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Updated October 7, 2017 - 11:04 PM EDT
Saudis Reject UN Blacklist Over Killing Children
Iran Says Missile Program Not Up for Negotiation
  European Envoys Go to Capitol Hill to Try to Save Iran Deal
Catalonia to Defy Spain, Declare Independence
  The Hackers Who Enabled Electoral Register for Catalonia Vote
Police Rule Out Terrorism in London Collision
US Halts Joint Army Drills Over Qatar-Gulf Crisis
US Troop Deaths in Niger Reflect Africa Mission Creep
Kaspersky Lab Denies WSJ Allegations of Hacking NSA
US Unit Illegally Spying on Americans' Financial Records
Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Anti-Nuclear Arms Campaign
US to Stop Paying Iraqi Kurdish Fighters' Salaries
item Suspending Catalan Parliament, Spain Destroys the EU's 'Rule of Law' Figleaf  by Craig Murray
item What I've Learned From North Korea's Leaders  by Jimmy Carter
item When the Govt Declared War on the First Amendment  by Damon Root
item Exposing a Shoddy Sarin Attack Narrative  by Gareth Porter
item Separation Is Beautiful
 by Uri Avnery
item US Arms and Training Fuel UAE's War in Yemen  by William D. Hartung

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Bergdahl to Plead Guilty to Desertion, Misbehavior
Jon Huntsman Says Russian Relations at ' All-Time Low'
CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou in Wreak in DC
Hypersonic Missile Proliferation Could Trigger a War, Experts Warn
What Is ICAN, Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2017?
The War at Home
White House: Trump Is the One 'Keeping the World From Chaos'
White House Won't Clarify What Trump Meant by 'The Calm Before the Storm'
American Held as ISIS Suspect, Creating a Quandary for the Trump Administration
Men Charged for 'ISIS-Inspired Plot' Targeting New York
Contractor Gets 3-Year Sentence for Iraq Fraud That Cost US Millions
Judge Denies Bail for Reality Winner, Accepting Prosecutor's Dubious Allegations
These Airmen Cleaned Up an H-Bomb Disaster. Decades Later, They're Still Fighting for Benefits.
Two Soldiers Killed, Six Injured in Accident on Fort Jackson
4th US Service Member Killed in Niger Ambush
DoD Identifies Green Berets Killed in Niger Ambush
Armed Force Claims Victory in Libyan Migrant Smuggling Hub
Bodies of Egyptians Killed by ISIS in Libya Recovered: Report
Trump, Macron Discuss Joint Counterterrorism Operations in Africa's Sahel
Cameroon Army Helicopters Shot Separatist Protesters: Witnesses
East Congo Militia Attacks UN Base, Two Rebels Killed
Egypt Launches Its Widest Anti-Gay Crackdown Yet
US Ends 20 Years of Sanctions on Sudan
Police Tear-Gas Kenyan Vote Protesters as Crowds Gather in Cities
Americans Still Dying
Friend Told Tyler (TX) Soldier Before He Deployed to Iraq: 'Promise Me You'll Come Back'

Metairie (LA) Native Killed When Navy Training Jet Crashes in Tennessee

Weekend Reviews: Vietnam
The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll
The Truth About Vietnam
Ken Burns's 'Vietnam War' Is No Profile in Courage
What's Missing From the Vietnam War Documentary?
Ken Burns Dismisses Colonial Origins of Vietnam War
Talabani Funeral Turns Controversial; 16 Killed in Iraq
Turkey to Close Iraq Border, Air Space, Will Open New Gate With Baghdad
Syrian Army Ousts ISIS From Last Central Syria Pocket
Syrian Army Nears ISIS Stronghold Al-Mayadin
Saudi Arabia
US Agrees to Sell THAAD Missile Defense to Saudi Arabia
Kremlin Says Russian-Saudi Military Cooperation Not Aimed at Anyone
Middle East
Israel to Ease West Bank Closure Over Holiday Due to Market Demand for Workers
Europe Rights Watchdog Says Turkey's Emergency Laws Go Too Far
Final Results in Catalan Independence Vote Put 'Yes' on 90.18 Percent: Regional Govt
Madrid Representative in Catalonia Apologizes for Police Violence During Vote
Denmark Set to Become Next European Country to Ban Burqas
French 'Jihadi Gran' Gets 10 Years After Joining Son in Syria
North Korea
North Korea Preparing Long-Range Missile Test: RIA Cites Russian Lawmaker
North Korea Says US Tried to Kill North Korea's Kim Jong UN in May
North Korean Workers Operating in Closed, South-Invested Factory Zone
US Customs to Block Imports Made by North Korea Workers
Kashmir Mass Rape Survivors Fight for Justice
Indian Air Force Helicopter Crash Kills Seven
7 Dead, 1 Injured in Military Helicopter Crash in Mexico
Body of Abducted Journalist Found in Mexico
Some US Visitors to Cuba Complain of Symptoms Similar to Embassy 'Attacks': US
After 78 Killings, a Honduran Drug Lord Partners With the US
Venezuela Opposition Says Ballot Sheet Unfair for Oct. 15 Vote
At Least Six Die During Colombia Protest Over Coca Crop Removal
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