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Updated September 22, 2017 - 10:40 PM EDT
Israeli Warplanes Attack Damascus Airport
  Russia Could Target US Forces in Syria if Provoked
  August 2017 Civilian Iraq/Syria Deaths From Coalition Airstrikes
  UN Security Council Warns Iraqi Kurds Against Referendum
US Takes NK Pacific H-Bomb Threat 'Seriously'
  South Korea Unexpectedly Approves Aid to North
  New US Sanctions Target North Korea's Trading Partners, Banks
Catalan Officials: Police Raids Blow to Referendum
  Catalonia Independence Bid – What You Need to Know
Tillerson: Iran 'Technically' Complying With Deal
Abbas Says One-State Solution an Option
US Troops Used TV Cop Shows to Train Afghan Police
item Catalonia: Do the Unionists Really Think They Can Give Us Lessons in Democracy?  by Vicent Partal
item Is Tom Cotton's Inner Realist Struggling to Get Out?  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Trump Is Conflating Pyongyang With Tehran  by Trita Parsi
item Wanted: Russia Experts, No Expertise Required  by Leonid Bershidsky
item Dealing With North Korean Missiles  by Mel Gurtov
item Reclaiming the Truth About Vietnam  by Robert Koehler

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Still Waiting on a Peace Dividend
by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Rand Paul's Maneuver Against Endless Wars
Saudis Investigate, Clear Themselves of War Crimes
US Not Ruling Out Possible Oil Embargo on Venezuela: Haley
Rival Tuaregs Sign Deal to End Years of Mali Fighting
Fighting Breaks Out at Turkish President's Speech in New York
Operations Launched in Hawija and Shirqat; 70 Killed in Iraq
UN Security Council Warns Against Holding Iraqi Kurd Vote
Syria's Kurds to Hold Historic Vote in 'Message' to Assad
Russian Special Forces Helping Syrian Troops in Key City
Turkey to Deploy Troops Inside Syria's Idlib: Erdogan
Syrian Army Strikes Rebels Near Hama: Monitor
US Announces Near $700 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Syria
McMaster Won't Say if Trump Will Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Nuclear Deal Cannot Be Renegotiated: Rouhani
Russia Says US Iran Sanctions Undermine Nuclear Deal
Germany Will Strive to Save Iran Nuclear Deal: Gabriel
Middle East
The Palestinians Who Didn't Flee During the Nakba
Somalia Rebukes Its States for Breaking With Qatar
Suspected Separatist Bomb Wounds Three Police in Cameroon's Anglophone Region
Thousands Join Fresh Protests in Togo Amid 'Crackdown'
Uganda Postpones Bill to Extend Museveni's Rule After Protests
Kenyan President Says Supreme Court Election Ruling Was 'Coup'
Germany's Sigmar Gabriel Slams Donald Trump's 'National Egoism' in UN Speech
German Officials Receive Threatening Letters, Fake Anthrax, Police Say
Spooked by Catalonia, EU Rallies Behind Madrid, but Warily
Ukraine President Says Trump Shares Vision on 'New Level' of Defense Cooperation
North Korea Could Test Hydrogen Bomb in Pacific, Says Foreign Minister
North Korea Says Sanctions Threaten Survival of Its Children
China Urges North Korea Not to Go Further in a 'Dangerous Direction'
EU Officials Reach Draft Deal on More North Korea Sanctions: Sources
Thousands of Filipino Protesters Warn of Duterte 'Dictatorship'
Duterte Tells Police to Kill His Son if Drug Allegations Are True
Nine Killed as Rohingya Aid Truck Crashes in Bangladesh
Bangladesh PM Accuses Myanmar of Laying Mines
Myanmar Army Chief Urges Internally Displaced to Return to Rakhine
India Presses on With Myanmar Defense Supplies in Show of Support
Leaked Memo Fuels Accusations of Ethnic Bias in Afghan Government
Pakistan Army Pushed Political Role for Militant-Linked Groups
Militant Attack on Minister's Convoy Kills Two Bystanders in India's Kashmir
Malaysia Arrests Seven Suspected of Involvement With Abu Sayyaf Militant Group
Thai Government Takes Action Against Monk Over Anti-Muslim Views
The War at Home
Israel Security Forces Are Training American Cops Despite History of Rights Abuses
Distrustful US Allies Force Spy Agency to Back Down in Encryption Row
Is That Computer Security Company Loyal to You, or Collaborating With the Government?
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