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Updated October 28, 2017 - 10:21 PM EDT
Justice Dept: Wars Are Off Limits to Court Review
Catalonia Declares Independence, Takeover Looms
  Spain Announces Catalan Govt 'Dismissed'
  US Endorses Spain's Takeover of Catalonia, NATO and EU Mum
ISIS Shores Up Defenses at Border Stronghold
  Iraq PM Orders 24-Hour Truce With Kurds, Allowing Deployments
US Ops in Africa Lacked Transparency Before Niger Ambush
Even Without Nukes, Korea War Would Kill 300,000 in Days
NATO Threatens Turkey for Buying Russian S-400
item Trump Moves Encourage Iranian Hardliners  by Reese Erlich
item Bringing Back the Draft Won't Stop Unnecessary Wars  by Brian O'Brien
item Reworking the Iran Deal Sends the Wrong Message to North Korea  by Bonnie Kristian
item Rejoice! Netanyahu Is Finished  by Uri Avnery
item NYT's Assault on Press Freedom  by Daniel Lazare
item The Afghanistan Illusion  by Daniel L. Davis

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Time to Step Back From the War on Terror
by Erik Goepner & Trevor Thrall
Atlanta Activist Banned by Twitter as Russian Agent
Mattis: No Change in US Policy to Protect S. Korea
Norwegian Leaders Want to Know Why US Marines Are Stationed in the Country
Kaspersky Head Says Hack Claims Hurting US Sales
Security Forces Found in Mass Grave; 111 Killed in Iraq
Fear of Retribution by Shiite Militia Forced Thousands From Homes
Canada Suspends Aid to Iraqis, Kurds as Hostilities Escalate Between Them
Death Certificate Offers Clues on Russian Casualties in Syria
Syria Rejects UN Report Blaming It for Sarin Attack
Hamas Leader Blames Israel for Assassination Attempt on Security Commander
FIFA Won't Intervene in Palestinian-Israeli Crisis Over Settlement Soccer Teams
Middle East
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Shoot Down Saudi-Led Coalition Typhoon Jet
Bomb Attack Kills One Bahraini Policeman, Wounds Eight

Turkish Ex-Coastguard Commander, 24 Others Jailed for Life in Coup Trial

Blast Hits Train in Southwestern Pakistan; at Least Six Hurt
'Death to Blasphemers' Increasing as Political Rallying Cry in Pakistan
As Mattis Peers Into North Korea, He Gets Warning on Artillery
Trump's Upcoming Asia Trip: Japan Proposes Plan to Counter China
Pak Army Shoots Down Indian Spy Drone at LoC
Myanmar Detains Reporters on Assignment for Turkish State TV
Second Protester Shot Dead in Kenya After Fractious Vote
Once Again, Kenya Delays Election in Some Areas Over Risk of Violence
The War at Home
JFK Files: Trump Blocks Release of Hundreds of Documents Under CIA Pressure
Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier
58 Percent of Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Knew a Vet Who Has Committed Suicide
AFRICOM Two-Star General Named to Lead Niger Ambush Investigation
Catalan Towns Take Down Spanish Flags
Spanish Govt to Seek Rebellion Charges Against Catalans Responsible for Vote
Spain's Constitutional Court Starts Review of Catalan Independence Vote
Catalonia, a Spanish Economic Heavyweight
Hundreds Against Independence Rally in Barcelona
Global Catalonia Reaction
US Backs Spanish Efforts to Block Break-Away by Catalonia
NATO Says Catalonia Issue Domestic Matter to Be Resolved by Spain
Catalan Independence Declaration Changes Nothing for EU, Says Tusk
UK Will Not Recognize Catalonian Declaration of Independence
Germany Refuses to Recognize Catalonia Independence Move
Somalia Preparing for Large-Scale Offensive Against Al-Shabaab
Dozens of Unidentified Bodies Found Near Libyan City of Benghazi
Egypt Kills 13 Militants in Raid on Western Desert Farm
US Says Congo Must Hold Long-Delayed Election by End of 2018
Hundreds Gather to Demand Guinea Bissau Govt Resign
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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