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Updated August 28, 2018 - 10:23 PM EDT
N. Korea Warns US Denuke Talks May Fall Apart
  Trump Cancelled Pompeo's N. Korea Trip After 'Belligerent' Letter
  South Korea: Pompeo's Canceled Visit To Impact Inter-Korean Plans
Russia Sees US Prepping for Possible Syria Strike
  White Helmets Look to Set Up Shop in Syria's Rebel North
Yemen: Saudi Investigators Cover Up War Crimes
  Video: US Aircraft Fuel Saudi Jets Headed to Bomb Yemen
Iran Lawsuit Asks UN Court to Lift US Sanctions
Russia Will Postpone Afghanistan Peace Talks
item The Offending Tweets That Got Me Banned for Life From Twitter  by Peter Van Buren
item Madness of Military Intervention in Venezuela  by Doug Bandow
item 26 More Children Killed by US-Backed Bombs in Yemen  by Jon Queally
item The 'Left' Gone Mad: Mainstream Liberals as Modern Day Warhawks  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Are the Interventionists Now Leaderless?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item A Foreign Policy for the Left  by Samuel Moyn

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Judge in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo Retires From Military
US Army Forms Plan to Test 40,000 Homes for Lead Following Reuters Report
Qatar to Expand Air Base Hosting Major US Facility
Iran and Syria Sign Deal for Military Cooperation
Macron: EU's Security Must No Longer Depend on US
New Parliament to Convene Next Week; 12 Killed in Iraq
'Iraq Is Dying': Oil Flows Freely but Corruption Fuels Growing Anger
Jordan Says Can't Host More Syrian Refugees
EU Disagrees With Russia That Syrian Refugees Can Go Back
Iran's Rouhani Asks Europe for Guarantees on Banking Channels and Oil Sales
Iran Forces Kill Two Militants, Seize 14 Near Western Border
Turkey Warms to Russia as US Ties Slip
Erdogan to Visit Iran
Turkey's Albayrak Says US Sanctions Against Ankara Could Destabilize Region
Middle East
Air Strikes Target Houthis at Sanaa International Airport
Saudi King Tipped the Scale Against Aramco IPO Plans
Kremlin to Assess New US Sanctions Before Mulling Any Response
Russian Court Jails Kremlin Critic Navalny Over Protest
Attackers Beat, Injure Bosnian Serb Journalist Reporting on Suspicious Death
Citing Silence on Venezuela, Colombia Withdraws From UNASUR
Stolen Paraguayan Police Rifles Replaced With Toy Guns
Mexican Marines Kill Alleged Gang Leader, Seven Bodyguards
Minister Urges Prosecution of Arab MP 'Traitors' Who Seek UN Censure of Israel
Five Palestinian Gunmen Said Wounded in West Bank Clash With IDF
Gaza's Unhealed Wounds
Israeli Court Allows Entry to Hamas Kin for Medical Care
Private Information of Thousands of Israeli Soldiers Leaked
Russia, Tajikistan Deny Any Air Attack in Afghan Border Clash
Two Afghan Air Force Pilots Assassinated in Kabul
21,000 Displaced After Ghazni Crisis: OCHA
UN Calls for Myanmar Generals to Be Tried for Genocide, Blames Facebook for Incitement
Verdict Postponed in Reuters Journalists Case as Pressure Mounts on Myanmar
Japan Says North Korean Threat Remains Despite Summit Pledge
Pakistan Condemns Blasphemous Dutch Cartoon Contest
Egyptian Security Forces Kill Five Suspected Militants in Shootout
Egyptian Movement Calls for Release of Opposition Figures
Libya: Armed Groups Vie for Control in Deadly Tripoli Clashes
France Says It Kills Top ISIS Official in Mali Operation
Mozambique: Security Forces and Rebels Attack Pundanhar, Cabo Delgado
Ethiopia Arrests Disgraced Regional Boss Accused of Rights Abuses
Dutch Jihadist Suspect 'Involved' in South Africa Kidnap
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