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Updated May 1, 2018 - 11:14 PM EDT
South Koreans Very Optimistic Toward Peace
Netanyahu: Iran Deceiving About Nuclear Accord
  IAEA: 'No Credible Indications' of Iran Nuclear Activity After 2009
  Netanyahu Granted Authority to Declare War 'in Extreme Situations'
  Netanyahoo Again Cries Wolf – but Something Bigger Is Up
Mattis: US Won't Leave Syria While War Ongoing
  Iran Denies Israeli Strikes on Syria Hit One of Their Bases
ISIS Bombings Kill Dozens in Afghan Capital
  Bombing in Afghanistan's Kandahar Leaves 11 Children Dead
IDF Claims Most Gaza Casualties 'Accidental'
  Saudi Prince: Palestinians Should 'Take Trump Deal or Shut Up'
US Signals End to Iraq Combat, Troops To Stay
Ukraine Receives US Anti-Tank Missiles
Mattis: Waive Sanctions for Allies Who Buy Russian Arms
item Non-Options: 4 Wars the Military Prepares for but Shouldn't Fight  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item The Iran Crisis Presents a Bigger Danger to Peace Than North Korea  by Patrick Cockburn
item CIA Can't Keep Haspel's Torture Record Secret  by Brian Tashman
item The Politics of Water and Peace in the Middle East  by M. Reza Behnam
item Hoisting the False Flag  by Stephen Kinzer
item A Firsthand Account of Israel's Siege on a Palestinian University  by Cynthia Franklin

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Waterboarded Alleged 9/11 Plotter May Have Brain Damage
Canada's Dual Role in Yemen: Arms Exports to Saudi Coalition Dwarf Aid Sent to War-Torn Country
Gaza and the Limits of American Sympathy
526 Killed in Iraq or in Iraqi Operations Near the Syrian Border During April; 1,444 Found in Mass Graves
Weapons Inspector Refutes US Syria Chemical Claims
Syria Announces Yarmouk Camp Evacuation Agreement
Assad Renews Offensive as Missile Strikes Raise Escalation Risk
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Court Starts Trial of Two Arabs Accused of Spying for Mossad
South Africa's Paramount in Talks to Boost Saudi Arms Industry
US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan: US Military
Deadliest Day for Afghan Journalists; 10 Killed in 2 Attacks
BBC Reporter Ahmad Shah Killed in Afghanistan Attack in Khost
'Black Cat' Commandos Infamous for Golden Temple Massacre to Be Deployed in Kashmir
Police Say Suspected Rebels Fatally Shot Three Men in Kashmir
Seven Killed in 'Terror' Shooting in Goma in Eastern DR Congo
Red Cross Says 10 Aid Workers Freed After Going Missing in South Sudan
Trump: Killing Iran Nuclear Deal Will Send 'Right Message' to North Korea Ahead of Talks
Iran Says It Can Produce Higher Enriched Uranium if US Exits Nuclear Deal
Trump: Israel Proven Right After Netanyahu's Exposure of Iran's Nuclear Weapons Archive
Zarif Tweets: Trump Is Jumping on Rehash of Old Allegations to 'Nix' Nuclear Deal
Israel to Send Experts to Germany, France to Share Iran Intelligence
IDF Arrests Top Palestinian Nonviolent Activist in Overnight Raid
Abbas Says Children Should Be Kept Away From Gaza Border Clashes
Palestinian Forum Convenes After 22 Years, Beset by Division
UK Government Defeated as Lords Back Powers to Block or Change EU Exit Deal
Albania, Greece Resume Maritime Border Delimitation Talks
New Dawn or Swan Song? Czech Communists Eye Slice of Power After Decades
Case of Missing Civilians in Mexico Shines Light on Military's Role in Drug War
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Nicholas Kristof, Korea, and the Orientalist Temptation

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The Non-Options: 4 Wars the Military Prepares for But Shouldn’t Fight

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Accusing Russia – Listening to History

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Who's Afraid of Russian Propaganda?

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Rex Tillerson at Hoover

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Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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