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Updated October 21, 2017 - 10:51 PM EDT
Catalans Rally at Parliament, Push Independence
  Spain to Suspend Catalonia's Leaders, Call Elections
  Spain Takes Control of Catalan Public Media
Iraqi Forces Seize Kirkuk Province From Kurds
  Turkey: Kurdish Banner in Raqqa Proves US Sided With Terrorists
  Military Campaigns Against ISIS Take a Devastating Toll
Niger Ambush the Result of 'Massive Intel Failure'
  Gunmen Kill 13 Niger Troops in Attack Near Mali Border
  Niger Deaths Highlight Growing US Involvement in Africa
Bombers Hit Afghan Shi'ite Mosques, Killing 72
  Many Afghan Troops Run Away While in US to Train
30 Police Killed in Shootout in Egypt's Western Desert
To Get Aid, Dickinson, Tx Residents Must Renounce BDS
item The Real Danger of Refusing to Certify the Iran Deal  by John Glaser
item End the Wrecking and Starving of Yemen  by Daniel Larison
item Future of JCPOA in Hands of GOP Indebted to Billionaire Iran Hawks  by Eli Clifton
item Dying for the Empire Is Not Heroic  by Sheldon Richman
item Kurds Face Transformation of Iraq's Political Map  by Patrick Cockburn
item The Indonesia Massacre's Historic Message  by Jonathan Marshall

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Trump Likely to Block Release of Some JFK Files
NATO Grapples With Serious Organizational Shortcomings
Trump Lets Air Force Recall 1,000 Retired Pilots
Chinese Power Over North Korea? It's More Myth Than Reality
Drone Strike Kills Three Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
Article 155: the 'Nuclear Option' That Could Let Spain Seize Catalonia
Spain's Opposition Backs Effort to Suspend Catalan Autonomy
Russia Says Continues Dialogue With US on North Korea, Iran
Russia's Lavrov Says US Anti-Missile Shield Worries Russia, China
Soldier's Body Found Almost a Mile From Scene of Niger Ambush: Report
At Least 46 Attacks in Area of Niger Where US Troops Killed: UN
Death Toll From Somalia Bombings Rises to 358
Somalis Mourn Bomb Victims in Mogadishu
Deadly Somalia Blast Reveals Flaws in Intelligence Efforts
At Least Two Dead in Bombing on Mogadishu Outskirts
Ugandan Opposition Leader Held on Murder Charge After Protests
Irish Student Ibrahim Halawa Freed After Four Years in Egypt Jail
South Sudan Commander on Trial for Rape, Murder of Aid Workers Found Dead
Seven Killed, 24 Injured as Blast Targets Police Vehicle in Quetta
Attack on Workers at Pakistan Port for Chinese Project; 26 Hurt
Pakistan Militant Group Finds Likely Replacement After US Drone Kills Leader
Russia-China Can Settle North Korea: Lavrov
Russian Warships Dock in Philippines as Manila Cultivates New Ties
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Raqqa to Be Part of 'Federal Syria', US-Backed Militia Says
Kremlin: Syria Peoples' Congress Being 'Actively Discussed'
Syrian Rebels Relinquish Control of Major Gas Field
France to Give 15 Million Euros in Aid for Syrian Areas Freed From ISIS
France's Macron Says Raqqa Fall Not End of Battle Against ISIS
Civilian Casualties in Battle at Kurdish Border; 67 Killed in Iraq
How a Shocking Reversal of Fortunes Unfolded in Kirkuk
In Kirkuk, Kurds' Joy Turns to Fear After Iraqi Army Takeover
US Urges Iraq Forces to Limit Movements in Disputed Areas
Altun Kupri Town Seized From Kurdish Peshmerga
Germany Says Hopes to Resume Training of Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq
Iraq Top Shi'ite Cleric Sistani Asks Government to Protect Kurds
Baghdad Must Show Restraint, Respect Kurdish Rights, France Says
Poll: Two Thirds of Americans Favor Keeping Iran Nuke Deal
US Will Not Interfere in EU Trade With Iran: Tillerson
US-Turkey Visa Standoff Disrupts Business and Tourism
Netanyahu Lobbies World Powers to Stem Iraqi Kurd Setbacks
Former Mossad Chief: US Leaks of Israeli Intel Not Fatal to Relationship
Expansion of Gaza Fishing Zone 'Pointless PR Stunt'
UN Official: Reintegrating Colombia Rebels Is Not Going Well
Peru Congress Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Gunmen Kill Mayor in Western Mexico, Wound Another
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