola Threat
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Blowback from More Intervention in Iraq

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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