The personal and the political often meet and merge – and, in my case lately, this has certainly been the case. I won't go into the details of my recent cancer diagnosis, which I wrote about here, except to say that it has certainly intensified and sharpened my perceptions of what's wrong – and right – with the world I'm clinging to.

And of course it's made me look at things in retrospect, as old memories are dredged up and seen in a new light. When I look back on the twenty-plus years of my time here at, I'm struck with wonder: how did we ever survive this long? Read the rest...

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Updated February 22, 2018 - 11:18 PM EST
Trump: 2001 AUMF OKs Endless Iraq, Syria Wars
  Hundreds Killed in 3 Days in Syria's East Ghouta
  Syria Sends More Fighters to Afrin in High-Stakes Standoff With Turkey
Trump Plans Major Boost to Record Arms Sales
Iraqi Envoy Slams Turkish 'Invaders' on Iraqi Soil
Saudi Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in N. Yemen
US Officials: New Sanctions Proceeding Against Russia
Nigeria: Most Missing Girls Found After Boko Haram Attack
item How to Prosecute a Great Big Nothingburger  by David Stockman
item Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of Western Media  by Daniel Larison
item How the Washington Post Missed the Biggest Watergate Story of All  by Garrick Alder
item Mueller's Fraudulent Indictment  by Justin Raimondo
item US Empire Still Incoherent After All These Years  by Nicolas JS Davies
item How Israel Went From Helping Create Hamas to Bombing It  by Mehdi Hasan

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20 Companies Profiting the Most From War
GOP Senator Says Trump Is Ready to Start War With North Korea
US Lawmakers Say It's Time to Restore Staff at Cuba Embassy
US-Led Air Strike in Somalia Kills Three Al Shabaab Militants
ISIS Attacks Truck Drivers at Border; 114 Killed in Iraq
Russia Says Syrian Ceasefire Monitoring Center Hit in Shelling: Tass
Aid Agencies Call for Urgent Ceasefire in Besieged Syrian Enclave
Macron Calls for Humanitarian Truce in Syria's Eastern Ghouta
UN Vote Expected on 30-Day Cease-Fire in Syria to Help Needy
Turkey Not in Direct Talks With Syria, but Its Messages Being Conveyed, Erdogan Spokesman Says
Ahmadinejad Calls for 'Free' Elections in Iran in Letter to Supreme Leader
Russia Resists Western Bid to Condemn Iran at UN Over Yemen Arms
US Top Court Forbids Seizure of Ancient Persian Artifacts
Lebanon Arrests Former ISIS Financial Official, Operative: Source
US Envoy Visits Beirut, Mediating in Lebanon-Israel Dispute
Palestinian Prisoners Boycott Israeli Military Court
West Bank Shepherd Says Masked Israelis Attacked Him, Killed His Sheep
Abbas Warns Security Council, Palestinians Could Become 'Refugees or Terrorists in Europe'
Six Premature Infants Have Died in Gaza This Year Due to Lack of Medication
Israelis Disfigure Damascus Gate With Steel Watchtower
Middle East
Erdogan's AKP Says to Ally With Nationalists for 2019 Elections
Bahrain Rights Activist Jailed for Five Years for 'Insulting' Tweets
Chad and Qatar Restore Ties Cut in Wake of Arab States Rift
Venezuela's Maduro Calls for Early Congress Vote as Well
Venezuela Opposition to Boycott 'Fraudulent' Presidential Vote
Colombia Boosts Security After Looting at Stores Official Ties to FARC
Ferry Blast Injures Passengers in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Philippine Senator: Rodrigo Duterte's Drug War Has Killed 20,000
Philippines 'Concerned' as US Intelligence Tags Duterte a Threat to Democracy
Philippines Asks Court to Declare Communist Rebels Terrorists
South Korea's Moon Says Relations With US Are 'Rock Solid': Media
Two Dead, 22 Hurt From Bomb Blast in Northeast Myanmar City Lashio
Pakistan Supreme Court Bans Ex-PM Sharif as Party Head
Kashmir's Chief Minister Urges Dialogue With Pakistan
Malaysia Arrests 10 Over Links With South Philippines Militants
Trudeau 'Assures' India Canada Won't Support Sikh Separatists
Grenade on Sri Lanka Bus Injures 19; Military Rules Out Attack
Prosecutor Calls Maldives' Extension of State of Emergency Unconstitutional: Sources, Media
Russia Criticizes Western Pressure to Turn Away From Moscow
Russia Bans Another Kremlin Critic's Website Before Election
Kremlin Says Russian Defense Sector 'Fine', Accuses US of Unfair Competition
Spanish Supreme Court Orders Arrest of Former Catalan MP Anna Gabriel
US Embassy in Montenegro Is Attacked, but Only Attacker Is Killed
US Raps Ally Albania for 'Careless' Words on Kosovo
Latvia's Reputation at Stake After Corruption Allegations
Merkel Ally Blasts Foreign Minister for Questioning NATO Target
Suicide Attack Kills Three Libyan Army Soldiers
Two French Soldiers Killed in Mali by Explosive Device
Egypt Arrests Six on a Farm Owned by Islamist Politician
Gunmen Kill Five Police in Attack on South African Police Station
Switzerland Imposes Sanctions on Allies of Congo's Kabila
UN Refugee Agency Says Donors Withhold Funds Until Uganda Numbers Checked
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