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Updated October 10, 2017 - 11:07 PM EDT
Mattis: US Army Must Be Ready to Confront NK
  Britain Draws Up Battle Plan for North Korea War
Afghanistan Airstrikes Hit Highest Point in Years
  Red Cross to 'Drastically' Cut Afghan Operations After Attacks
  Unsealed Docs Give New Details of CIA's Afghan Torture Room
ISIS Seizes North Syria Villages From Nusra Front
  Turkish Troops Enter Syria's Idlib to Support De-Escalation Deal
AIPAC Struggles to Structure Debate on Iran Deal
Catalan President Suspends Independence Push
Saudi Airstrikes, Houthi Artillery Kill 13 Yemeni Civilians
NATO Launches New Black Sea Force to Target Russia
item ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize Is Humanity's Rx for Survival  by Robert Dodge
item How Bad Can the New Spying Legislation Be?  by Kieren McCarthy
item No Good Reasons to Continue America's Longest War  by Sonali Kolhatkar
item Burn Pits' Legacy: 'Delay, Deny, Hope They Die'  by Kelley Vlahos
item President Zigzag
 by Robert Parry
item Trump Threatens Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea  by Marjorie Cohn

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Occupied Territories Are the Biggest Prison on Earth
Nobel Winner Says Goal to Make Nukes Unacceptable
Al Jazeera Reporter Went Undercover With the Pro-Israel Lobby in Washington
Bannon Pushes Blackwater Founder Erik Prince to Enter Wyoming Republican Primary
Dozens in Tal Afar Mass Grave; 143 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi VP Warns of 'Civil War' Over Kurdish-Held Kirkuk
Kurdish Farmers Say Iran Reduced Water Supply Over Secession Vote
Iraq Demands Kurdish-Based Cell Operators Move to Baghdad
Baghdad Threatens Kurds With More Sanctions Following Vote
Digging Up the Dead: Probing the Ruins of Mosul
What Prompted the US-Turkey Visa Dispute?
Turkey Urges US to Review Visa Suspension as Lira, Stocks Tumble
US-Turkey Tensions Boil Over After Arrest of Consulate Employee
Turkey 'Seeking Arrest of Second US Consulate Worker'
Turkey Could Look Elsewhere if Russia Won't Share Missile Technology: Minister
Nobel Winner, ICAN, Urges Trump Not to Quit Iran Deal
Germany Watching Trump's Iran Decision With 'Great Concern'
Fatah, Hamas to Discuss Security in Gaza Under Unity Deal
Palestinian Women Sue Israeli Airlines Over 'Unwarranted' Searches
North Korea
Russia, China Call for Restraint After Trump Comment on North Korea
Four Ships Banned From All Ports for Violating North Korea Sanctions
North Korea Snubs South, Restarts Kaesong Industrial Park
Agent Orange: How US Chemical Warfare in Vietnam Unleashed a Slow-Moving Disaster
Islamic Militants Kill Five Shiites, Three Soldiers in Pakistan
14 Dead as Rohingya Refugee Boat Sinks Off Bangladesh
Catalan Leader Under Pressure to Drop Independence
The Odd Bedfellows Fighting for Catalan Independence
A Split Within a Split: Catalan Valley Sticking With Spain
Spain's Socialist Leader Says Would Back Government on Catalonia
Catalonia: France Snubs Independence Bid
Catalonia's High Court Asks Spanish Police to Provide Security in Case of Independence
Russia Threatens to Brand US-Sponsored Radio Liberty 'Foreign Agent'
British Spy Boss Says Cyber Security as Important as Fighting Terrorism
Finland Debates Joining NATO Despite Russian Warnings
Bosnia: Srebrenica Commander Acquitted of War Crimes
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Cholera Claims Unborn Children as Epidemic Spreads Yemen Misery
Kremlin Says S-400 Missile Talks With Saudi Arabia on Track
At Least 37 People Killed in Post-Election Violence
Kenya Police Use Teargas, Shoot in Air During Opposition March
Militants Attack East Congo Bases, Killing Two UN Peacekeepers
Sixteen Killed in Attacks on Remote Mozambique Port: Media
Militants Attack Checkpoint in Somalia's Puntland, Seven Dead
Somalia: Forces Shoot and Kill Iranian Sailor in Indian Ocean
Nigerian Families Launch Fund to Defend Boko Haram Suspects
Tunisian Migrant, Navy Boats Collide; Eight Bodies Found
Ethnic Land Dispute Forces Thousands to Flee in Ivory Coast Cocoa Belt
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