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Updated January 4, 2018 - 11:18 PM EST
The Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Dead in 11 Days
  Three Intel Agents Killed as Iran Deploys Guards to Protest Hotspots
  Trump Promises Support for Iran Protests 'At the Appropriate Time'
  Western High-Tech Firms Secretly Helping Mullahs Spy on Activists
Mullen: Threat of Nuclear War With NK Higher
  North Korea Reopens Border Hotline With South Korea
Trump Poised to Announce Cuts to Pakistan Aid
If Trump Halts Aid to Palestinians, Israel May Pay the Price
Saudis Claim Dozens of Houthis Killed, Supply Line Cut
item Social Media Madness: The Russia Canard  by Norman Solomon
item The Woeful Inadequacy of Never-Trumpism  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item My Life as a NYT Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror  by James Risen
item The Iranian Rebellion: Everybody's Wrong  by Justin Raimondo
item Giving War Too Many Chances  by Nicolas JS Davies
item Stop the Killing in Yemen  by Daniel Speckhard

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US to Hold Reception for Countries That Didn't Vote for UN Jerusalem Resolution
Suicide Bomber Kills 11 People in Mosque Attack in Northeast Nigeria
Norway Suspends Arms Exports to UAE Over War in Yemen
Anti-ISIS Operations Continue Near Mosul; 21 Killed in Iraq
At Least Seven Russian Planes Destroyed by Shelling at Syrian Air Base: Kommersant
Russian Military Helicopter Crashes in Syria, Killing Two: Agencies
Palestinians Condemn Trump Aid Halt Threat, Mixed Reaction in Israel
Palestinian Teen First to Be Killed by Israel in 2018
Teenager Ahed Tamimi Could Face Years in Israeli Prison
Israel's Prosecution of Ahed Tamimi Is Blaming the Victim
What Happens if Trump Does Stop Aid to Palestinians?
Palestinian Authority Says Resuming Payment for Gaza's Israeli Electricity
Terrorist Death Penalty Bill Passes Early Knesset Vote
Turkish Banker Is Convicted by US Court in Plot to Evade Iran Sanctions
Senior Turkish Official Slams US Conviction of Banker
Turkey Issues Detention Warrants for 68 Bank Asya Shareholders in Post-Coup Probe: Police
Middle East
Yemeni Sources: Nephew of Slain Ex-President Alive
Beirut Lifts Security Cordon in Boost for Battered Business Quarter
Hong Kong
Former Senior Hong Kong Police Officer Jailed for Baton Assault During Democracy Protest
Iran Deploys Revolutionary Guards to Quell 'Sedition' in Protest Hotbeds
US Eyeing Possible Sanctions on Iranians Over Protest Crackdown
Three Iranian Intelligence Agents Killed in Western City of Piranshahr: MEHR
As Iran Erupts in Protest, Tehran Is Notably Quiet
Iran at UN Accuses US of 'Grotesque' Meddling
UN Rights Boss Calls on Iran to Defuse Tension, Investigate Protest Deaths
Iran Says Arrests a European Citizen in Protests: Tasnim
Hezbollah Plays Down Iran Protests, Sees 'Nothing to Worry About'
Kurdish Armed Group Claims Attack That Killed at Least Three Iranians
US Says Air Strike Kills Two Militants in Somalia
Al Shabaab Kills Five Kenyan Policemen Who Were Out on Patrol
Ethiopia to Free Jailed Politicians to 'Foster National Reconciliation': PM
Wounded Libyans Struggle as Fighting in Benghazi Draws to Close
Equatorial Guinea Says It Thwarted Coup
Egypt Court Postpones Verdict Against Presidential Hopeful: Sources
Macron Proposes Anti-Fake News Election Law
Four Kosovo MPs Get Suspended Jail Terms for Tear Gas Protest
Irish Police Investigating Whether Fatal Stabbing Linked to Terrorism
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