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Updated May 3, 2018 - 10:10 PM EDT
US SpecOps Secretly Fighting Houthis in Yemen
3 Americans Held by N. Korea To Be Freed Soon
  S. Korea President Wants US Troops to Stay Regardless of Deal
Iran Envoy: If US Pulls Out, There Is No Deal Left
  Public Support for Iran Deal at Record High Ahead of May 12 Deadline
Rebels Will Give Up Heavy Arms in Homs Deal
  Britain Admits Drone Strike in Syria Killed Civilian in Attack
Trump Opens Up Guantanamo to New Prisoners
  Bipartisan Bill Gives President Power to Imprison US Citizens Forever
Ukraine Won't Help Mueller to Get US Missiles
White House Expecting 'Close' Vote for CIA Pick
US, China, Saudi Arabia Top List of Military Spending
How Many Civilians Did Trump Kill With Drones Last Year?
item Korea Remains None of the US Govt's Business  by Jacob Hornberger
item Did Israel Inadvertently Make Case for Staying in Nuke Agreement?  by Trita Parsi
item The Neocon Obsession With War  by Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould
item Trump and the Iran Deal: Expect the Unexpected?  by Justin Raimondo
item Robert Mueller: Gone Fishing  by Ray McGovern & Bill Binney
item Dumb Moves Have Consequences  by Philip Giraldi

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Air Force Advances Testing of New Nuke Gravity Bomb
Suicide Attackers Storm HQ of Libya's Election Commission, 12 Dead
Sudan Assessing Military Participation in Yemen: DM
Pentagon Blows Deadline to Pry Iraq Off US Military Aid
Casualties Rise in ISIS Attack North of Baghdad; 21 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Maliki Poses as Shi'ite Champion in Race for Top Job
Iraq Denies Reports on Killing Civilians During Airstrikes in Syria
ISIS Landmine Kills, Wounds Ten Children in Syria's Hasaka
Netanyahu Changes Tune: No Longer Says Trump's 'About to Nix' Iran Nuclear Deal, Now Says 'It's in His Hands'
Lapid Says Netanyahu Seriously Harmed National Security With Iran Revelations
Merkel: Broaden Negotiating Framework for Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Denies Morocco Accusation of Polisario Arms Delivery
Israeli Law Vesting War Power in 2 Top Leaders Faces Criticism
Israeli Police Teach Children How to Shoot Palestinians
Israeli High Court Abets War Crime Against Khan Al-Ahmar Village
EU Congratulates Killer of Gaza Cancer Patients
Middle East
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition to Nominate Jailed Ex-Leader for Presidency
US Says Will Press North Korea on Human Rights Abuses
Pakistan: Hazara Shi'ites End Protest in Quetta Over Killings
Hundreds Gather Near UN Headquarters in Bangkok to Protest Against Thai Military Govt
More Than 30 Killed in Brazil City After Officer Murdered
Colombia Exhumes Remains of 9,000 Victims of Paramilitary Violence
The War at Home
US Says Guantanamo Prisoner Sent to Saudi Arabia to Serve Rest of 13-Year Sentence, First to Leave Base Under Trump
Tech Giants Hit by NSA Spying Slam Encryption Backdoors
Pentagon Stops Selling Huawei, Zte Phones in Its Bases, Cites Security
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning in Berlin Warns Over Google, Facebook Privacy
Five Reported Dead in Military Plane Crash Near Savannah, Georgia
86 Killed in NE Nigeria Suicide Blasts: Gravediggers
Death Toll in Central African Republic's Capital Rises to 19
A Snapshot of Some of the Worst Countries for Journalists in Africa
UN Official: UN Backs Talks, Not Elections in South Sudan
Libyan Commander Haftar Faces Torture Allegation in French Lawsuit
Gunmen Kidnap German Red Cross Aid Worker in Somali Capital
Algeria Summons Morocco Envoy Over Western Sahara Comments
Germany's Cold War Chemical Weapons: Military Planned to Stockpile Arsenal in 1960s
German Government Clashes Over Defense Spending
Only 4 of Germany's 128 Eurofighter Jets Combat Ready
EU Commission Says It Will Cut Funds for Member States That Undermine Rule of Law
Macron Wants Strategic Paris-Delhi-Canberra Axis Amid Pacific Tension
Big Disruption as Armenia Protesters Heed Civil Disobedience Call
Basque Separatist Group ETA Says It Has 'Completely Dissolved'
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Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

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