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Updated May 20, 2017 - 11:21 PM EDT
Iran's President Rouhani Reelected in Friday Vote
Saudi Arabia's DC Lobbying Surge Is Paying Off
  US Drone Killed Yemeni Men Who Had Nothing to Do With al-Qaeda
  As Trump Visits, Gulf States Launch Growing Crackdown on Dissent
Mattis: N. Korea Military Solution Would Be Tragic
  North Korea Puts Conditions on US Talks
Attack in South Libya Leaves 141 Troops Dead
Israeli Minister Slams White House Map of Israel
Syria Says US Airstrike Killed Soldiers Near Jordan Border
Pentagon an Eager Customer of Assassination Mini-Drones
Sweden Withdraws Warrant for Assange, Still in Jeopardy
item Trump's Saudi Trip Should Not Be to Clinch Arms Deal but to End Yemen War  by Medea Benjamin
item Syrian Prison Executions – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign  by Ted Faison
item McCain's Foreign Policy Doesn't Represent 'American Values'  by Jerrod Laber
The Real Danger From Trump Is Ignored  by Sheldon Richman
As Trump Pushes Massive Saudi Weapons Deal, Yemenis Suffer  by Lauren McCauley
Syrians Describe the Nightmare the Armed Opposition Brought Them  by Rania Khalek

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Yet Another Attempt to Audit the Pentagon. Good Luck With That
9/11 Defense Lawyers Push for Access to Unredacted 28 Pages
French Troops Will Remain in N. Africa's Sahel Until Militants Eradicated: Macron
Maduro to Trump: 'Get Your Dirty Hands Off Venezuela!'
The War at Home
Donald Trump's Son-In-Law Jared Kushner 'Person of Interest in Russia Investigation'
Trump Opts to Keep Pentagon's Top Officer for Another Term
Trump Nominates KT McFarland for Singapore Ambassador
Future Air Force Weapon? Baby MOAB
Blood Found on Revolutionary War Shrapnel in New Jersey
Tribal Elder, Five Others Killed by Car Bomb South of Libya's Benghazi: Official
UN Envoy Criticizes Deadly Attack in Libya's South
Rescued Migrants Tell of Detention, Beatings, Slavery in Libya
South Sudan Forces Killed 114 Civilians Around Yei in Six Months: UN
20,000 Flee Latest Fighting in Central African Republic
Sudan's Al-Bashir Will Not Attend Saudi Summit for 'Special Reasons'
African Union Seeks Int'l Help for Forces Fighting Kony's LRA
Venezuela Opposition Vows Biggest Demo Yet on Saturday
Honduras Withdraws Top Diplomat in Venezuela Over Political Crisis
Highland Venezuelan Town Blitzed by Looting and Protests
Journalist Kidnapped in Southern Mexico
Gunmen Rob Busload of Federal Police Officers in Mexico
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
Special Forces Wind Down Operations in Mosul; 18 Killed in Iraq
Iraq President Says Scale of Mosul Destruction 'Horrendous'
Two Suicide Car Bombs Explode on Highway Near Oilfields in Southern Iraq
Iraqi Soldier Rammed Bulldozer Into ISIS Car Bomb in Mosul
As Syria War Enters New Phase, US Looks to Expand Communications With Russia
UN Sees 'Incremental Progress' After Syria Talks
Syria Calls US Air Strike 'Terrorism', Russia Says 'Unacceptable'
Lebanon's Election Law Deadlock Threatens Another Crisis
Saudis, United States Blacklist a Hezbollah Leader
Middle East
Palestinians Protest Throughout Territories in 'Day of Rage'
Yemen Rebel Missile Shot Down Near Saudi Capital
Roadside Bomb Kills 11 Afghans Headed to Wedding, Official Says
Vice-President Leaves Afghanistan Amid Torture and Rape Claims
North Korea
US Navy Moves Second Aircraft Carrier Near North Korea
North Korea Denies Role in Global Cyberattack
Duterte: China's Xi Threatened 'War' Over Sea Oil
US Deports Indonesian Christian Who Fled Persecution
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