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Updated May 19, 2017 - 10:21 PM EDT
Iran's President Rouhani Reelected in Friday Vote
US Attacks Pro-Assad Forces in Southern Syria
  Iraq, Syria Discuss Direct Military Cooperation Against ISIS
  ISIS Kills 53, Many Civilians, in Attack on Syrian Shi'ite Villages
  Syrian Troops Advance on ISIS in N. Aleppo, 49 Killed in Fighting
  Joint Chiefs Chair: NATO Should Handle Training Iraqi Military
Trump to Set $350 Billion Arms Deal for Saudis
  Yemen War Casts a Broad Shadow Over Trump's Saudi Visit
  Trump Said Saudi Arabia Was Behind 9/11. Now He's Going There.
Erdogan Goons Were Told to 'Attack' DC Protesters
  Turkey Demands US Oust 'Pro-Kurd' Envoy McGurk
Sweden Withdraws Warrant for Assange, Still in Jeopardy
US Won't Let Netanyahu Accompany Trump to Western Wall
  Official: Trump Will Ask Israel to Curb West Bank Settlement Growth
Intel Trump Shared With Russia Was From Jordan, Not Israel
Iran's Elections: The 'Deep State's' Taboos Broken & Redlines Crossed  by Muhammad Sahimi
US Is Waging a Massive Shadow War in Africa, Documents Reveal  by Nick Turse
The War on Yemen and Trump's Foreign Trip  by Daniel Larison
The Special Counsel Comes to Town: Moscow Trials, Revisited  by Justin Raimondo
The Human Price of Trump's Wars  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Trumped-Up Claims Against Trump  by Ray McGovern

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Senate Democrats Reject Lieberman for FBI Director
Flynn Stopped Military Plan Turkey Opposed – After Being Paid as Its Agent
1980 Case of Slain Salvador Archbishop Romero Reopened by Judge
Nicaragua: Russian Satellite Station 'Not for Spying'
The Man Who Helped Prevent a Nuclear Crisis
Air Base Captured Near Mosul; 56 Killed in Iraq
UN Says 200,000 More People Could Flee Mosul as Fighting Intensifies
Patrol Boat Stops Armed Iraqis Entering Kuwaiti Waters: Agency
Mattis: US Isn't Widening Role in Syria's War, Despite Strikes
Fresh Syria Peace Talks Off to Another Stumbling Start
Turkey Ready to Wage More Campaigns Against Kurds in Syria, Erdogan Says
In New Video, Turkish Leader Looks on as His Guards Clash With US Protesters
US, Turkey Spar Over Erdogan Visit Violence, Kurdish Support
Sen. McCain Calls for Removal of Turkey's US Ambassador
Germany Is Free to Withdraw Troops From Turkey's Incirlik, Turkish Minister Says
In Tight Iran Race, Outspoken Rouhani Breaks Political Taboos
Iran Decries New US Sanctions on Ballistic Missile Program
Saudi Proposal to Israel Could Be the Stuff of Trump's Dream Deal in Mideast
EU Parliament Condemns Israeli Settlements
Egypt's Sisi: Trump Vital to Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Gaza's First English Library One Step Closer to Reality
Palestinian Killed as Settler Opens Fire During West Bank Clashes
US Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela Supreme Court Judges
Mayhem Rages in W. Venezuela; Capriles Blocked From UN Trip
Colombia Court Decision Likely to Slow Approval of Peace Laws
Colombians Seek Probe of Chiquita Execs for Terror Funding
India Has Capability to Make 2600 Nuclear Weapons: Pakistan
World Court Orders Pakistan to Delay Execution of Alleged Indian Spy
New Ferry Links North Korea and Russia Despite US Calls for Isolation
Japan Protests to China Over Drone Flight Near Disputed Islets
Chinese, South Korean Officials Seek to Mend Rift With Meetings
In Indonesia, Moderate Muslims Call for Blasphemy Law to Be Repealed
New Chinese Attack Helicopter Makes Maiden Flight
Cambodians Remember Victims of 'Killing Fields'
Thousands Rally in North Morocco Protest March
Morocco Phosphate Ship Held in Panama Over Western Sahara Challenge: Officials
Renewed Clashes Between Factions in Libya's South
The Mutiny May Be Over, but the Ivorian Army's Problems Are Not
UN: Firepower Escalates in Central African Republic Conflict
Grenade Attack Kills Three Members of Burundi Ruling Party
Tunisia Southern Gas Protests Tense as Negotiations Falter
Eight Months After Approval, New UN Troops Trickle Into South Sudan
Kenya: 33 Suspected Shabaab Terrorists Arrested in Tana River
Congo Authorities Recapture 179 Prisoners After Mass Escape, Mayor Says
Greek Police Fire Teargas at Protesters Outside Parliament
Albania's Parties End Three-Month Standoff With Agreement on Reforms
Poland Defies EU Over Taking in Asylum-Seekers
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