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I write this under great duress, and against my better judgment: it has never been my policy to mix my personal life and my writing/professional life. This time, however, I don't see how I can avoid it.

My regular readers will have noticed that I've skipped more than a couple of columns recently, with no explanation. Well, here's the explanation: I have been diagnosed with late-stage adenocarcinoma cancer, and am now undergoing experimental therapy with the new drug Keytruda. Read on...

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Updated November 17, 2017 - 11:22 PM EST
UN: Yemen Blockade Must End or 1000s Will Die
  Save the Children Says 130 Children Die Every Day in Yemen
Turkey: Kurd YPG Aims to Conquer Syria Region
  US Killing 31 Times More Civilians in ISIS War Than Admitted
Report: Saudi King to Step Down, Crown His 32-Year-Old Son
  Israel Military Chief: Ready to Share Iran Intel With Saudis
Lebanese PM Accepts France Invite: Will This End Crisis?
US Commander: NK Diplomacy Requires 'Military Power'
Russia Names Nine US-Funded Media Likely to Face Law
item Nothing Patriotic or Conservative About Our Bloated Defense Budget  by Rep. John J. Duncan Jr.
item Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American  by Trita Parsi
item Why Are We Shouldering Our Rich Allies' Defense?  by Charles V. Peña
item Is America Up for a Second Cold War?  by Patrick Buchanan
item America's Renegade Warfare  by Nicolas JS Davies
item 'The Atlantic' Commits Malpractice  by Caitlin Johnstone

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The Pentagon Has Avoided Audit for 27 Years
Pro-ISIS Group Threatens the Vatican
Govt Is Secretly Hiding Its Crypto Battles in the Secret FISA Court
China Denounces US Call to Register Chinese Journalists as Agents
Journalist, Turkish Soldiers Among 34 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurd Lawmakers Returning to Baghdad After Boycott
Turkish, Iraqi Officials Discuss Resuming Kirkuk Oil Exports
Fire From Rebel Area Kills Six in Syria Capital: State Media
Rival US and Russian UN Resolutions Defeated on Syria Weapons
French Military Says Coalition Opposed ISIS Withdrawal From Raqqa
Kremlin Says to Host Syria Summit With Officials From Iran and Turkey
Turkey Detains 136 for Suspected Ties to Coup Plotters: Agency
Questions Mount Over Fate of US-Detained Turkish Mogul
France Says Saudi Coalition Must Boost Aid Efforts to Yemen
World Bank Approves $150 Million to Restore Services in Yemeni Cities
Saudi Arabia
Egypt's Former Security Chief Advising Saudi Crackdown
Israel to Cut Palestinian Village From Water Source in Order to Take Control of Farming Land
Watchdog Fears Israel Will Seize More Palestinian Land
When Jerusalem Needs to Talk to Riyadh: This Saudi Newspaper Is Israel's Backchannel to the Arab World
Hamas: Mossad Agents Carrying Bosnian Passports Behind Tunisia Drone Expert Assassination
Video: French Lawmakers Walk Out to Protest Anti-Palestinian Diatribe
Ukraine Investigators Fear Corruption Cases Could Get Buried
EU Judge in Kosovo Resigns, Subject of 'Serious Allegations'
UK Hopes to End Long Legal Dispute With Iran Over 1976 Arms Deal
Colombia's Senate Approves Peace Tribunals for Ex-Rebels
The War at Home
The Pentagon Paid $370,000 to Rent an MRI for Guantanamo. It Doesn't Work.
Trump's Homeland Security Pick Is Caught Up in a Conflict of Interest Complaint
White House Explains How It Assesses, Declassifies Info About Cybersecurity Threats
Kaspersky Claims at Least One Other Entity in NSA Contractor's Computer
Ex-Spy Chiefs Arrested in South Korea on Corruption Charges
Singapore Suspends Trade Relations With North Korea
US Says Sudan Commits to Severing North Korea Ties
A Policeman's Bear Hug Stops a Suicide Bomber From Killing More

Thailand Plans Joint Arms Factory With China

UN States Call for End to Myanmar Military Operations
Rights Group: Militants, Troops Violated Law in Marawi Siege
Cambodia Court to Rule on Opposition Party's Dissolution
Pakistan Ready for Talks With India on All Issues: Foreign Office
Zimbabwe Military Discovering It May Not Be So Easy to Remove Mugabe
Zimbabwe Priest Mediating Potential Mugabe Exit: Sources
Zimbabwe's Opposition Leader Demands Civilian Rule
Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Coup Chief Meet With Smiles and Handshakes
US Wants 'New Era' in Zimbabwe: Official
Youth Leader of Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Apologizes to Military on State TV
Likely Players in Potential Post-Coup Zimbabwe Unity Govt
Egypt Says Three Militants Killed, 74 Arrested in Sinai Raids
Egypt Says Captured Fighter Involved in Deadly Desert Attack Is Libyan
Somalia: Govt Releases List of Deadly Car Bomb Suspects
Africa Politics Creep Into French PM's Visit to Morocco
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