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Updated July 13, 2018 - 11:27 PM EDT
Mueller Indicts Russians Days Before Summit
Bomber Kills 128 at SW Pakistan Political Rally
Trump Claims Victory on NATO Spending
  Trump's Criticism of NATO Ignores Real Questions
  Trump Offers to Help NATO Members Buy US Weapons
Media Dishonesty About North Korea 'Violations'
  Trump Hails Great North Korea Progress After Receiving Kim Letter
Scores Die as Taliban, Afghan Govt Battle
  Declaration: NATO to Stay in Afghanistan 'Until Conditions Change'
  US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan; 2nd in Week
Trump Says Putin Is a Competitor, Not an Enemy
Syria Raises Flag Over Fallen Rebel City of Deraa
Trump Expects Iran to Call US and Ask for New Deal
US: We Can Keep Gitmo Prisoners Locked Up 100 Years
item Trump's Criticism of NATO Ignores Real Questions  by Jonathan Marshall
item Liberals' Trump-Russia Fever Dreams Reach Parody Status  by Matthew Walther
item Mexico's President-Elect Plans to End the Nation's War on Drugs  by Phillip Smith
item How to Start a Nuclear War  by Andrew Cockburn
item A Step Closer to the Truth on Trump's Yemen Raid  by Hannah Porter
item Gaza Blockade Is Illegal – and So Is the Use of Force to Maintain It  by Norman Finkelstein

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Airwars Monthly Assessment: May 2018
Senators Push to Block Trump's ZTE Deal in Final Defense Bill
Trump Warns Theresa May a Soft Brexit Will 'Kill' Any Trade Deal With the US
Did Israel Host UAE Military Delegation?
Russian Military Enters Rebel-Held Enclave in Syria's Deraa City
Netanyahu: Israel Has No Problem With Assad
Lindsey Graham Doubles Down Against Israel-Russia Deal on Syria
Russia's Putin Meets Iran Supreme Leader's Aide in Moscow
Iran Rejects NATO Summit's Concerns About Missile Program
Iran Says Will Strive to Ensure Oil Supplies to India
Palestinians on High Alert as Israel Prepares to Hand Over East Jerusalem Nature Reserve and Muslim Cemetery to Settlers
Israel to Impound Gaza Flotilla Ships to Benefit Terror Victims
Israeli Minister Planned Eviction of West Bank Bedouin 40 Years Ago, Document Reveals
Lieberman Calls to Shut Down Israeli Embassy in Ireland Over Boycott Bill
Netanyahu Came to Moscow on 'Private Visit' to Watch Soccer, Putin Says
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Arrests Prominent Cleric Safar Al-Hawali: Activists
Saudi Prince Alwaleed Pledges Support for Crown Prince's Reforms
Tornado Fighter Jet Crashes in Saudi Arabia's Assir Region
Turkish Court Sentences 72 Defendants to Life in Coup Bridge Trial
Turkish Authorities Detain 16, Including French Nationals Over Suspected Terror Links
Turkey to Bring in New Security Regulations After Emergency Rule Ends
Middle East
Oil Field Protests Escalate; 13 Killed in Iraq
Amnesty Calls for Probe of Torture Claims at Yemen Detention Centers
Nicaragua Activists Crank Up Protests Despite Fears
Colombia, US, Mexico, Panama Seek to Combat Venezuelan Corruption
United Nations
UN 'Roughs Up and Bans' Investigative Reporter Long Considered Thorn in Side of World Body Officials
France Will Meet NATO Defense Spending Goal by 2024
Spain Aims to Raise Defense Spending to 2% of GDP by 2024
US '100 Percent Committed to NATO', Mattis Says After Summit
Macron Says NATO Debates Were 'Frank and Respectful'
UK Nears Decision to Buy Boeing AWACS Planes
Former Rolls-Royce Engineer 'Arrested Under Official Secrets Act' Amid Fears China Tried to Obtain F-35 Fighter Jet Details
Russia Complains Macedonia Being Sucked Into NATO by Force
Greece Hopes to Turn Page After Expelling Russians for Macedonia Meddling
Kremlin Accuses Trump of Trying to Bully Europe Into Buying US LNG
German Court Allows Extradition of Former Catalonia Leader Carles Puigdemont
EU Backs Bulgaria's First Step Towards Joining Euro
Explosion Sets Off Fire Outside Egypt's Cairo Airport, Air Movement Unaffected
Ethiopian Rebel Group Declares Ceasefire in Wake of Reforms
Cameroon Investigates Video Showing Apparent Execution of Women and Children
92 Congolese Fishermen 'Imprisoned' in Uganda
Central African Republic Rejects Russia Mediation Bid With Rebels
Sudan Extends Ceasefire With Rebels Until Year-End
South Sudan Parliament Extends President's Term Until 2021
Chibok Girls Kidnapper Jailed for 20 Years: Nigeria
Ugandan Lawmakers to Get Sharpshooters and Armored Cars for Security
Senior Taliban Member Wounded in Ghazni Airstrike
Russia Assures Peace Activists It Will Not Support Armed Groups in Afghanistan
Protesters Block Afghan Highway in Agitation Over Exiled Vice President
US, North Korea to Meet on Sunday Over War Remains
Hundreds of Former Pakistan Ruling Party Members Detained
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