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Updated October 18, 2017 - 11:11 PM EDT
Kurds Abandon Territory in Face of Iraqi Offensive
  Pentagon May Stop Training Iraqis Amid Kurdish Conflict
  US Wants to Keep Focus on ISIS but Its Iraqi Allies Are Moving On
Major Taliban Attacks Kill 74 Across Afghanistan
After Victory in Raqqa Over ISIS, Kurds Face Tricky Peace
Somalia Bombing Maybe Revenge for Botched US Op
US Drone Strikes Kill 31 People in Pakistan Tribal Areas
Catalonia Won't Renounce Independence, Despite Deadline
item The Decertification of Iran Speech: Refuting Trump  by Ted Snider
item Bowe Bergdahl Was 'Guilty' All Along  by Kelley Vlahos
item The Real Reason Behind Trump's Angry Diplomacy in North Korea  by Ramzy Baroud
item Nixon's Children  by Tom Engelhardt
item Are Neocons Finally With Trump?  by Curt Mills
item Hillary Clinton Just Told Five Blatant Lies About WikiLeaks  by Caitlin Johnstone

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McCain Blocks Defense Nominees to Get Afghanistan War Info
Bergdahl: Trump Reaffirmed Criticism, Tainting Case
CIA Watchdog Nominee Never Read Torture Report
Iraq War Victims Allege Drug Firms' Bribery Led to US Troop Deaths
Chaotic Response to Somali Bombing Cost Lives, Medics Say
Fighting in Libyan Capital Closes Airport
Kenya Opposition Suspends Reform Protests After Killings
Ghana and Ivory Coast Act to Implement Ruling on Maritime Border Dispute
UN Says South Sudan 'Lukewarm' About Regional Peace Effort
Al Jazeera Journalist Mahmoud Hussein: 300 Days in Prison in Egypt
Central African Republic Children Starve as Aid Workers Flee Fighting
EU Aims to Boost Anti-Terror Info Sharing With Tunisia
North Korea
US Official Says Not Ruling Out Eventual Direct Talks With North Korea
North Korea Says It Plans to Launch Many More Satellites
Navy SEALs Were Ready if Pakistan Failed to Free Family Held as Hostages
Duterte Declares Marawi Liberated; Military Says 30 Militants Remain in Conflict Zone
Amnesty: Myanmar Army Killed at Least Hundreds of Rohingya
Venezuela's Maduro Defends Disputed Vote, Opposition Divided
Venezuela Poll Results a 'Strong Message' to US, Allies: Maduro
Haiti Police Use Tear Gas to Stop Tax Protest
Kurds Begin Return Home to Kirkuk; Eight Killed in Iraq
Up to 11 Killed in Iraqi-Kurdish Clash: US Military
Kurdish Forces Pull Out of Sinjar, Hand Control Over to Shi'ite Militias
Netanyahu Says Israel Won't Tolerate Iran Presence in Syria
Iran Aircraft Deals Hang by Thread as Trump Targets Tehran
US Policy on Iran Won't Harm Its Oil Industry: Minister
Israel Says Will Not Negotiate With Palestinian Government Supported by Hamas
Israel Advances 1,292 Settlement Homes, Hundreds More Planned
New Israeli Labor Party Leader: 'I Don't Deal With Palestinians' Rights'
Over 40 Arrested in Violent Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Draft Protests
Middle East
Eighteen Injured in Bomb Attack on Police Vehicle in Turkey's Mersin Province
UAE Says Two Pilots Killed in Military Plane Crash Over Yemen
Spanish F-18 Jet Crashes Outside Madrid
US Mulls Potential F-16 Sale to Greece: Trump
United Nations
Air Attack May Have Caused UN Chief's Plane Crash in 1961
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