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Updated October 31, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
Truck Kills Several in NYC 'Terrorism Attack'
Trump Aides Oppose War Authorization Limits
Iraq Will End All Kurdish Autonomy
  Top Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Commander Rejects US Call To Disband
Pentagon to Keep Afghan War 'Progress' Secret
Catalan President, Cabinet Flee to Belgium
US Captures Suspect in 2012 Benghazi Attack
US Agrees to Large New Arms Sales to South Korea
item Neocons Hijack Trump's Syria Policy  by Ron Paul
item The Deep State's JFK Triumph Over Trump  by Ray McGovern
item Will Congress Ever Limit the Forever-Expanding 9/11 War?  by Charlie Savage
item The Next Middle East War,
 by Peter Van Buren
item How to End the Endless War  by Stephen Kinzer
item The US, Africa, and a New Century of War  by William Rivers Pitt

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Judge Says Trump Comments Do Not Taint Bergdahl Desertion Case
Bitcoin Digital Currency in All-Time High of $6,300
US Pledges Up to $60 Million for Security in Sahel Africa Region
Court Bars Trump Changing Military Policy on Service by Transgender People
Kurdish Journalist Among Nine Killed in Iraq
US Urges Cooperation After Kurdish Leader's Resignation
Kurdish Parties Opposed to Barzani Report Attacks on Offices Overnight
Iran to Lift Border Curbs With Iraq's Kurdish Region in Coming Days
Saudi Arabian Airlines Resumes Flying to Iraq After 27 Years
Convoy Rolls Into Damascus Suburbs With Aid for 40,000: UN
Russian-Backed Syria Congress May Happen Next Month, Focus on Constitution: RIA
Turkey Threatens Legal Action After Lawmaker Calls Erdogan 'Fascist Dictator'
Mass Trial of Turkey Alleged Coup Ringleaders Resumes
Nuclear Scientists Urge Congress to Protect Iran Deal
Iran Skips UN Conference on Nuclear Energy in Abu Dhabi
Bahrain to Boycott Summits Attended by Qatar: King
US, Qatar Agree to Further Curbs on Terrorist Financing
Bahrain Convicts Activist's Family Members, Militant Suspects
UK's Boris Johnson Defends Balfour Declaration: 'Proud of Britain's Part in Creating Israel'
Seven Killed as Israel Destroys Tunnel Dug Under Gaza Border
Jewish Federations Donated Millions to Israeli Settlements Over Four Years
Israel Insists It Won't Fully Implement Western Wall Egalitarian Prayer Deal
Middle East
Millions of Yemenis in 'Desperate' Health Situation: MSF
Saudi Arabia to Extract Uranium for 'Self-Sufficient' Nuclear Program
Kuwaiti Emir Accepts Resignation of Government
Major Venezuelan Opposition Parties to Boycott Local Polls
China to US: Stay Out of South China Sea Talks
China Warns Against Attempts to Contain Beijing Before Trump Visit
Afghan Official: Taliban Kill 15 Police in Separate Attacks
Taliban Says Captive American Professor's Health Is Failing, Fate Up to the US
Pakistan Confirms Death of Chinese Kidnapped by 'Daesh'
Singapore Bans Two Muslim Preachers, Citing Divisive Views
Trump, Japan's Abe Agree to Work Together on North Korea Before Asia Visit
Catalonia Parliament Cancels Meeting as Spain Takes Control
Some Separatist-Minded Catalans Urge Civil Disobedience
Catalan Pro-Independence Party PdeCat Says Will Take Part in December 21 Election
Finnish President Says Joining NATO Would Require Referendum
Wife of Chechen Accused of Putin Assassination Plot Shot Dead Near Kiev
At Least 15 Killed in Air Strikes in Eastern Libya
Bodies of 36 'Jihadists' Found in Libya
Somalia: Militants Who Killed 23 at Mogadishu Hotel Used Intelligence Service ID Cards
Somalia's Capital Restricts Movement of Trucks, Tankers After Attacks
Suspected Boko Haram Raid Kills at Least 10 in Cameroon Village
Cameroon Court Sentences Opposition Leader to 25 Years
Kenyan President Kenyatta Wins 98% of Vote in Repeat Election
At Least Five Killed in East Congo Clashes: Human Rights Watch
Dutch Begin Trial Over 1970s Ethiopian War Crimes
Court Orders Nigeria to Pay $288 Million to 1967 War Victims
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