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Updated December 15, 2017 - 9:32 PM EST
US-Supplied Arms Often Ended Up in ISIS Hands
  ISIS Is Fighting With Weapons Made in the EU: Study
  ISIS Got a Powerful Missile the CIA Secretly Bought in Bulgaria
US Troops, Syria Rebels Battle ISIS Near Key Base
  US Warplanes Fire Warning Flares at Russian Jets Over Syria
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Chief Seeks to Put Troops Under National Army
Iran: US Presentation of Iranian Arms in Yemen Fabricated
  Trump Poised to Sell Saudis More Weapons to Kill Yemeni Civilians
  Saudi Air Campaign Targets Yemen's Food Supplies
Lindsey Graham: 30% Chance Trump Attacks North Korea
US Will Place Fuel in Algeria, Niger to Expand Drone Wars
Venezuelans Seeing Bitcoin as Survival, Not Speculation
item Peace on the Far Side of Nuclear Weapons  by Robert Koehler
item Can America's Foreign Policy Be Restrained?  by Curt Mills
item Trump Not Likely to Alter the Pattern of 'Promiscuous Intervention'  by Bonnie Kristian
item A Wider World of War  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
item Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Foundering Russia-Gate 'Scandal'  by Robert Parry

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ISIS Threatens US Attacks Over Jerusalem Decision
Lawmakers Look to Punt Controversial Surveillance Law Debate to 2018
Record High 262 Journalists Imprisoned in 2017: CPJ
EU to Extend Sanctions on Russia Until Mid-2018
Putin, Trump Discuss Bilateral Relations, Korea
Nazareth Mayor Cancels Christmas Celebration Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision
By Excluding Palestinian Voices From Jerusalem Debate, Cable News Avoided Addressing Israeli Rights Abuses
White House: Mideast Peace Initiative Could Face 'Temporary Cooling Off,' but Still Moving Forward
Hamas Will Reverse Trump's Jerusalem Move, Leader Tells Gaza Rally
Israeli Court Rules Terrorist Bodies Can't Be Held as Bargaining Chips
Snubbed by Abbas, Pence to Skip Palestinians on Upcoming Trip
Netanyahu Agrees to Exclude Settlements From Economic Deal With European Union
Abbas Calls on World to Reconsider Recognition of Israel After Trump's Jerusalem Move
Suicide Bomber Kills 18 at Police Academy in Somalia's Capital
US Suspends Aid to Somalia's Battered Military Over Graft
Saudi-Backed Military Alliance to Help G5 Sahel Fight: Minister
Kenyan Police Assaulted and Raped Women During Election: Rights Group
Egypt Minister Set to Sign Deal to Resume Russian Flights: Agencies
Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa Calls for End to Western Sanctions
Cameroon's Anglophones Flee to Nigeria as Crackdown Grows
Nigeria to Release $1 Billion From Excess Oil Account to Fight Boko Haram
Putin Says US Gripped by Fabricated Spymania, Praises Trump
Murder of Pro-Unity Spaniard Rocks Catalan Election
German Police Raid Locations Linked to Islamist Militants
Dozens of Sunnis Executed on Terror Charges; 53 Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Militant Group Re-Emerges in Northern Iraq Under New Name
Iraq Hangs 38 Members of ISIS, al-Qaeda for 'Terrorism'
Did US F-22s Almost Shoot Down Russian Aircraft Over Syria?
More Than 20 ISIS Militants Killed in Syria: US-Led Coalition
The Growth of Syria's Humanitarian Crisis
Syrian Opposition Says UN Talks Are in 'Great Danger'
Yemen's Houthis Say Iranian Missile Charges a Distraction From Jerusalem Decision
Yemenis Reflect on Former Leader Saleh's Death: 'Everything That Happened in Yemen Was Always About Him'
Middle East
Watchdog Says Gulf Rift Taking Toll on Ordinary Citizens
Iranian Official Compares Haley Speech to Powell's Iraq WMD Claims
American Being Held as Enemy Combatant Also Has Saudi Citizenship
North Korea Says Naval Blockade Would Be 'Act of War', Vows Action
Japan Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea
China Says War Must Not Be Allowed on Korean Peninsula
China Complains About Taiwan Content in US Defense Act
China Angered as US Considers Navy Visits to Taiwan
China Summons Australian Envoy Over Political Meddling Allegations
Mexico, US Trade Accusations About Drugs
Colombia Urgently Crafting Law to Allow Crime Gangs to Surrender
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