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Updated November 29, 2017 - 11:04 PM EST
Report: US Special Forces Massacred Somalis
North Korea Hits Record Altitude in Missile Test
  Trump on Missile Launch: We'll Take Care of It
1,000 US Troops to Patrol With Aghans in 2018
  US Dropping 100s of Dumb Bombs in Afghanistan to Shape Terrain
Hariri: What Happened in Saudi Stays in Saudi
  White House Denies Kushner Greenlit Saudi Actions in Hariri Episode
British PM Demands Saudis End Yemen Blockade
Russian Jet 'Buzzed' US Spy Plane in Black Sea
Syrian Kurds Trade Fire With Turkish Military Along Border
item New Drone Strikes Underscore How Much Power We Give Trump  by Matt Taibbi
item What Good Are Domestic Military Bases?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Attacking Terrorism Overseas May Debilitate America's Military  by Daniel L. Davis
item Poll: Americans Oppose the 'Anti-Semitism Awareness Act'  by Grant Smith
item Fighting Israel's Wars
 by Philip Giraldi
item The Duplicitous Superpower  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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US Coast Guard Operating Secret Floating Prisons in Pacific Ocean
Air Force Failed to Report Dozens of Service Members to Gun Database
As Advisory Role Grows in Afghanistan, So Does Risk to US Troops
USS Fitzgerald Damaged Again by the Massive Ship That Was Supposed to Take It to the US for Repairs
US Servicemember Among 12 Killed in Iraq
Damascus Shelling Kills Three Before Truce Agreed
UN to Offer Direct Talks to Syrian Negotiators for First Time
Syria Accepts Russian Plan for Ceasefire in Besieged Zone: UN
Turkey Suggests Plan to Extend Military Mission in Syria to Afrin, Aleppo
Turkey-Backed Rebels in Syria Put ISIS Jihadists Through Rehab
The Turkish Government Expands Its Crackdown on Web Freedom
Turkish Court Orders Detention of Two Over US Court Case: CNN Turk
Trump Considers When and How to Move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: Pence
Israeli Lawmakers to Fight Palestinians' 'Legal Intifada' With Higher Court Fees
34 Arrested at Ultra-Orthodox Riot Against Army Draft in Jerusalem
After Riots, IDF Denies Arresting Female Ultra-Orthodox Draft Dodger
Arab States Embrace Israel Despite Domestic Resistance
Middle East
Saudi Prince Freed in $1 Billion Settlement Agreement: Official
Yemen Car Bomb Attack Kills at Least Two People in Aden: Residents
UAE Accuses Qatar of Being Behind 'War Crimes' Complaint
Rouhani Says Saudis Call Iran an Enemy to Conceal Defeat in Region
Honduran Presidential Candidate Says to Review Presence of US Troops
Honduras Opposition Candidate Alleges Fraud in Presidential Vote
Colombia's Congress Approves Peace Tribunals for Ex-FARC Rebels
Military Helicopter Crashes in Southern Mexico
Bolivian Court Clears the Way for Morales to Run for Fourth Term
Evacuate Migrants Enslaved in Libya, Urges France's Macron
US Court Convicts Libyan in Benghazi Attacks but Acquitted of Murder
Libya Pressing Group to Restore Water Supply to Capital
More Than 20 People Killed in Ethiopia Clashes
At Least 17 Killed in Gold Mine Dispute on Mali-Guinea Border
Egypt Security Forces Kill 11 Suspected Militants in Raid
UN Staffer in Darfur Arrested for Sexually Abusing Minor
Amnesty Accuses Shell of Complicity in Killings, Torture in Nigeria in the 1990s
Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa Opens Amnesty Window for Return of Stolen Funds
US Threatens South Sudan Action, Russia Warns Against UN Measures
Kenya President Sworn In, Rival Odinga Promises Own Inauguration
Tillerson on North Korea Missile Launch: Diplomatic Options Viable 'For Now'
South Korea's Moon Says North Korea Missile Capability Seems Improved
A Look at This Year's North Korean Nuclear and Missile Tests
Roadside Bomb Kills Eight in Afghanistan: Local Official
US General Says No Change in Pakistan Behavior on Taliban Despite Trump Tough Line
Philippines: 14 Communist Rebels Killed in Clash With Troops
Chinese General Kills Himself Amid Corruption Probe
Jailed Former Catalan Vice-President Accepts Madrid Rule: Lawyer
US General Backs Germany to Host New NATO Operations Command
Suspected Istanbul Airport Bomber Thought Killed in Georgia: Three Sources
Greek Police Raids Find Explosives, Nine Held Over Links to Banned Turkish Group
EU More Willing to Consider New Members in Balkans: EU Commissioner
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