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Updated August 20, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Vote To Defund US Support for Yemen War
  South Yemen Separatists Attack Military Ceremony in Aden
  Yemeni al-Qaeda Denies Secret Deal With UAE
Pentagon: US to Stay in Iraq as Long as Needed
  Iraq Supreme Court Ratifies Election Results, Sadr Still Leads
North Korea Praises Trump, Bashes His Critics
  Sea of Tears: The Tragedy of Families Split by the Korean War
Pompeo Says 'Time for Peace' With Afghan Ceasefire
  Ghazni Is Not Safe for Aid Workers to Enter: UN
Iran Says US 'Action Group' Won't Overthrow Iranian State
Israeli Peace Activist Uri Avnery Dead at 94
item Congress, White House Reaching Breaking Point on Yemen?  by Eric Eikenberry
item The Faulty Logic Behind the Attack on BDS  by Lawrence Davidson
item Sea of Tears: The Tragedy of Families Split by the Korean War  by Simone Chun
item From Beijing to the Beltway: The Revolt Against the Entitled  by Justin Raimondo
item Why Can't We Just Play Ball?  by William J. Astore
item Afghanistan: The War That Shames America  by Eric Margolis

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Israeli Ministry to Fund Evangelical Bible Program in West Bank Settlement
Hezbollah Leader Meets With Yemeni Rebels
Senators Demand Answers on Lead Poisoning at Bases
As Killings Rise, Aid Workers Confront Era of Growing Risk
Political Blocs Discuss Coalition Building; Seven Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Gun Shops Thrive After Iraqi Rethink on Arms Control
Iraq's Basra Oil, Chevron Agree to Implement MOU to Develop Oil Fields: Iraqi Oil Ministry
Not Everyone in Iraq Welcomes Peshmerga's Possible Return to Kirkuk
ISIS Guerrilla War Slows Coalition Battle in Iraq and Syria
Head of Syrian Intel's 'Palestine Department' Said Assassinated
What May Unfold in Syria's Idlib and Why Is a 'Bloodbath' Likely?
Marine Vet Turned Journalist Austin Tice Has Now Been Missing in Syria for Six Years
Iran Says Its Economy Not at 'Dead End' From US Sanctions
Iran Lawmakers Target Rouhani's Finance Minister as Sanctions Bite
Iran Defense Minister Vows to Develop Deterrent Missile Power
Iran Will Unveil a New Fighter Jet Next Week: Minister
Iran Detains Outspoken Lawyer Calling for Free Elections
Middle East
Turkish President Blasts 'Economic Coup' Amid Heightened Tensions With US
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Houthi Missile Targeting Border City
Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia of Blocking Access to Hajj
Comedian Who Impersonated Slovenian Prime Minister Appointed Prime Minister
Rise in Grenades Being Smuggled Into UK Prompts Fears Over Terror Attacks
Cyprus Hands Egyptian Plane Hijacker Over to Cairo
Islamists Kill 19 in Northeast Nigeria
Egypt's Sisi Signs New Law Tightening Government Control Online
Hamas Leader: Decision on Ceasefire by End of August
Israel Closes Only People Crossing With Gaza
Abbas: Either PA Controls West Bank and Gaza, or Hamas Does
Abbas Calls for Intensifying 'Popular Resistance' Against Israel
Prison Cells Set Ablaze as Guards Storm Hamas Wing
Sentence Doubled for Israeli Policeman Who Shot Palestinian
UN Chief Proposes Armed Peacekeeping Force to Protect Palestinians in Gaza
Afghanistan Announces Muslim Eid Holiday Ceasefire With Taliban
Taliban's Shadow District Governor for Sayed Khel Killed
China Complains About Pentagon Report, Says It's Pure Guesswork
China's Xi Says Military Must Resist 'Corrosion' of Corruption
'Dream or Reality?' Koreans to Meet After Decades Apart
New Pakistan PM Khan Calls for Austerity; Wants Government's Bullet-Proof Cars Sold
Indian Fire Kills Villager in Kashmir, Says Pakistan
Mattis to Send US Navy Hospital Ship to Aid Venezuelan Migrants
Brazil to Send Troops to Town Bordering Venezuela
Tense Calm on Brazil-Venezuelan Border After Anti-Immigrant Riot
Maduro Orders 96 Percent Devaluation in Hyperinflation-Stricken Venezuela
Mexican Poppy Producing State Pushes to Decriminalize Opium
US Military
Two 7th ID Sergeants Found Dead
T-38 Talon Training Jet Crashes in Oklahoma
Marine Lost Overboard From Amphibious Ship Identified as Helicopter Crew Chief
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