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Updated January 24, 2018 - 10:42 PM EST
Pence To Stop North Korea 'Hijacking' Olympics
  'Friendly and Kind' North Korean Skaters in Olympic Spotlight
Turkey Claims To Kill 260 in Syria's Afrin District
  Turkey Arrests Scores for Opposing Invasion of Syria
US Claims To Kill 150 ISIS in East Syria Airstrike
  Israel's 'Safe Zone' Is Creeping Farther Into Syria
US-Funded Afghan Units in Gross Rights Abuses
  SIGAR Report on Human Rights Violations
Kill Chain: Tracking Targets for US Drone Wars
Car Bombs Hit Mosque in Libya's Benghazi, Killing Dozens
item A National Defense Strategy of Sowing Global Chaos  by Nicolas JS Davies
item Media Ignoring Crucial Parts of Fusion GPS Testimony  by James Carden
item The Post and the Pentagon Papers  by James DiEugenio
item Destroying Syria: Why Does Washington Hate Bashar Al-Assad?  by Philip Giraldi

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Catalan Separatist Leader Stays Vague on Possible Return, Spain on Alert
The Navy Built a 'Fast, Agile' Warship for $440m. It's Stuck in Ice Since Xmas Eve
Last Major Challenger to Egypt's Sisi Calls Off Campaign After Arrest
UN Troops Told to Fight Back, Use Force as Peacekeeper Deaths Surge
Mass Grave Uncovered Near Mosul; 47 Killed in Iraq
Turkey Attacks Syria
Syrian Observatory: Thousands Flee Afrin Attack, Blocked by Government Forces
UN Says Turkish Offensive Reportedly Displaces 5,000
Turkish Shelling Kills Three in Syrian Town: Kurdish YPG
Syrian Kurdish-Led Authorities Urge Mobilization Against Turkish Forces
Kremlin, After Putin-Erdogan Call, Says Syria's Sovereignty Must Be Respected
Trump to Speak Soon With Turkey's Erdogan on Syria Offensive: US Official
Anger in Damascus After Mortar Attack Kills Three-Year-Old
Russia Invites Core UN Members to Syrian Peace Congress
At UN, Russia Proposes New Inquiry Into Chemical Attacks in Syria
US Blames Russia for Syria Chemical Weapons Attacks
German Government Under Fire Over Leopard Tanks in Syria
Timing of Trump Peace Plan Depends on Palestinians: Pence
Israel Accuses UN Rights Forum of Bias Over Palestinians
Slovenian Minister Confirms His Country Poised to Recognize Palestine
Middle East
The World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis, by the Numbers
UAE Military Ordered Not to Escalate Qatar Crisis: Official
Athens Will Not Extradite Turk Soldiers, Floats Possible Trial in Greece
South Sudan
South Sudanese Rebels Demand Compensation to Release Kenyan Pilots
China Would Back a Unified Korea if Attained Through Peace, Ambassador Says
UN Calls for Sustained Peace, Denuclearization on Korean Peninsula
CIA Believes North Korea Weapons Aimed at Coercion, Not Just Defense: Pompeo
American A-10s Join Effort to Target Taliban Drug Factories in Afghanistan
Afghan Hotel Attack Stirs Fresh Debate on Private Security Firms
Taiwan President Says Does Not Exclude Possibility of China Attack
As US Goes Quiet on Close Naval Patrols, China Speaks Out
Indonesia Looks to US to Relax Limits on Its Special Forces
Looted Cash, Gold Help ISIS Recruit in Philippines
US Defense Chief Says Rohingya Plight Even Worse Than Media Portrayals
Downing Street Announces New Unit to Tackle 'Fake News'
Belgium: Police Shoot Man With Knife at Ghent Train Station
Venezuela Presidential Election Ordered by End of April
President Maduro Set to Run for Re-Election in 2018 Vote
US Says Not a Good Idea for Venezuela's Maduro to Run Again
The War at Home
New York Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Join ISIS
US Marine Dies in Parachute Accident in Arizona
Soldier Killed, Five Injured When Military Vehicles Crash in Florida
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