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Updated January 20, 2018 - 10:39 PM EST
2017: Civilians Killed by US Tripled in Iraq, Syria
Turks Pound Kurds, Invasion of Syria Begins
  US: Turkish Attack on Syrian Kurds 'Destabilizing'
  Russia FM: US Creating 'Alternative Bodies of Authority' in Syria
NSA Can Find Anyone With Voice Recognition
  Trump Signs Bill Renewing Warrantless NSA Surveillance
  NSA Deleted Surveillance Data It Pledged to Preserve
US Military 'Focus' To Be Competing With Russia, China
Russian FM: Iran Nuclear Deal Couldn't Survive US Pullout
item Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child  by Gregory Shupak
item Henry Clay's Rebuke to Tom Cotton  by Justin Litke
item Trump Is Turning the State Dept Into a Global Weapons Dealer  by Haley Pedersen & Jodie Evans
item Mahmoud Abbas's Strategy of Patience  by Uri Avnery
item Another Bloody American Century  by Matthew Harwood
item Nuclear Annihilation and the Wisdom of Mass Salvation  by Robert Koehler

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How the Govt Hides Secret Surveillance Programs
House Intel Panel Releases Transcript of Closed-Door Meet With Fusion GPS Exec
UK Teen Gained Access to CIA Chief's Accounts: Court
Hezbollah Denies US Charges of Drug Trafficking
Former Catalan Leader Says He Can Rule From Abroad, Madrid Says No
Old ISIS Explosives Wound Children; 17 Killed in Iraq
1.3 Million Children Displaced by Iraq's War With ISIS: UNICEF
Turkey Steps Up Syria Shelling as Invasion of Afrin Looms
Turkish and Syrian Threats in Afrin Put US, Russia in a Bind
Russia 'Moving' Military Observers in Syria's Afrin
Russia: Reports About Russian Army Withdrawing From Syria's Afrin Denied
Istanbul District Bans Play About Dictator by Erdogan Critic
Germany Likely to Approve Tank Upgrades for Turkey
UNRWA 'Aid' Is Aid Only in the Dictionary of Orwellian Newspeak
15 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Troops
Palestinian Family Shoots Dead Relative Suspected of Spying for Israel
Middle East
Germany Halts Weapons Exports to Parties in Yemen Conflict
Hezbollah: Israel Behind Lebanon Car Bombing That Targeted Hamas Official
Lockheed Keeps F-16 Production Line Going With Bahrain Deal
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
US-Backed Somalia Commandos Kill Four Al-Shabab Fighters
Somali Authorities Say Troops Rescue 32 Children From 'Terrorist School'
Ex-Military Chief of Staff to Run in Egyptian Presidential Election
Egypt's Sisi to Run for Second Term in March Election
DR Congo
At Least a Dozen Congo Soldiers Killed in East
US and Pakistan Clash at UN Over Afghanistan
Japan Criticizes US for Military Flights Over School in Okinawa
More Than Half a Million Venezuelans Have Fled to Colombia
US Charges Honduran Congressman With Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
Weekend Reviews
Spielberg's Post: Clumsy, Inaccurate, Anti-Trump Twaddle
Another Bloody American Century
Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
Wormwood: Obsession, Lies, and a CIA Coverup
Jacob Hornberger Says: Watch Wormwood
Wormwood and a Shocking Secret of War: How Errol Morris Vindicated My Father, Wilfred Burchett
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