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Updated July 8, 2017 - 7:06 PM EDT
Trump Caps Increase of US Troops to Afghanistan
Trump Says 'Very, Very Good Talks' With Putin
  Trump and Putin Find Chemistry, Draw Criticism in First Meeting
US, Russia Agree on Ceasefire in SW Syria
  ISIS Launches Counterattack South of Mosul
  Pentagon Claims Only 603 Civilians Killed in ISIS War Airstrikes
S. Korea Leader Wants to Talk With Kim Jong Un
  Tillerson: Not Many North Korea Options Is Pressure Fails
  US Plans New THAAD Missile Defense Test Amid Tensions
Sinai Checkpoint Attack Kills 26 Egypt Soldiers
  Egypt Blocked UN Sanctions Against ISIS Affiliate in Saudi Arabia
Global Nuke Ban Approved in 122-1 Vote
US, Israel Furious Over UN Hebron Heritage Designation
Fighting Rages in Benghazi Despite 'Victory' Declaration
'Russiagate': The Stink Without a Secret  by Craig Murray
Who's That You Called Dangerous, President Trump?  by Thomas Knapp
Trump's Ignorance of North Korea and China Could Trigger a War  by Doug Bandow
The US State of War – July 2017  by Nicolas JS Davies
MSM, Still Living in Propaganda-Ville  by Robert Parry
North Korea Isn't the Only Rogue Nuclear State  by Matt Taibbi

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Turkey Detains 10 at Human Rights Meeting, US, EU Concerned
Venezuela Catholic Church Calls Govt 'Dictatorship'
India, China Ties Strained as Militaries Standoff Near Border
Travel Feud Cancels 9/11 Case Hearing at Gitmo
Attack South of Mosul Continues; 106 Killed in Iraq
As Mosul Battle Ends, Struggle Over Iraq's Future Intensifies
Qatar Rejects Arab States' Accusations, UK's Johnson Flies to Saudi Arabia
Qatar Airways Cancels $1 Billion Worth of A350 Aircraft Orders
UN Fears Rights Activists Detained in Turkey at Risk of Torture
Seven Wounded After Motorcycle Explodes in SE Turkey
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Leader Refuses to Attend Court in Handcuffs: Party
Dutch Cabinet Says Turkey's Deputy PM Not Welcome to Visit Country
Turkey Takes Control of Nearly 1,000 Companies Since Failed Coup: Deputy PM
No One Actually Knows Where Israel Ends and the Palestinian Territories Begin
New Guideline Permits Israel to Deny Entry to Visitors Over 'BDS Activity'
Middle East
Southern Yemenis Rally for Independence
Oman Orders Trade of Qatari Riyal at Official Rate
US Bombers Challenge China in South China Sea Flyover
China Says It Will Safeguard Sovereignty, After US Flight Over South China Sea
Kashmir's Stone-Pelting Protesters Face Off Against Pellet Guns
India Orders Kashmir Clampdown Ahead of Anniversary of Militant Killing
Vietnam Police Detain Blogger for Anti-State Propaganda, Mother Says
Mongolia Votes in First-Ever Presidential Runoff
Egypt Detains Chinese Uighur Students, Deports Them to China
Families Say Three Egyptian Engineers Killed in West Desert by Army Helicopter
South Sudan
Clashes Near South Sudan Rebel Stronghold, Aid Workers Evacuated
The War at Home
CNN Hired Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Award-Winning Syria Documentary and Wants to Cover Its Tracks
Rachel Maddow's Exclusive 'Scoop' About a Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions
How the Death of a Muslim Recruit Revealed a Culture of Brutality in the Marines
Paid FBI Informant Leading Counterterror Case Ran Wire Fraud Scams on the Side
The Country Paying Omar Khadr $10 Million in Compensation Is Not the One That Tortured Him
NYPD Attempts to Block Surveillance Transparency Law With Misinformation
Putin Asks Trump of Journalists, 'Are These the Ones Hurting You?'
'Clearly She Failed': Tillerson Says Melania Was Sent in Repeatedly to Break Up Trump-Putin Meeting
Putin Critic Navalny Released From Jail After 25-Day Stint: Spokeswoman
Heavily Armed Special Unit Deployed to Stop Hamburg Violence
UK Police Arrest Man in Connection With Manchester Attack
EU Warns of Trade War if Trump Imposes Steel Restrictions
US Taps Ex-Envoy to NATO to Resolve Ukraine Crisis
Mexico, US Vow to Bolster Joint Fight Against Drug Cartels
Weekend Reviews
Why the Media Really Hates War Machine
The Criminal 'Laws' of Counterinsurgency
Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy
Grim Lessons From a Faraway War
How a Jihadist Was Made
Documentary Looks at Citizen Journalists' Efforts to Cover War in Syria
Proxy War and Surrogate Terror: How the US Came to Take an Active Role in War and Torture in Latin America
Americans Still Dying
Wasilla (AK) Soldier: Barely Old Enough to Vote, and He Is Gone
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