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Updated January 26, 2018 - 11:29 PM EST
Turkey to Target US Troops If They Support Kurds
  Trump Confounded by Turkey's Invasion of Syria
  US Airstrikes Kill at Least 13 Civilians in East Syria
South Korea FM: Attacking North 'Not an Option'

Evidence Lacking in 'North Korea Cyberattack' on Transit System

  US Imposes New North Korea Sanctions, Struggles With Enforcement
Trump: No More Palestinian Aid Unless They Accept Talks
  Netanyahu Pushes 'New Model' for Palestinian Peace
British Judge to Decide Assange's Bid for Freedom
item How Pentagon Enlisted Trump to Continue Perpetual 'War on Terror'  by Gareth Porter
item Why Are We Still Shedding Our Soldiers' Blood for Pedophiles?  by Daniel Horowitz
item Ankara Extends 'Olive Branch' to Damascus To Pick Up the Unfortunate Kurds  by Elijah Magnier
item Korea, the Winter Olympics, and the Spirit of Queen Min  by Justin Raimondo
item Veterans in Politics: It's Not About Honor  by Thomas Knapp
item Blowback: How US Drones, Coups, Invasions Create More Violence  by Mehdi Hasan

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US Aircraft Carrier to Visit Vietnam in Postwar First
Seinfeld Boosts Israel's 'Shoot to Kill' Fantasy Tours
F-16 Fighting Falcons and 375 Airmen Deploy to Estonia
Commandant: Marine Corps Has 'Too Many Airplanes'
Operations Against ISIS Move to Diyala; Five Killed in Iraq
Kurdish-Run Afrin Region Calls on Syrian State to Defend Border Against Turkey
Syrian Kurds Won't Attend Russia's Sochi Congress: Kurdish Official
Turkish Red Crescent Prepares for Refugee Wave From Syria's Afrin
Turkey Says Not Right to Discuss Syrian 'Safe Zone' With US: Hurriyet
With More Islamic Schooling, Erdogan Aims to Reshape Turkey
Germany Freezes Any Decision on Tanks Upgrade for Turkey
Arab Coalition Hands Over 27 Child Soldiers to Yemen Government
Houthis Free Detained US Citizen, Send Him to Oman
Haley: Abbas Lacks 'Courage and the Will' to Seek 'Real Peace'
Trump Says 'Small Version' of US Embassy to Open in Jerusalem Next Year
We Took Jerusalem Off the Negotiating Table, Trump Says Alongside Netanyahu in Davos
'Without UNRWA We Have Nothing': Palestinian Refugees Speak Out Against US Aid Cuts
Senior Israeli Official Mocked for Bizarre Claim That Detained Palestinian Teen Is a Paid Actor
Palestinian Ambassador to US: We Had Hopes for Trump but He Backstabbed Us
Middle East
House Leader Ryan Says US Wants Europe to Join Iran Sanctions Push
Qatar Says It Seeks No Escalation With UAE Over Military Overflights
Kuwait Protests at 'Insult' by Saudi Official: Agency
Bahrain Human Rights Deteriorate as World Looks Away: Activists
Venezuela Expels Spanish Ambassador After EU Sanctions
Venezuelan Opposition, Government to Meet for Another Round of Talks
Colombia's Santos Says He Will Not Recognize Venezuelan Vote
Women Take to Honduran Streets En Masse to Protest President's Reelection
South Korea Hits Back at US Tariffs With WTO Challenge
US Imposes More North Korea Sanctions; Urges China, Russia Expulsions
Despite Sanctions, North Korea Exported Coal to South and Japan Via Russia: Intelligence Sources
Ship That Took Russian Fuel to North Korea Hit by US Sanctions
Governor of Western Afghan Province Quits as Security Worsens
China Denies Plan to Build Military Base in Afghanistan
US Dismisses Pakistani Assertion That American Missiles Hit Afghan Refugees
Drone Strike Triggers Pakistan-US War of Words
China Says Has Been Invited Again to US-Hosted Naval Drills
China Says Has Goodwill Towards Taiwan, but Won't Allow Separation
Southeast Asian States Launch Intelligence Pact to Counter Islamist Threat
Philippines Seeks Tougher Charges for Aquino Over Commandos' Deaths
Thai Vote Faces Delay After Lawmakers Amend Election Law
Gunmen Cross From Nigeria, Attack Cameroon Border Post: Witnesses
At Least 43,000 Cameroonian Refugees Flee to Nigeria: Local Aid Officials
Nigeria to Protest US Conditions on $494 Million Purchase of Fighter Planes
Video Shows Mass Execution in Libya's Benghazi in Revenge for Mosque Bomb Attack
Mine Explosion on Civilian Vehicle Central Mali Kills 26
Senegal Arrests 24 Suspects in Casamance Killings
Somalia to Probe Evictions of Thousands of Displaced Families
Catalan Parliament Set to Vote for Regional Leader on Jan. 30
Spain Seeks to Block Puigdemont Becoming Leader of Catalonia
Putin Hails New Bomber as a Boost to Russia's Nuclear Forces
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