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Updated July 26, 2018 - 11:14 PM EDT
Trump Delays Second Putin Meeting to Next Year
  Senators Face Resistance in Push for More Russia Sanctions
  Americans Ready to Welcome Putin, but Congress Won't
NDAA: Stop Arming Terrorists, Limit Yemen War
  Congress Won't Fund US Space Force in Military Spending Bill
ISIS Attacks Kill Over 215 in Southern Syrian City
  Israel Shells Southern Syria After Errant Rocket Fire
  Wary of US, Syrian Kurds Look to Talks With Damascus
US Unfreezes $195 Million Military Aid for Egypt
Pakistan Vote: Imran Khan Claims Victory
US Military Probing Strike That Killed Afghan Family of 14
Iran FM Rejects One-Sided Talks With US Under Threat
item Pompeo's Ridiculous Crocodile Tears for Iranian People  by Muhammad Sahimi
item US Maximalist Stance on N. Korea Denuclearization Holds Peace Process Hostage  by Stu Smallwood
item Mass Dementia in the Western Establishment  by Diana Johnstone
item Trump, the Great Disruptor  by Justin Raimondo
item Who Benefits From John Brennan's Security Clearance?  by Daniel McCarthy
item Presidential Wars Should Be an Impeachable Offense  by Sal Rodriguez

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US Judge May Consider Gag Order in Case of Accused Russian Agent
Defense Lawyers Say CIA Director Tainted 9/11 Trial
Live World War II-Era Anti-Tank Round Found Near US-Mexico Border Fence
US Government Plays Games With Top Venezuelan Officials
Spate of Attacks in Diyala; 18 Killed in Iraq
How Iraq's Agricultural Heartland Is Dying of Thirst
No Water or Electricity: Why Southern Iraqis Are at a Breaking Point
ISIS Publishes Photos of Alleged Syrian Pilot's Body
Projectiles From Syria Fall in Israel's Lake Kinneret
Yemen/Saudi Arabia/UAE
UAE Talks Up Diplomacy as Congress Curtails US Involvement in Yemen War
Armed Attacks Spike in Yemen's Aden Amid Fears of Terror Presence
Saudi Arabia Suspends Oil Exports Through Red Sea Lane After Houthi Attack
US Oil Threats Against Iran Can Be Easily Answered: Revolutionary Guards
Iran Seeks Digital Currency to Counter US Sanctions: Official
Iran to Arm Fighter Jets With Long-Range Missiles: Commander
Iranian Guards Kill Two PDKI Peshmerga Fighters in Iran
US Christian Pastor Leaves Turkish Prison for House Arrest
South Sudan Government, Main Opposition Group Sign Peace Deal
Arab Gunmen Shut Down Mali's Timbuktu Days Before Vote
Beheadings in Mozambique Mark Islamist Threat in New Gas Frontier
'No Evidence' to Back ISIS Claim for Deadly Toronto Attack
Colombia's Uribe Says MI6 Part of 'Ruse' Against Him
UN Picks American to Lead Investigation Into Gaza Protest Killings
Israeli Air Raids Kill Three Palestinians in Gaza Strip
Paypal Censors Journalists Who Criticize Israel
Clinics Across Gaza Begin to Close, as Trump Cuts Aid
IDF Officer Wounded From Gaza Sniper Fire
If US Television Showed 'Killing Gaza,' Support for Israel Would Start to Shrink
Video: Israeli Activists Join Gaza Protesters on Other Side of the Fence
UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees to Reduce Jobs After US Cuts
Pompeo Says US Won't Recognize Russia's Crimea Annexation
Moscow, on US Stance on Crimea, Says Knows Worth of Such Declarations
UN Rights Experts Press Russia on Torture Cases, Deaths in Custody
German Foreign Minister: The US Is Bigger Than Trump
Former Catalan Leader Puigdemont to Return to Belgium
IMF Backs Ukraine Anti-Corruption Court Plan
UK Jewish Newspapers Say Labour Leader Corbyn Poses 'Existential Threat'
Pakistan Election: Dozens Killed by Bomb as Voters Go to Polls
Fraud Claims Overshadow Pakistan's Vote for New Parliament
US Airlines Change Taiwan Reference on Websites Ahead of China's Deadline
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