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Updated September 28, 2017 - 10:29 PM EDT
Iraqi PM Demands Kurds 'Cancel' Vote Result
  Iraqi Parliament Urges Abadi to Retake Kirkuk From Kurds
  Iraqi Kurdistan Rejects Baghdad's Demand to Surrender Airports
  Turkey Says Air Force Kills 13 Kurds in North Iraq Air Strike
  Opposition Says 152 Civilians Killed in Russian, Syrian Raids on Idlib
Catalan Leader: Crackdown Will Boost Referendum
  Spain Shuts Down Catalan Referendum Websites
  Propaganda and the Catalonian Referendum
Mattis Targeted by Rockets in Afghanistan
  Retaliatory US Airstrike Leaves Civilians Wounded
US to Deploy 'Strategic' Military Assets Near Korea
US Says Cuba Not Behind Sonic Attacks on Diplomats
item North Korea's Rational Nuclear Strategy  by Ted Snider
item The Real Problem: Militarization of the NFL  by Stephen Beale
item US May Push Iran Into Becoming Next Nuclear Crisis  by Ted Carpenter
item Propaganda and the Catalonian Referendum  by Justin Raimondo
item The Art of No Deal  by Gary Sick
item Trump Pushes US Closer to War  by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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UK's Theresa May Threatens US With Trade War Over Bombardier Row
Gunmen Kill 14 at Mexico Drug Rehabilitation Center
US Anti-Terror Chief Warns ISIS Global Threat 'Intact'
Document Shows Faulty Disclosure of Saudi Hand in Campaign Against JASTA
Iraq & Kurdistan
Surprise Attack on Ramadi; 94 Killed in Iraq
'Yes' to Kurdistan: 92% of Iraq's Kurds Voted for Independence, Official Results Show
Iraq Sends Delegation to Iran 'To Coordinate Military Efforts'
Turkish Nationalist Leader Says Thousands Ready to Fight for Iraq Turkmen
Turkey to Suspend Flights to Northern Iraq From Friday
Iraq Requests Foreign Airlines to Suspend Flights to Kurdish Region
ISIS Attack West of Baghdad Kills Seven: Security Sources
UN 'Appalled' at Mass Hangings in Iraq, Concerned More May Follow
Iraq Kurdish Vote May Benefit Syrian Kurds, Say Their Leaders
Syria Troops Close to Surrounding ISIS in Eastern City
Interpol Approves Membership for State of Palestine Over Israeli Objections
Israel Cuts Jail Term of Soldier Who Killed Prone Palestinian Assailant
Israel Holds Controversial Ceremony Marking 50 Years of Settlement
Lapid to Erdogan: Threats Won't Change Israel's Foreign Policy
UN Sent Warning Letter to 150 Companies for Doing Business in Israeli Settlements
Middle East
How Saudi Women's License to Drive Has Dealt a Major Blow to Radicals
Iranians Pour Onto the Streets to Mourn Soldier Beheaded in Syria
East Libya Government Bans Americans From Entering Libya
Libya Threatens to Seize NGO Migrant Rescue Boats
Rebels Close in on East Congo City Amid Gunfire
Avocet's Convoy in Burkina Faso Strikes Landmine, Killing Two
Lawmakers Fight in Uganda Parliament for Second Day Over Term Limit Laws
Catalan Police Warn of Public Disorder if Polling Stations Closed
Spain's Actions to Be Challenged in European Court of Human Rights
14 People Summoned to Court for Duplicating Referendum Website
Catalan Leader Says Europe Can't Ignore Independence Vote
Russia to Respond in Kind to US in Military Observation Flights Row: Agencies
Russia Attacks US Military Guide Preparing Troops for Future War With Moscow
Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons, and Faults US for Not Doing So
US House Panel to Hold Hearing With Tech Companies on Russia
Russia and US Agree to Co-Operate on Building First Space Station to Orbit the Moon
Thirty-Thousand Evacuated After Ukraine Arms Depot Blast
UK Counter-Terrorism Police Arrest Woman Under Official Secrets Act
EU Border Controls Could Be Extended in Crisis, Commission Says
Indian Troops in Firefight With Rebels Near Border With Myanmar
Government Will Take Over Burned Myanmar Land: Minister
NATO Chief Says Europe Has Interest in Helping Afghanistan
China Says Taiwan Not a Country, Taiwan Says China Needs Reality Check
Half of Filipinos Don't Believe Police Accounts of Drugs War Deaths: Poll
'Red Scare' Puts Pressure on Indonesian President
Fugitive Former Thai PM Yingluck Gets Five Years' Jail in Absentia
The War at Home
Judge Rejects Bergdahl Request for White House Meeting Info
Woman Pinned by Army Reserve Humvee at NY Festival Has Arm Amputated
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