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Updated April 19, 2015 - 11:19 PM EDT
ISIS Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Kills 35
Al-Qaeda Routs Yemen Army, Seizes Arms Depot
  Yemen Government Rejects Iranian Peace Plan
  Yemen Grinds to a Halt as War Starves It of Gas
  Top Saudi Cleric Says Yemen Operation in Line With Shariah Rules
  Al-Qaeda Taking Advantage of Yemen Turmoil, US Defense Chiefs Say
CIA Stopped Miami Herald Scoop on Bay of Pigs
Sale of US Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States
At Least 21 Killed in Fighting Near Libyan Capital
Germany's Ramstein Airbase 'Heart' of US Drone Program
Russia-Iran Relationship Is a Marriage of Opportunity
Don't Let Hillary Clinton Escape the Blame for Libya's Anarchy  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
New York Times Rewrites Whatever the Kiev Authorities Say  Patrick Smith interviews Stephen Cohen
Hubris Unlimited: Tom Cotton versus Reality  by Thomas Knapp
The Pseudoscience of Countering Violent Extremism  by Belén Fernández

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Putin Says Ready to Work With US on Key Interests
2 Cuban Dissidents Up for Election in Unprecedented Vote
'ISIS' Among Names Removed From UN List of Hurricane Names
UK: Six Released in Syria 'Terror' Probe
Battleground 2016
Paul, Graham Clash on Foreign-Policy on US Campaign Trail
Rand Paul Slams GOP Foreign Policy Hawks
Rand Paul Attacks Clinton and Names the Enemy of the US – 'Radical Islam'
Bush Won't Cite Differences With Brother's Foreign Policy
The War at Home
Police May Wear Body Cams, but Will Public See the Video?
Aircraft Carrier That Survived Atomic Blasts Lies at Bottom of Pacific Near San Francisco
Afghan Parliament Approves Cabinet After Months of Stalemate
Non-State Actors Pose Grave Threat, Says Afghan General
Five Abducted Shi'ites Beheaded in Afghanistan: Officials
Shocking Photos Shows Taliban Executing 3 Prisoners in Afghanistan
Grenade Attack in Karachi's Motandas Market Injures Three
Six TTP Terrorists Killed in Karachi Police Encounter
One Dies in Kashmir After Police Fire on Protesters
Kashmiri Leader Yaseen Malik Arrested From Hunger Strike Venue
Bar Ban for US Troops in Philippines After Murder
US-Philippines Wargames to Start Under China's Shadow
Ukraine Crisis: Rebel Leader Warns Truce 'Could Fail'
DM Says Canadian Soldiers Will Not Be Training Nazi Sympathizers in Ukraine
Russia Denies German Report It Is Ready to Sign Gas Deal With Greece
Northern Cypriots Vote for New President to Oversee Peace Talks
From Mostar to Sarajevo, Bosnian War Sites Turn Into Tourist Attractions
Sudan Newspaper Quotes Governor as Saying Rebels Kill 136
Egypt Army Kills 13 Extremists in Sinai
Al Shabaab Militants Kill Regional Somali Lawmaker in Capital
UN: Assailants Attack Convoy, Kill 2, Wound 1 in North Mali
Iraq Force Retake Baiji Refinery; 158 Killed Across Country
Iraqis Unearth Mass Graves in City Where ISIS Ruled
Iraq PM's Spokesman Resigns Over Pro-Saddam Song
US Civilians and Veterans Leave Home for ISIS Fight With Help From Social Media
Anti-ISIS Former Syrian General Found Killed in Lebanon
Syrian Doctors Ask Russia to Help Unblock Medical Aid
Saudi Soldier Killed in Yemen Border Clash
At Least 27 Dead in Fighting in Yemen's Taez
Over 250,000 East African Refugees Trapped in Yemen
Yemen: After Hours at Sea, Chaos, and Desperation Found
Iran Unveils Home-Made Air Defense System
Rouhani Says Iran's Military Strategy Purely Defensive
US Charges Four Companies, Five People Over Alleged Tech Exports to Iran
Palestinians in West Bank Clash With IDF on 'Prisoners Day'
Abbas Invites Israeli Arab Party Leader to Ramallah
Israel Says to Transfer of Frozen Tax Funds to Palestinians
Palestinian Driver Deliberately Killed Israeli: Police
Israel: The Settlers' Military Informant
Gaza Sailors Have a Lot of Bottle
IDF Network Reportedly Infiltrated by Hackers
Parting the Brown Sea: Sewage Crisis Threatens Gaza's Access to Water
Assailant Opens Fire on Pro-Kurdish Party Office in Turkey
Spanish Couple Arrested in Turkey, Accused of Jihadist Links
Mexico's 'New Generation' Cartel Takes Police Head-On
Nine Gang Members Killed in Army Operation in El Salvador
Colombia's Santos Calls for Deadline on FARC Peace Talks
Americans Still Dying
North Carolina-Based Paratrooper Killed During Training at Fort Polk
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