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Updated February 6, 2018 - 11:18 PM EST
Iraq Spokesman: US Reducing Troop Levels
  142 Civilians Killed in Turkish Military Offensive in Syria's Afrin
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 23 Civilians in Eastern Ghouta
  Turkey Detains Nearly 600 for Opposing Syria Invasion
Russia Deploying More Nuke-Capable Missiles to Kaliningrad
Afghan Warplanes Kill 37 Across Several Provinces
Pentagon Logistics Agency Lost Track of $800 Million
item What the FBI/FISA Memo Really Tells Us About Our Government  by Ron Paul
item America: A Military Nation  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Recipe for Perpetual War Is a Bitter One  by Robert Wing & Coleen Rowley
item Nunes Duels the Deep State  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Memo Matters – but Not for the Reason You Think  by Peter Van Buren
item Israel's Dehumanizing Machine  by Jonathan Cook

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Isikoff Stunned That His Carter Page Article Was Used to Justify Spy Warrant
Australian Activists Want Nuclear Weapons Banned
An Iranian-American Turned Down the FBI and Wound Up With a Prison Sentence
The Berlin Wall: 28 Years Up, 28 Years Fallen
New York Times Wipes West Bank Off Map
Maldives Declares Emergency, Soldiers Reportedly Storm Court
Maldives Police Arrest Former President Gayoom: Spokesman
China Advises Its Tourists to Avoid Maldives Till Politics Stabilize
Tillerson Says 'We'll See What Happens' on Potential North Korea Meeting
Pence Leaves for Asia With Stern Message on North Korea
Taiwan Calls on Its Firms Not to Break North Korea Sanctions
China Says to Ban Export of More Dual-Use Goods to North Korea
South Korea Says North Stole Cryptocurrency Worth Billions of Won Last Year
Japan's PM Vows to Proceed With US Base Relocation in Okinawa After Poll
Japanese Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing at Least One
Senior US Diplomat Pitches Arms Sales in China's Backyard
Nightfall in Philippine Slum Revives Spectre of Deaths in Drugs War
Reuters Reporters Arrested in Myanmar Due to Appear in Court
DR Congo
At Least 30 Dead in Ethnic Violence in Northeast Congo
US Blacklists Four for Rights Abuses, Attacks in Congo
Two Kenya TV Stations Resume Broadcasting After Days Shut by Government
South Sudan: Govt Recalls Envoy From US
One Dead in Guinea Clashes as Opposition Alleges Vote Fraud
Russia Questions US Compliance With Key Nuke Accord
Russia Calls in Army After 'Snowfall of the Century' in Moscow
Caucasus Region Officials Arrested for Alleged Fraud
Shooting Kills Two Priests, Wounds Four People in S. Mexico
Journalists Are Fleeing for Their Lives in Mexico. There Are Few Havens
US, Peru To Keep Collaborating in Drugs Trafficking Fight
Man Shot Dead at Protest Over Honduras' Disputed Election
Paraguayan Rebel Group Frees Two Kidnapped Mennonite Men
Children's Bodies Found in Mosul; 41 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Plans Military Operation to Secure Oil Route to Iran
In Syria's Afrin, Locals Mobilize to Defend Hometown Against Turkey
Kremlin Says Shoulder-Launched Missiles Used by Syrian Rebels a Huge Danger
US, Russia Clash at UN Over Syria Chlorine Attacks
Syria Deploys New Air Defenses in North: Commander in Pro-Assad Alliance
Canada Says Two Citizens Safely Leave Syria, Gives Few Details
Russia Says Pilot Downed in Syria Fought Back
Russia Orders Warplanes in Syria to Fly Higher After Jet Shot Down
Turkey Sets Up Military Post Southwest of Syria's Aleppo
ISIS Threatens Iran From 'Tora Bora' Borderlands
Man Shot and Arrested in Iran After Trying to Break Into Presidential Office
Iran Says US Jailing of Consultant Part of 'Psychological Warfare'
Dutch Govt Formally Withdraws Turkish Ambassador Over 2017 Row
Turkey Says Diplomatic Ties With Netherlands Continue After Dutch Withdraw Ambassador
Lebanese Soldier, Militant Die in Army Raid: Statement
Lebanon Tells Israel Its Border Wall Violates Sovereignty
Brainwashing and Cross-Dressing: Israel's Assassination Program Laid Bare in Shocking Detail
Abbas Sets Conditions for Fresh Peace Talks, With Diminished US Role
Pro-Israel Groups Receive Letters From Al Jazeera Seeking Response for 'Lobby' Documentary
Kindergarteners in Hebron Protest Israel's Detention of 350 Children
Israeli Killed in West Bank Stabbing Attack; Assailant Still at Large
Ukraine Court Rejects Saakashvili Extradition Protection Appeal
Maduro Says US Sanctions Will Not Stymie Venezuela Oil Industry
China Rebuffs US Criticism of Relations With Oil-Rich Venezuela
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