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I write this under great duress, and against my better judgment: it has never been my policy to mix my personal life and my writing/professional life. This time, however, I don't see how I can avoid it.

My regular readers will have noticed that I've skipped more than a couple of columns recently, with no explanation. Well, here's the explanation: I have been diagnosed with late-stage adenocarcinoma cancer, and am now undergoing experimental therapy with the new drug Keytruda. Read on...

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Updated November 19, 2017 - 11:25 PM EST
Pentagon: ISIS 'Defeated' But US Will Stay in Syria
  Six Children Among 19 Killed in Shelling Near Damascus
  ISIS Car Bombing Kills at Least 20 in Eastern Syria
  Erdogan: Syria's Afrin District Must Be Cleansed of Kurdish Forces
Iraq Captures 'Last' ISIS Town of Rawa
  Iraq Says It Has Infiltrated ISIS's Network of 'Sleeper Cells'
Robert Mugabe Reversal: Won't Quit Presidency
IG: US Has Installed Child Rapists in Afghanistan
North Korea: No Negotiations if US Military Drills Continue
PM's Return to Lebanon Still Uncertain, New Visits Planned
item Losing the War in the Colony of Afghanistan  by Brian Cloughley
item Zionist Hasbara Is Winning in Italy  by Romana Rubeo & Ramzy Baroud
item The Reality of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Is Far From Kremlin Propaganda  by Lev Golinkin
item A History of Idiocy  by Uri Avnery
item America's Turn Toward Empire  by Matthew Harwood
item Senate Intel Committee Wants to Secretly Snoop on Americans  by Scott Shackford

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US Military, CIA May Be Investigated for War Crimes
Spain's Secret Service Had Ties to Barcelona Attack Leader, Official Says
Video: Living Under Fire in the West Bank
Can Cryptocurrencies Solve What Traditional Lenders Cannot?
The War at Home
Pentagon Discloses Data on Sexual Assault Reports on Military Bases
Sexual Assaults: In North Carolina, Almost 400 at Military Bases Each Year
Pentagon Retweeted 'Donald Trump: Resign From the Presidency', Then Deleted It
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Digs in Heels as Ruling Party Moves to Depose Him
Zimbabwe's Ruling Zanu-Pf Party Calls for Mugabe Resignation
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Appears in Public for First Time Since Coup
Most Regional Branches of Mugabe's Party Call for Him to Go
'There's No Going Back,' Zimbabwe Ruling Party Tells Mugabe
Tillerson Urges Return to Civilian Rule in Zimbabwe
Five Kenyans Killed by Mobs for Looting in Opposition Processions: Police
Kenyan Police Fire Tear Gas at Opposition Leader's Car: Reuters Witness
Attacks in Troubled Sahel Leave at Least Six Dead
Libya Opens Investigation Into Migrant Slave Auctions
Shelling, Air Strikes as Philippine Troops Hunt Militants in Marshland
Amnesty Urges Independent Probe Into Atrocities, Bombings in Battle for Philippines Marawi City
Pakistan Issues 'Last Warning' to Islamists Blocking Route Into Capital
Myanmar Military Trucks Hit Landmines in Troubled Rakhine; One Injured
Indonesia Evacuates Villagers After Shootings Near Freeport Copper Mine
China, Russia to Hold Simulated Anti-Missile Drill
After Ditching Taiwan, China Says Panama Will Get the Help It Needs
US Issues Travel Alert for Europe During Holiday Season
Kosovo Court Jails Four for 2016 Parliament Rocket Attack
Wounded Vets Force Disability Rethink in Ukraine
Belgian Judge Defers Ruling on Warrant for Ex-Catalan Leader: Lawyer
Violence in Greece Breaks Out After Annual US Embassy March
Americans Still Dying
Jamaican From Brooklyn (NY) Serving in US Military Dies in Kuwait
Family Mourns Miami-Dade (FL) Airman Who Died Training in Korea
Army Helicopter Pilot (TX) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Iraq
Weekend Reviews
America's Turn Toward Empire
The Charmed, Doomed Life of Barry Seal
Ramzy Baroud's The Last Earth: a Palestinian Story
'The Torture Report: A Graphic Adaptation'
ISIS Car Bomb Kills 20 in Eastern Syria: State Media
Russian Long-Range Bombers Strike ISIS Targets in Syria: Agencies
Gunmen Attack Baghdad Checkpoint; 20 Killed in Iraq
Germany to Spend 10 Million Euros to Help Clear Mines in Syria: Media
Hariri Says His Saudi Stay Was to Discuss Lebanon's Future
Again, Riyadh Asks Citizens to Leave Lebanon
Lebanese Sunni Politician Warns of Arab Sanctions Over Hezbollah
Lebanon FM Says Hariri Crisis an Attempt to Create Regional Chaos
Turkey Pulls Troops Out of NATO Exercise Over 'Enemy' List
NATO Apologizes to Turkey for War Games Blunders
Turkey Says Gulen Network Behind US Case Against Turkish Trader
Turkey Hunts 42 University Staff in Post-Coup Crackdown: Source
Saudi Arabia
US Monitoring Saudi Situation Amid Post-Purge Wealth Deals: US Treasury Chief
Saudi Arabia Swapping Assets for Freedom of Some Held in Graft Purge: Sources
Israeli Govt Minister Says There Will Be One Million West Bank Settlers in the Next 10-20 Years
Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Standing by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians With Stones
Israel Bars Palestinian Grandmother From Visiting Slain Father's Grave for 70 Years
Liberal Israeli Leaders Were Contemplating Genocide in Gaza Already in 1967
Morning Terror Attack in West Bank Leaves Two Wounded
Global Medical Watchdog Complicit With Israeli Abuses
Israeli Settlers Fight for the 'Right of Return' to the West Bank
Israel to Move Checkpoint Deeper Into West Bank, Cutting Off Palestinian Access to Spring
Families as Pawns: Israel Pressures Palestinians Into Exile Through Foreign Spouse Visas
Middle East
Macron Says Iran Misunderstands France's 'Balanced' Position in Region
Qatar Foreign Minister Decries 'Reckless Leadership' in Region
Governor of Yemen's Interim Capital Resigns, Accuses PM of Corruption
Venezuela Opposition Leader Ledezma Flees to Colombia
Venezuela's Maduro Offers to Help Trump Fight Drugs
Morgue in Violent Mexican City Gets Complaints About Stench
Mexican Women Testify Over Sexual Torture Before International Panel
Argentine Navy Loses Contact With Submarine Carrying 44
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