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Updated November 4, 2017 - 9:14 PM EDT
US Carries Out 1st Strikes Against ISIS in Somalia
  A Month After Ambush, US and Niger Can't Get Stories Straight
US Official Visits Damascus, Meets Security Chief
  Israel May Intervene After Nusra Bomb Hits Syrian Druze Village
  Iranian Adviser Says Syrian Troops to March on Raqqa 'Soon'
Iraq Seizes Key Border Town of Al-Qaim
Bowe Bergdahl Gets Discharge, Avoids Prison
Trump Falsely Claims US Hitting ISIS 'Harder' After NY Attack
item Is the United States Planning to Attack North Korea?  by Michael T. Klare
item Trump's Prep for His Asia Trip Is Not Encouraging  by Charles P. Pierce
item The New York Attack, Trump's Outbursts, and Misconceptions About Terrorism  by Paul R. Pillar
item Who Is Afraid of the Iranian Bomb?  by Uri Avnery
item Reining in the Ubiquitous Use of Military Force  by Arshad M. Khan
item On Christopher Robin, War, and PTSD  by Robin Wright

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US General Freed From Confinement at Guantanamo
New al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Responsibility for Major Egypt Attack
Hague Prosecutor Seeks to Pursue Afghan Case That Could Ensnare Americans
Sailors Could Face Criminal Charges After Deadly Ship Crashes
Qaim Captured; 10 Killed Elsewhere in Iraq
Russia Hits ISIS With Bomb Raids, Missile Strikes in Eastern Syria
Syrian Army Says Will Continue Until Stability Restored Across Syria
Policeman, PKK Militant Killed in Southeast Turkey
After Four Months Jail, Turkey's Amnesty Director Says Trial Is 'Surreal'
Eight Iran Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Terrorists
Netanyahu Warns Iran Over Mediterranean Military Bases
Death Toll From Strike on Gaza Tunnel This Week Rises to 12
Spain Issues Arrest Warrant for Ousted Catalan Leader
Ousted Catalan President Says Stands Ready to Cooperate With Belgian Authorities
Jailed Catalonia Leader Santi Vila to Leave Jail After Paying Bail
Flanders Premier Calls on EU to Take Action on Catalonia
Finland Plans Military Drill With United States and Sweden
Kosovo Calls for Inquiry After Citizens Jailed in Macedonia
Canada Imposes Sanctions on 30 Russians Over Death of Lawyer
Weekend Reviews
Why Bother Reading These Military Classics?
The Insatiable Utopia
On Christopher Robin, War, and PTSD
The War at Home
Donald Trump Calls Judge's Decision Not to Jail Bowe Bergdahl a 'Disgrace'
Iowa Power Couple Scrutinized for Saudi Arabia Lobbying Work
DHS Wants Tech to Scan Your Face as You Drive to Mexico
Pakistan Says It's Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons
Interior Minister Rules Out Any Possibility of Martial Law in Pakistan
Australia Embassy Warns of Manila Terror Risk
Philippines Warns Against Lone Wolf Attacks After Marawi Victory
India Ordered to Probe 3,800 Mass Graves in Kashmir
Myanmar Sees 'Bad Consequences' if US Imposes Sanctions on Military
Four Foreigners Working at Power Plant Kidnapped in Libya, Official Says
Nigeria's 'Delta Avengers' Militants End Oil Hub Ceasefire
Zimbabwe Police Charge US Citizen With Anti-Government Plot
Kenya Opposition Supporters Urged to Boycott Three Companies
Cuba Accuses US of Lying About Alleged Attacks on Diplomats
Venezuela Opposition Coalition Split Ahead of New Vote
Americans Still Dying
Juneau (AK) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
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