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Updated January 1, 2018 - 11:25 PM EST
Saudi Jets Attack Crowded Yemen Restaurant

US Touts Battle Against Yemen Qaeda While Financing Saudi Slaughter

  Saudis Escalate Airstrikes Against Yemen's Houthis, Killing Scores
Iran President Warns Protesters Against Violence
Facebook Deleting Users at US, Israel Govt Behest
1,262 Killed in Iraq During December
Mattis: Conventional Forces Will Serve in Spec Ops Roles
North Korea Won't Disarm Unless US Stops Blackmail
Deadly Bombing Targets Afghan Official's Funeral, Kills 18
item How Donald Trump Learned to Love War in 2017  by Micah Zenko
item The 'Merchants of Death' Survive and Prosper  by Lawrence Wittner
item The Two Koreas Have Tried to Make Peace Before – and They Could Do So Again  by Dong Jin Kim
item 2017: The Year the Iraq War Truly Ended  by Peter Van Buren
item A Dangerous Bargain, Dangerous Still  by David Keene
item Congress Kicks Surveillance Debate Into 2018  by Scott Shackford

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81 Reporters Died, Threats Soared in 2017: Group
Yemen's President Orders Military to Push for Sanaa
US Military to Accept Transgender Recruits on Monday: Pentagon
World War II Fact: America Accidently Killed Its Own Troops With Mustard Gas
1,262 Killed in Iraq During December
From Fighting 'Islamic State' to Rotting in Iraqi Jail
Thousands Remain Missing After Iraq's Victories Against ISIS
Assad Regains Control as Syrian Rebels Abandon Area Bordering Golan Heights
Syria: Mass Graves Uncovered, Shi'ite Militia Poised on Israeli Border
Dozens of Militants Evacuated From Southern Syria
Putin Tells Assad Russia Will Help Defend Syrian Sovereignty: Kremlin
Turkey Steps Up ISIS Arrests Under Shadow of New Year Attack
Turkey Detains 20 Suspected ISIS Members, Including 15 Foreigners
Ten Prisoners in Eastern Turkey on Hunger Strike, Health Worsening: Lawyers
Palestinians With Unpaid Debts to Be Barred From Israel
Palestinian Protester Said to Die of Wounds From Gaza Clashes With IDF
Likud Party Calls for De-Facto Annexation of Israeli Settlements
Palestinians Recall Envoy to US
Israeli Government Creates Joint Program for Rapid BDS Response
Crowded West Bank Refugee Camp Is the Most Tear-Gassed Place in the World: Berkeley Law School Study
Guatemala Says Jerusalem Embassy Move Is Final
Hundreds Rally Against Violence in Druze Town After Failed Assassination Attempt
Settler Sentenced to Community Service for Incitement Against IDF Soldiers, Arabs
Muslim Arab IDF Soldier Claims He Was Beaten by Bedouin Comrades Over Ethnicity
Seoul Said to Seize Panama Ship for Alleged Transfer of Oil to North Korea
Russia Denies Report of North Korea Sanctions Breach
After Trump Criticism, China Denies Selling Oil Illicitly to North Korea
Rebels Storm Indian Paramilitary Camp in Kashmir; Eight Dead
Pakistan Man Exonerated After Serving Nine Years for Blasphemy
The War at Home
State Department Posts Emails From Ex-Clinton Aide
Man Who Allegedly Aspired to Join ISIS Arrested During FBI Raid
Three Protesters Shot Dead by Revolutionary Guards as Iran Rallies Intensify
Iran Slams US 'Interference' in Internal Affairs
Trump, Republican Allies Endorse Iranian Protesters
Iran Blames Foreign Agents for Death of Two Protesters: State TV
Iran Blocks Instagram, Telegram to 'Maintain Peace' Amid Protests
Billboards of Supreme Leader Torn Down, Police Cars Overturned as Protests Engulf Islamic Republic
Protests in Iran Fanned by Exiled Journalist, Messaging App
Egypt Security Forces Kill Three Suspected Militants, Arrest Ten Others
Deposed Egyptian President Morsi Gets Three Years in Jail for 'Insulting Judiciary'
Witnesses: Residents Prevented Much Worse Attack in Egypt
Egypt Court Sentences Activist to Two Years Over Red Sea Islands Protest
Video Shows Egypt's Church Gunman Calmly Walking Away
DR Congo
Congo Orders Internet and SMS Cut Ahead of Anti-Government Demonstrations
Congolese Forces Kill at Least Seven During Anti-Government Protests: UN
Secessionist Crisis in Cameroon Risks Sliding Into a Rebellion
197 Killed in Landmine Blasts in Libya's Benghazi in 2017
Hundreds Flee Clashes in Central African Republic
Sudan Announces State of Emergency in Kassala, North Kurdufan
Raid on Senator's Home Reveals Divisions in Somali Security Forces
Equatorial Guinea President Says War Being Prepared Against Him
Zambia President Orders Military to Help Fight Cholera Spread
Russia Court Upholds Ban on Navalny Running for President
Russia Indicts St. Petersburg Blast Suspect on Terrorism Charges: Investigators
Putin Toughens Penalty for Bomb Threats Plaguing Russia
Catalan Leader Seeks to Restore Government
Former Catalan Leader Urges Spain to Accept Secessionist Election Win
Ukraine Hostages Freed After Police Storm Post Office
A Cold War 'Death Zone' Is Now a Haven for Nature and Wildlife
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