Today is Memorial Day, and what better day is there to eulogize our old republic? The Founders are no doubt spinning in their graves as the country they fought to establish rampages over half the earth, decimating lives – and our liberties – in the process.

The Warfare State has ushered in the Surveillance State – and today Americans overwhelmingly see their own government as the main danger to their freedom, rather than some foreign "threat."

But all is not lost. We can win back the freedoms we have lost. We can reverse the shameful history of the past 15 years – but we can't do it without your help.

Memorial Day is a good day to make your contribution to the cause of peace and freedom. And the timing couldn't be better: we've raised $33,000 in matching funds, which means the impact of your donation is doubled.

Don't give up our old republic for dead. We can revive it, but we need the resources to fight for it.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.
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Updated May 29, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Trump Plans to Reverse Obama's Cuba Policies
Pentagon Hawks Gird for Budget Brawl
  Trump Faces Showdown With Congress Over Saudi Arms Deal
US Airstrikes Kill 20 Civilians Near Raqqa, Syria
  Iraq's Shi'ite Militias Advance Toward Syria Border
  Mattis: US Intends No ISIS to Survive the War
Israel Jails Palestinians Who 'Fit Terrorist Profile'
  Palestinian Detainees End Hunger Strike, Claim Major Concessions
Egypt, UK Attacks Bring New Focus on Libya
Yemeni Child Shot as He Tried to Flee Navy SEAL Raid
Death Toll Rises as Philippines Tries to Recapture Marawi
Military's Clout at White House Could Shift Foreign Policy
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Middle East
UAE Minister Warns Gulf Alliance Faces a Major Crisis
Families of Five Bahrainis Say Burial of Loved Ones Without Their Consent a Crime
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Britain Says Some of Manchester Bomber's Network Potentially Still at Large
UK Police Arrest 14th Person in Connection With Manchester Attack
Police Release Photo, More Information About Manchester Bomber
UK Says Making Progress With Tech Companies on Getting Encrypted Militant Messages
UK Defense Minister Denies Report of Divisions in PM May's Team
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Italian Police Search for Tunisian Terrorism Suspect Who Slipped Through Border
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The War at Home
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US Might Extend Cabin Laptop Ban Worldwide, Top Official Says
Two Killed on Portland Train After 'Defending Muslims'
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North Korea
North Korean Short-Range Missile Flew Six Minutes in Latest Test: US Pacific Command
Japan Will Take Steps With US to Deter North Korea: PM Abe
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Arrests Taiwanese Activist 'For Subverting State Power'
Taiwan Tells China Don't Use 'Black Box' Hearing Against Detained Activist
Top China Official Says Hong Kong's Autonomy Is Not a License to Challenge Beijing
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Myanmar's Hardline Monks Gather Despite Ban
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Tunisia Rescues 126 Migrants Who Set Off From Libya
Congo Militiamen Free One French, Three Congolese Mine Workers
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Four Cab Drivers Killed in Mexican Tourist Destination
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