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Updated August 26, 2014 - 11:19 PM EDT
Syria: No US Airstrikes Without Coordination
  Pentagon Planning Surveillance Flights in ISIS-Held Syria
  American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria
US/UK SpecOps in Iraq Try to Find ISIS Leaders
  Obama Warns Defeating ISIS Won't Be Quick
  Bombers Return to Baghdad; 212 Killed, 184 Wounded
  UN Slams ISIS for Mass Executing Prisoners, Mum on Iraq Doing It
Israel, Hamas Accept Open-Ended Ceasefire
  Israeli Warplanes Pound Rafah Border Crossing
  Palestinians Rescue Settlers After West Bank Attack
Report: Egypt, UAE Behind Libya Airstrikes
Surveillance Engine: NSA's Own Secret Google
UN Helicopter Shot Down in South Sudan
Progressives Propose 'Federal Czar' to Oversee Local Police
US Soldiers: 'We Lost Our Jobs for Reporting Being Raped'
Experimental US Hypersonic Weapon Explodes at Launch
Afghanistan Delays Inauguration as Vote Audit Unresolved
This Is Why You Can't Trust the NSA – Ever  by Marcy Wheeler
Police Response Rooted in Systemic Violence and Militarism  by Brian J. Trautman
Where in the Constitution Is CIA Absolved of Its Crimes?  by Nat Hentoff
The Difference Between Children  by Gideon Levy
Out of Iraq, Etc.!  by Sheldon Richman
Fight Against Militarized Police Is a Culture War Worth Having  by Gene Healy

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Bitcoin Lobby Launches Spending PAC
Judge Orders FBI to Probe Witness Tampering in OKC Bombing Video Case
American Executive, Ex-FBI Agent, and Qataris Sought to Free Peter Theo Curtis
VA Touts Progress on Suicides; Data Tell Another Story
Gaza War Could Push Slowing Israeli Economy Into Contraction
Gaza Teen Cites Ordeal as Captive of Israelis
Palestinian-American Teen Denied Access to Israel's Airport
Israeli MPs Push to Ban Using Arabic as Secondary Official Language
Massive Drop in Support for Netanyahu: Poll
Likud MP Proposes Paying Arabs to Leave Gaza
Rockets From Lebanon Land in Israel, Prompting IDF to Respond With Artillery Fire
Israeli Teens Gripped by Virulent Racism
For a Gaza Athlete, There Is Nowhere to Run
Global Gaza Reaction
Former New York Judge Appointed to UN Gaza Inquiry
US Working With Jordan, EU on Gaza Ceasefire Draft
In Personal Plea, Top Hamas Leader Calls on Obama to Stop 'Holocaust' in Gaza
Iran 'Will Speed Arming of Palestinians' After Israeli Drone Downed
Seattle Protesters Aim to Block Israeli Cargo Ship Over Gaza Siege
Journalist Creates 'Rubble Bucket Challenge' to Raise Awareness About Gaza
Libya Now Has Competing Parliaments
Libya's Neighbors Fear Spillover of Violence
Libya Seeks Foreign Help for Oilfields as Rockets Fired at Airport
More Prisoners in Egypt Join Ongoing Hunger Strike
Sisi Says Qatar, Turkey, US, and the Muslim Brotherhood Are Funding Media Projects to Undermine Egypt's Stability
Kremlin Plans New Ukraine Convoy as Border Clashes Rage
Ukraine's Poroshenko Signs Decree to Dissolve Parliament, Calls Snap Elections
Russia Says MH17 Crash Investigation Stalled
Russia to Replace Sanctions-Hit Airline With New Carrier
Merkel Says Ukraine Crisis Is Hurting German Economy
Tony Blair Gives Kazakhstan's Autocratic President Tips on How to Defend a Massacre
British Embassy in US Celebrates Burning Down White House 200 Years Ago
Abkhazia Elects Opposition Leader as President
NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield Against Russia
Merkel Backs Spain Against Catalan Secession Vote
French Government Dissolved Amid Internal Feud
The War at Home
College Cops Score Military Supplies
Army: Shooter at Fort Lee Was Soldier Who Shot Self
Two People Killed in Illinois Recycling Plant Explosion: Mortar Round Suspected
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 212 Killed, 184 Wounded
ISIS an 'Incredible' Fighting Force, US Special Ops Sources Say
Mosque Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Baghdad
US Court Scraps Order to Seize Kurdish Crude From Tanker Near Texas
Rep. Tim Kaine: Congress Must Vote on Iraq
Kurdish and Iraqi Parties Make Headway in Talks for New Government
Syria Says Would Work With Any State to Fight Islamist Militants
Dempsey: We Will Act if Islamic Group Threatens US
US Says It Told Qatar Not to Pay a Ransom
Germany Says No Plans to Reengage With Assad Due to ISIS Threat
Russia Sees West Changing Tack on Syria, Urges Engagement With Assad
Turkey Protest in Istanbul Over Syrian Refugees
Displaced Yazidis Find Unlikely Safe Haven in Syria Refugee Camp
Iran Nuclear Probe Reaches Deadline, No Word Yet on Outcome
Iran TV Shows Off Allegedly Downed Israeli Drone
In Iran, Limited Support for ISIS Among Small Number of Salafis
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels Harden Their Protest Demands
Rival Yemeni Protests as Talks With Shi'ite Rebels Fail
Three Chinese Engineers Kidnapped in Southeast Turkey: Sources
Afghan Presidential Inauguration Delayed With Candidates Deep in Conflict
Afghan Vote Crisis 'Costing Billions', Says Finance Minister
Dempsey in Afghanistan for Transition Talks
General: Biggest Challenge in Afghanistan to Come
US, Chinese Officials to Meet at Pentagon After Jet Intercept
Teenager Arrested in Killing of Imam in Western China
Amid Ethnic Tensions, China Turns to Cartoon Princess
Vietnam Envoy to Visit China to Seek Thaw in Testy Ties
Pakistan Cleric at Rally Warns of 48-Hour Deadline
Thai King Endorses Junta Leader as Prime Minister
Boko Haram Leader Says Ruling Nigerian Town by Islamic Law
Thousands Flee to Cameroon After Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebels Face Sanctions After Killing Ceasefire Monitor
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