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Updated October 30, 2017 - 11:02 PM EDT
Kurdistan President Resigns After Vote Backfires
  As Cities Fall, ISIS Fighters Take to Deserts for Next Battles
  Syria Army, ISIS Clashes in Deir Ezzor Kill 73: Monitor
  Syrian Government Shelling Kills 11, Hits School
Mattis: US Will Never Accept Nuclear North Korea
  North Korea Conducts Evacuation Drills Amid War Threats
Catalan President, Cabinet Flee to Belgium
  Spanish FM: No One Believes Catalonia Is Independent
Niger Deaths Start New Debate on US War Authorizations
IAEA Chief Confirms: Iran Is Living Up to Nuclear Deal
item The JFK Files and the Real Conspiracy Against the Truth  by David Stockman
item How Saddam Predicted America's Failure in Iraq  by Mark Perry
item Will Netanyahu Risk Exposing One of Israel's Secrets?  by Jonathan Cook
item A Red Scare in the Gray Zone  by Nick Turse
item New York Times Acknowledges US Global Empire  by Sheldon Richman
item Guardians of the Magnitsky Myth  by Robert Parry

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Two Navy SEALs Under Suspicion in Strangling of Green Beret in Mali
Easier Now for Cuban Americans to Visit
India Starts Trade Route to Afghanistan Via Iran
Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Pass Anti-Boycott Israel Law
Roger Stone Banned From Twitter for Life
Kurds Storm Parliament After President Resigns; 12 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Sees 'Progress' in Talks on Kurdish Peshmerga Pullback
MSF: Iraq-Syria Border Closure Would Affect Millions
Syrian Army, Allies Step Up Attacks on Last Militant Bastion in Deir Al-Zor City
Parents: 'Jihadi Jack' Has Not Been Heard From for Months and Was Tortured in Prison
Ankara Mayor Quits Following Erdogan 'Order'
Turkey Detains 143 People Over Suspected ISIS Links
Turkey Arrests Alleged ISIS Members Ahead of Holiday
Houthi Rebels Fire Missile at Saudi Arabia, Striking Civilian Area
Yemeni Imam Killed in Aden
Iran Asks UN Nuclear Chief to Confirm It Still Follows Deal
Iran Says Its President Turned Down a Meeting With Trump
Iran Blocks 'Illegal' Rally at Ancient King's Tomb
Bahrain Foreign Minister Calls for Freezing Qatar Out of GCC
Qatar's Emir Warns Against Military Action in Gulf Dispute
Qatar Emir: Trump Offered US Meeting to End Gulf Crisis
Qatar Does Not Fund Hamas: US Ambassador to United Nations
US Pressure Delays Israel's 'Greater Jerusalem' Bill: Legislator
The Love Story of Fadwa and Marwan Barghouti
Settlers Protest Outside PM's Residence, Demanding Funding for Security
Lawmaker Thinks Israel Deceiving the Palestinians: 'No One Is Going to Give Them a State'
Somalia Sacks Police, Security Bosses After Deadly Bombing
Somalia Leader Says Attack Meant to Shake Unity
Deadly Election-Related Violence Continues in Kenya
Election Re-Run: Polling Incomplete, Next Steps Uncertain
Kenya Counts Votes, and the Cost of a Violence-Hit Election
Kenyan Opposition Leader Odinga Wants New Vote
Kenyan Official Says Opposition Leaders Incited Riots
Man Killed With Arrows in Kenyan Village on Edge Over Elections
At UN, France Battles US Over Backing Sahel Force
Libyan Forces Order Investigation Into Bodies Found Near Benghazi
Egypt Triggers Major Security Shakeup a Week After Ambush
Burundians Cheer Court Withdrawal With 'Bye Bye ICC'
Mexico's Record Violence Is a Crisis 20 Years in the Making
Spain Arrests Four Former Venezuelan Officials for US Probe
Sacked Catalan President Calls for Opposition to Madrid
Catalan Police Call for Neutrality as Spain Exerts Control
Neo-Nazi Salutes Seen at Protest Against Catalonia Independence
Spain's Foreign Minister Tells AP He Doesn't Rule Out Catalonia Crisis Could End With More Autonomy for Troubled Region
Spanish Envoy: Catalan Leader Out of a Job No Matter What
Huge Pro-Spain Rally in Barcelona
Spain's Foreign Minister: Ousted Catalan Leader Can Run in Dec. 21 Regional Election if He Isn't 'in Jail at That Time'
Spanish Government Sacks Catalan Chief of Police Operations
Catalan Government Insists Monday Is 'Normal Working Day' Despite Being Ousted by Madrid
Pro-Independence Catalans: 'I've Never Felt Spanish'
Catalan Companies Face Boycott Over Independence Push
Global Catalonia Reaction
EU Official Says No One Will Recognize Catalonia
Greek Government in Spat With Spain's Ambassador Over Catalonia
France's Occitanie Region Calls for Spain and Catalonia Peace Talks
Iceland Leans Toward Leftist Government in Snap Election
US Hopes for More From Russia After Crimean Prisoners Freed
Macedonia's Opposition Rejects Results of Municipal Vote
Greek Police Arrest Suspect Behind Parcel Bomb Attacks on EU Officials
Another Malta Protest Demands Justice for Slain Journalist
How the UK Prosecuted a Student on Terrorism Charges for Downloading a Book
'Massive Military Response' if North Korea Fires Nukes: US
South Korea Signals Intent to Offer Maintenance Support for US Strategic Assets
South Korea and Japan 'Considering Obtaining Nuclear Weapons' in Face of Threat From Kim Jong-Un
Taliban Kill 22 Afghan Police in Multiple Attacks
US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Afghan Taliban Awash in Heroin Cash, a Troubling Turn for War
US Wants Pakistan to Act Quickly to Show Support in Countering Militants
Deputy Governor of Afghan Province Kidnapped in Pakistan
China's Neo-Maoists Welcome Xi's New Era, but Say He Is Not the New Mao
Taiwan President Arrives in Hawaii Despite Chinese Objections
Bangladesh Eyes Sterilization to Curb Rohingya Population
Thousands March in Support of Myanmar Military
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