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Updated October 9, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
Sen. Corker: Reckless Trump Threatens WWIII
  Trump: 'Only One Thing Will Work' Against North Korea
Airstrikes Kill at Least 79 Civilians in E. Syria
  Airstrikes Hit Market in Syria's Idlib, Killing 11 Civilians
Officials Celebrate Arrival of New US Copters for Afghans
Russia Threatens Restrictions on US Media Outlets
Hundreds of Thousands Rally Against Catalan Secession
item Autopilot Wars: Sixteen Years, but Who's Counting?  by Andrew Bacevich
item This Is Why Referendums Are Always Doomed to Fail  by Patrick Cockburn
item US Herald News (unlawful) $1.5 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Complex  by John LaForge
item Trump: Rhetoric vs. Reality  by Justin Raimondo
item Shameless Saudi Propaganda and the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
item Masquerading Hackers Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced  by Kim Zetter

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Marvel Drops Northrop Grumman Tie-In After ComicCon Fan Rebellion
Who Are the World's Biggest Arms Companies?
Pentagon Identifies Fourth Soldier Killed in Niger Attack
Likely Successor to Cuba's Castro Rejects US Demands for Change
Margolis: Arriba Catalonia
Focus Now on Fight in Anbar; 32 Killed in Iraq
Speaker's Visit to Kurds Divides Iraqi Parliament
Row Breaks Out in Iraq Over Kurd Flag on Talabani Coffin
Cinders and Desolation in Hawija After ISIS

Iraq-Syria Border Set for Last Major Assault on ISIS: US General

Anti-ISIS Force Says Near 'Final' Week of Raqa Fight
Erdogan Says Turkey Working With Syria Rebels to Implement Idlib Accord
Turkey Troops, Syria Jihadists Clash Ahead of Expected Incursion
Syrian Army Encircles ISIS in Al-Mayadin: Syrian Military Source
It's Not Independence, but Syria's Kurds Entrench Self-Rule
Hezbollah Leader Says US Actions Aiding ISIS in Syria
Jordan Says Aid for Stranded Syrians Must Come Via Syria
Turkey, US Suspend Visa Services in Tit-for-Tat Fallout
Turkey Amnesty Activists Risk Up to 15 Years in Jail: Indictment
Americans Jailed After Failed Coup in Turkey Are Hostages to Politics
Trump to Unveil New Responses to Iranian 'Bad Behavior': White House
Rouhani: World Will Condemn US if It Quits Nuclear Deal
Iran Warns US Against Imposing Further Sanctions
Keeping the Competition Out: Iran Startups Thrive Despite Sanctions
Iran Confirms 5-Year Term for Canadian-Iranian Negotiator
Iran's Reformist Ex-President Khatami Banned From Public Ceremonies
Five Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen by Drone Strike
Rights Group Accuses UAE of Yemen War Crimes, Slavery, Terrorism Funding
Yemenis See Turning Point After Ousting Qaeda Militants in South
Gunmen Raid Police Station in Sanaa, Free 14 Prisoners
Cholera Death Toll Rises to 2,151 in War-Torn Yemen: WHO
Israeli Army Destroys Hamas Outpost in Gaza in Retaliation for Rocket Fire, Military Reports
Israel Arrests Two Palestinians After Israeli Man Found Dead
Hamas Claims to Arrest Senior ISIS Leaders in Gaza
Trump Says Giving Peace a Chance Before US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Interview
US Ambassador's Adviser Ran 'Dark Money' Nonprofit That Donated $1 Million to Right-Wing Israeli Group
Middle East
Palace Guards Killed in Saudi Shooting in Jeddah
Lebanon Says It Arrested Three Spies Working for Israel
The War at Home
US Army Chief Announces Major Reorganization for How Army Develops, Buys Weapons
Boeing Gets 300% Tariff on Competitor After Cozying Up to Trump
Get Lasers Into the Field Faster, Lawmakers Tell the Pentagon
JFK Assassination: Rep. Walter Jones Tells Trump to Release All Documents
Armed Faction Takes Over Protection of Libyan Oil and Gas Complex
Libya Recovers Remains of 21 Beheaded Coptic Christians
Ugandan Rebel Group Massacres 22 in Congo
16 Killed as Islamic Gunmen Attack Mozambique Police
Pentagon Identifies Fourth Soldier Killed in Niger Attack
Somalia: UN Holds AU Mission to Account Over Child Casualties
In Nigeria and Cameroon, Secessionist Movements Gain Momentum
Congo Militants Ambush and Kill Travelers in Northeast: Lawmakers
Sudan to Extend Ceasefire Through End-December
Protests Test Tribal Authority on South Africa's Platinum Belt
Hundreds Protest to Free Morocco's Northern Activists
Ghana: Gas Depot Blasts Kill at Least Six in Accra
Egypt Court Asks Mufti to Weigh in on Death Sentences for 13
Rohingya Insurgents Open to Peace but Myanmar Ceasefire Ending
Boat Carrying Asylum Seekers From Myanmar Capsizes Off Bangladesh
West Edges Towards Punishing Myanmar Army Leaders Over Rohingya Crisis: Sources
Trump Sends Lieutenants to Pakistan With Tough Message
North Korea's Kim Says Nuclear Arms Are 'Powerful Deterrent'?
China Denies Links to Alleged Cyberattacks in United States Targeting Exiled Tycoon Guo
Far-Right Protesters Give Fascist Salutes in Madrid
Russian Police Detain 66 Anti-Putin Protesters: Monitors
One Dead, Three Injured in Helicopter Crash in Latvia
Three Charged in Mysterious, Failed Terror-Linked Attack on Paris Building
German Spy Case Closes After Mystery Mossad Agent Fails to Show for Trial
Venezuela Leader Thanks Hostile Trump for Making Him 'Famous'
Venezuela Frees Three Journalists Held While Investigating Prison
Mexican Federal Agent Shot Dead With Mother; Mayor Killed
11th Journalist Killed, Setting Path for Record-Breaking Year
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