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Updated September 16, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
Rep. Rohrabacher Sought Trump-Assange Deal
Trump: Military Options for NK 'Overwhelming'
  North Korea Says Goal Is 'Equilibrium' With US Forces
  Gallup Poll: US Majority Backs Attacking North Korea
US Plan for New Afghan Force a Threat to Civilians
  CIA Wants Authority to Conduct Drone Strikes in Afghanistan
UK Police Make 'Significant' Arrest in London Subway Blast
US-Backed Kurds Won't Let Syrian Forces Cross Euphrates
Spain Threatens 'Exceptional Measures' to Stop Catalan Vote
item Israel's Agents Don't Register, Should Russia's?  by Grant Smith
item How I Believe Facebook Was Censoring My Political Speech  by Philip Giraldi
item Despair of Despair in Israel  by Uri Avnery
item How North Korea Outmaneuvered the US  by Daniel Lazare

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Harvard Removes Chelsea Manning's Title After CIA Backlash
Saudis Crack Down on Dissenting Clerics Amid Rumors of Crown Prince's Rise to Throne
Transgender Service Members Can Re-Enlist While Review Continues
Latin American Nations Seek Venezuela Crisis Mediation
Anbar Operation Could Start Saturday; 129 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurd President Dismisses US Alternative to Avert Referendum
Turkey Tries to Scare Voters With Warning About Jews Ahead of Kurdish Referendum
Turkey's Erdogan: Iraqi Kurds' Decision Not to Postpone Referendum 'Very Wrong'
Aided by Russia, Syrian Forces Consolidate Military Gains
Assad Aide Says Syria Will Fight Any Force, Including US-Backed Militias
Turkey, Iran, and Russia to Deploy Observers Around Syria's Idlib
Under the Radar, Belarus Seen Quietly Helping Assad Boost Missile Program
Erdogan Says Will Discuss Case of Ex-Turkish Minister With Trump During Visit
Turkey Releases French Journalist Detained on Iraqi Border
3 Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen Drone Strike
Four Yemeni Children Killed, Ten Injured in Random Shelling
White House, Israeli Embassy Strongly Deny Report Mcmaster Yelled at Israeli Officials
IDF Requests That Government Approve More Special Operations, Prepares for Increased Haredi Draft
Middle East
Rights Groups Condemn Saudi Arrests as Crackdown on Dissent
Lebanon Says Foils Attacks After Warnings From Foreign Embassies
Biafra Leader's Whereabouts Unknown After Nigerian Army Invasion
Nigerian Military Labels Biafra Separatist Group a Terrorist Organization
Cuba Mystery: Even Castro Baffled by Harm to US Diplomats
Ecuador President Accuses Predecessor of Planting Spy Camera
US Military
Six Marines in Critical Condition After Camp Pendleton Training Accident
US Army Kills Contracts for Hundreds of Immigrant Recruits. Some Face Deportation
Romanian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Kandahar Attack
Albania to Add an Infantry Platoon in Afghanistan
North Korea
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Test
US Wants to See North Korea Sanctions Bite, No Options Ruled Out
Suspected US Drone Strike Targets Militants in Pakistan, Regional Official Says
Pakistan Army Pushed Political Role for Militant-Linked Groups
Pakistani Court Sentences Christian Man to Death for Blasphemy
Myanmar Says US Official Barred From Rohingya Conflict Zone
Key Southern Thailand Insurgent Group Says Current Talks Doomed
Taiwan Jails Mainland Chinese Man on National Security Charge
Britain Has Identified a Suspect in London Train Bomb: Sky News
ISIS Claims London Subway Terror Attack Carried Out by Affiliated Unit
British Police 'Chasing Down Suspects' After Train Bombing
UK Terror Threat Increased to Critical After Tube Bomb
Spain Passes Measures to Control Catalan Finances Ahead of Independence Vote
Catalonia Asks Spain for Dialogue as Independence Struggle Intensifies
Police in Catalonia Hunt for Hidden Ballot Boxes in Bid to Foil Referendum
Two Women Injured by Hammer-Wielding Attacker in Eastern France
Knifeman Attacks Soldier in Paris Subway, Terrorism Probe Opened
Americans Still Dying
Helicopter Crash Takes Lovable Texas Prankster
Gaithersburg (MD) Sailor Killed in Ship Collision to Be Buried at Arlington
Missouri Sailor Confirmed Dead After USS John McCain Collision
US Marine From Michigan Dies During Training Exercise at Camp Pendleton
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