The personal and the political often meet and merge – and, in my case lately, this has certainly been the case. I won't go into the details of my recent cancer diagnosis, which I wrote about here, except to say that it has certainly intensified and sharpened my perceptions of what's wrong – and right – with the world I'm clinging to.

And of course it's made me look at things in retrospect, as old memories are dredged up and seen in a new light. When I look back on the twenty-plus years of my time here at, I'm struck with wonder: how did we ever survive this long? Read the rest...

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Updated February 19, 2018 - 11:29 PM EST
ISIS Ambushes Shi'ite Militia in Iraq, Killing 27
Turkey Warns Syria Against Supporting Kurds
  Turkey: Chemical Weapons Use Allegations 'Baseless'
Ex-CIA Director: US Meddles in Foreign Elections
  The Real 007 Used Fake News to Get the US Into World War II
  Western Diplomats See Russia as 'Indispensable Partner'
  How UK Spies Hacked a European Ally and Got Away With It
Israeli Jets Pound Gaza After Border Bombing
  Waving Drone Debris, Netanyahu Threatens to Attack Iran
S. Korean President Says Olympics Have Lowered Tensions
US Pushes Europe to Commit to Changing Iran Nuclear Deal
Pro-Saudi Forces Attack Yemeni Region, Dozens Killed
item Pull US Troops Out of the Middle East and Put 'America First'  by Daniel L. Davis
item The Military's 'Readiness' Scam Worked Again  by Gordon Adams
item New Policy Hypes Threat, Brings US Closer to War  by Joe Cirincione
item Beyond Mere Survival  by Justin Raimondo
item Trump's Dangerous Nuclear Posture  by Kevin Martin
item US 'Stumbled Into Torture,' Says NYT Reporter  by Adam Johnson

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Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinians Planting Olive Trees
Egypt Forces Kill Seven, Arrest Hundreds in Sinai
Somali Refugees Enslaved in Libya Return Home
Iranian President Pledges to Stick to Nuclear Deal Commitments
ISIS Widows Sentenced to Death, Prison; Eight Killed in Iraq
12 ISIS Widows Sentenced to Death, Life by Iraqi Court
Munich Security Conference: Iraq PM on a Potential Weapons Tax
Iraq: German ISIS Bride Sentenced to Six Years in Prison
Car Bomb in Syria's Qamishli Kills Five People: State Media
One Dead in Clash Near Syria-Lebanon Border
UAE Soldier Killed in Action in Yemen
Drone Kills Two Qaeda Suspects as Yemen Troops Launch Assault
Sweden Grants Citizenship to Scientist Sentenced to Death in Iran
Saudi Arabia Welcomes Push for UN Action Against Iran on Missiles
Iran Plane Crash: All 66 People on Board Feared Dead
Middle East
Lebanon Rejects US Proposal on Maritime Borders With Israel
Jordan's Military Says It Foiled Terrorist Smuggling Plot
Top German Lawmaker in Security Row With Turkey at Munich Meeting
Second Afghan Governor Defies President Ghani
Maldives Police Break Up Opposition Protests; Many Injured
Brazilian Inmates Riot, Take Hostages in Rio De Janeiro Prison
Mexico: Minister Helicopter's Crash Kills 13 on Ground
Lavrov Calls US Election Meddling Claims 'Blabber'
ISIS Says Responsible for Attack on Church That Killed Five in Russia
Thousands of Saakashvili Supporters March in Kiev
Poroshenko Seeks 'Compromise' on Anti-Corruption Court
Sweden Says It Could Be Part of UN Peacekeeping in Ukraine
Estonia Calls for EU to Spend More for Defense in Border States
Thousands of Kurds Stage Protest March in France
Catalan Politician Leaves for Switzerland Days Before Court Date
Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen: Germany Will Spend More on Its Military
Ethiopia's State of Emergency to Last Six Months
Ethiopia Vows No Military Takeover Amid Latest Emergency
US Says It 'Strongly Disagrees' With Ethiopia's State of Emergency
Trio of Suicide Bombers Kill 20 at Crowded Market in Nigeria
Nigeria Frees 475 Boko Haram Suspects for Lack of Evidence
Tanzania's Opposition Accuse Police of Killing Student
Sudan Releases Political Prisoners From Khartoum Jails
The War at Home
Illinois Woman Sues Twitter, Google, Facebook for 'Aiding' Growth of ISIS
ISIS-Influenced Stabber Sentenced to 15 Years for Attack at Mall of America
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