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Updated March 1, 2018 - 10:43 PM EST
Senators Eye War Powers Act Against Yemen War
  Bipartisan Coalition in Senate to Invoke War Powers Act Over Yemen
  Saudis Kill More Civilians in Second Straight Day of Yemen Strikes
1,294 Killed in Iraq During February
White House Preparing McMaster Exit Next Month
US Downplays Russia's New Nukes, Recent Tests Failed
Russian Bots Are a Favored Excuse, but an Invented One
Afghanistan Offers Taliban Talks 'Without Preconditions'
Syrian Forces Launch Ground Offensive Into Eastern Ghouta
item The Russians Aren't the Only Election Hackers  by Reese Erlich
item The False Assumptions Fueling Our Endless War  by Erik Goepner
item Americans Are Horrified by Mass Killings – Unless the Govt Does It  by Carey Wedler
item Syria: Are We In, or Out?  by Justin Raimondo
item Israeli Journalists Project Israel's Crimes  by Ramzy Baroud
item What Mueller Has and What He's Missing  by Peter Van Buren

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More Than 30 White House Aides Lose Top Secret Clearance, Sources Say
Military Divers Find WWII Pilot's Remains in Pacific
Canadian Air Force Drops Inflatable Raft Through Florida Home's Roof
Mohammad Tamimi: 'They Beat Me Into Confessing'
1,294 Killed in Iraq During February
Thousands of Displaced Iraqis Sent Home Despite Risks: Report
Germany Warns Iraq Over Extension of Flight Ban on Kurdistan's Airports
Russia Says Militants Still Active in Syria Despite Truce
Syria Condemns Any Use of Chemical Weapons, Says It Has No Stocks
US Peace Plan: Palestinian State With East Jerusalem as Capital, Limited Sovereignty
Israeli Military to Probe Raid That Killed Palestinian
An Economy in Ruins Leaves Gazans With Hard Choices
Hezbollah Video Claims to Show Bomb That Killed Israeli General in 1999
Israeli General: Killing Hezbollah's Nasrallah Would Be Decisive Victory in Next Lebanon War
Middle East
Saudi Court Jails Rights Activist Over Tweets
Turkey Hands Journalist Serving Life Sentence Another Five Years
FARC Ex-Rebel Leader Sounds 'SOS' on Colombia Peace Deal
Colombia's President Questions Whether to End ELN Peace Talks Over Attacks
Venezuelan Opposition Coalition Condemns Falcon Presidential Bid
Venezuela Presidential Hopeful Wants Wall Street Economist on Team
Former Afghan President Sees Russia as Key to Peace With Taliban
German Captured by Security Forces in Afghanistan: Local Official
Taiwan Warns Its Firms to Be Wary as China Grants Greater Access
China Has Plan to Build Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
Philippines' Duterte Says He's Tired, Old, Wants to Cede Power Early
Indonesia Brings Together Former Militants and Attack Survivors
Culture Minister Resigns After Journalist Murder Shakes Slovakia
Slovakia Grapples With Murdered Journalist's Last Story
Mali Investigating Accusations Its Troops Executed Civilians
Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in Roadside Explosion in Mali
Six Aid Workers Killed in Central African Republic Attack: UNICEF
At Least 10 Killed in Attack at Nigerian Flashpoint for Communal Clashes
School Restarts in South Sudan, in Theory
Facebook Says Finds No New Evidence Russia Interfered in Brexit Referendum
Ukraine President Says Expects Delivery of US Weapons in Weeks
Belgian Parajumper Dies During Training Exercise in Arizona
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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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Why Can't Right-Wing Leaders Support Smaller Government?

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Is Wonder Woman War Propaganda?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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